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How Do Celebrities Get Back To Normal Again After Surgery?

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No matter what you think about celebrities, you’re always going to observe them and judge them. And there will be times that they are vulnerable to specific kinds of changes. For a minute, think specifically about what happens after a celebrity gets surgery. They have to get back into the limelight as soon as possible, so they have to have explanations for the surgery, and they also have to try to heal as quickly as possible to get back into their usual routines.

So what are some situations that celebrities can get into where you can observe these forward processes? You can look at stars after they’ve had liposuction. You could look at them after they’ve had surgery related to pregnancy, for example, if an actress had to get a C-section. And for aging actors and actresses, there is going to be a specific healing time after plastic surgery or facelift. 

Unfortunately, the nature of celebrity means that they won’t have much of a private life – and that means they will be judged even while healing after surgical processes.

After Liposuction

After liposuction, a celebrity is going to want to prevent weight gain. Since weight gain was a problem in the first place, falling back into old patterns won’t get anyone where they want to be. Celebrities have an additional set of resources that they can pull from, so they have the option of hiring a personal trainer or a private chef to make sure they don’t slide backward. 

Whereas ordinary people have to use willpower and personal motivation, celebrities can afford to outsource both of those ideas.

Surgery Related To Pregnancy

What might a celebrity do to recover after the surgery of getting a C-section? If it’s an actress that has to go back to work quickly and relies on her appearance, health and fitness are going to be critical. There are specific types of scars that need time to heal after C-sections, so specific celebrities may choose to hire medical professionals that have top-quality advice, equipment, and topical remedies to speed the healing time.

Plastic Surgery or Facelifts

Ultimately, lots of different celebrities will get a facelift. Because they spent so much time being observed, the general population, along with their obsessive fans, will notice immediately that there is a change in their parents.

 A celebrity might want to go on vacation during the healing process, but when they get back from vacation, it will not go unnoticed that they have a different nose, different lips, different skin under their chin, or lifted wrinkles around their eyes. It can be hard being a celebrity, because with the notoriety and the money also comes criticism as they age.

Nusrat Faria

Nusrat Faria – Wiki, Height, Age, Family, BF

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Nusrat Faria is a Bangladeshi actress whose wiki revealed her height, age, weight, measurements, education, family, boyfriend, husband and net worth detail. Bangladeshi actresses are well- known for their outstanding beauty and one such extremely talented, glamorous actress is none other than Nusrat Faria Mazhar. Not only is she known for her acting skills, but is also famous as a television presenter, model and RJ or Radio Jockey. This leading as well as commercially successful personality was born on 8th September in the year 1993 in Chittagong of Bangladesh. Nusrat Faria is a well- known face of Bangladesh movies and also Indian Bengali movies.

Nusrat Faria Personal Details

Full Name: Nusrat Faria Mazhar

Birth Date September 8, 1993

Occupation: Acting

Education: LLB

Net Worth: $300 Thousand

Ethnicity: Bengali

Religion: Islam

Boyfriend: Not known

Husband: N/A

Nusrat Faria Body Measurement

Body Measurement: 35-28-36

Original Bra Size: 35C

Shoe Size: 07

Height: 5 feet 3 inches

Weight: 51 kg

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Grey

Nusrat Faria Family Details

Parents: Unknown

Sibling: Unknown

Children: N/A

In 2015, this 24- year old beauty debuted in Indian Bengali film named ‘Aashiqui’. In this movie, she acted with renowned and one of the leading and highly talented Tollywood actors Ankush Hazra. Since then, she never had to look back till date and acted in numerous popular movies including Badsha:The Don, Hero 420, Dhat Teri Ki, Premi O Premi and the list thus continues. Nusrat Faria’s career graph is running on a positive state because of her excellence in acting and also for her perfect physique along with beauty. Just because of her excellence in the field of acting, she received many opportunities to act with famous actors like Jeet, Arfin Shuvoo, etc.

For her debut film Aashiqui, she received the Meril Proghom Alo Awards. Nusrat Faria is also a stunning model with a perfect height of 5 feet 6 inches and weight of approximately 54 kg. Her dark brown eye color and black hair are the two vital factors that enhance her beauty to a great extent.

Nusrat Faria’s net worth is also increasing because of her appearance on Asian TV serials as well as a popular radio program named ‘Nusrat Faria and Love Buds.’ Though she is currently unmarried yet no such official and relevant information is available about her relationship. According to relevant reports, most probably she is single at present.


Valerie Concepcion

Valerie Concepcion

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27 years old, and a mother of 10 years old Heather Fiano, Valerie Concepcion was born and brought up in Manila. She is a Filipino actress and her original name is Valerie Norona Galang.

At young age she entered the showbiz and her studies and started modelling and acting. She was noticed for her role in SINASAMBA KITA on GMA Network. Have a look to the wiki to boyfriend of Valerie Concepcion in detail.


Birthday Date :- December 21, 1987

Age in 2015 year :- 27

Shoe Size :- 8

Real Height :- 5 feet 7 inch 173m

Real Weight :-

True Measurements :- 34-26-36

Original Bra Size :- 34D

Boyfriend / Husband :- Dondon Hontivero (ex)

Origin :- Philippines

She then signed a contract WITH ABS-CBN to co-host the show WOWOWEE, PHILIPINAS WIN NA WIN & BANANA SPLIT.


  • In 2012 she was seen in a movie FLAMES OF LOVE and many other movies.
  • In 2013 she again went back to do a show with GMA network in ANNA KARENINA as Ruth, leading lady. Later this year she did a show with ABS-CBN network in ANNALIZA as Gigi.
  • In 2014 she got the offer from GMA network to be a part of show called MY BFF as Lavender.
  • She was nominated for various awards and won award for BEST NEW FEMALE PERSONALITY for CLICK and BEST FEMALE VARIETY SHOW for WOWOWEE.

Currently she is busy with her business, THE VENICE PIZZA which is a franchise. She is into water refilling station business and laundry business too. She is a freelance artist too with Becky Aguila Management.

At the young age of 16, Valerie became a mother from her Ex-boyfriend but she doesn’t regret it. She loves her daughter the most. She wants to be an ideal for her daughter and so she decided to complete her studies. She is now back to college and studding marketing juggling and adjusting her career and studies.

Love Life

Valerie dated medical student Dondon Hontiveros since 2009.He was the backbone of Valerie and she found Mr Right in him. He also encouraged her to study further and he gelled well with her daughter Heather. They were like a happy small family. Valerie was not ready for marriage at that time and this reason landed up to their Breakup after having relation for 4 years. They are good friends now.

She is now single and has started having dates to find her Mr Right but she admits that she has yet not moved on from her break up.

She is closer to God now and that has helped her bring inner strength.