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Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton Reveals Why She Left The O.C.

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In a new piece by Alex Gurley, BuzzFeed reveals why Mischa Barton, the star of The O.C., left the hit show. Barton played Marissa Cooper, who was killed off in the finale of season three of the iconic teen soap.

Viewers fell in love with Marissa Cooper from the moment they saw her. She was more than just your typical spoiled rich girl. Marissa, who was 17 when The O.C. began, was a tragic figure. She was somehow always out of place, a figure apart. Her suffering distinguished her and made her a sympathetic figure despite her vast riches. She went through an overdose, the divorce of her parents, being a hostage, and even shooting Trey, her boyfriend Ryan’s brother, among many other tragic events.

Her life was marked by tragedy and seemed destined toward a tragic end, even as we hoped that she could rise above the tragedy and achieve happiness. Yet, as Fox telegraphed a coming death in the weeks leading up to the show’s finale, few thought that Marissa would be the one to die. She was the star of the show, after all. Yet, somehow, there she was, dead, as her body was pulled from wreckage by Ryan, with Imogen Heap’s “Hallelujah” playing. Like the Great Recession, nobody saw it coming.

At the time, Barton was a fashion icon, the paparazzi followed her every move, she was a star, on the cusp of a great career. She had it all. Or so it seemed.

When the series creator, Josh Schwartz, was asked by The Daily Beast in 2017, why she was killed off, he said she had not actively sought to leave the show. He said her departure had more to do with “complicated chemistry with the cast”. Till now, Barton herself had never addressed the issue.

Barton said her silence till now was really about the shame she felt about what was happening behind the scenes. Now, in an era in which women are more open about their struggles at work and are speaking out about their experiences, she feels emboldened to speak out too.

She linked the problems to the last minute addition of Rachel Bilson, who played Summer Roberts, as a series regular for the second season. Another reason she highlighted was bullying by some of the men on the set. Finally, there was a sense that her privacy was being invaded and she was forced to create walls around her to feel safe.

Being a sensitive person, she struggled with the meanness of certain people on the set, a situation made worse by the fact that she was having to deal with the sudden fame she experienced from the success of the show.

After the middle of season two, the intense shooting schedule left her reeling and she was presented with two choices by the producers: either they let her go, with the option of her returning later on, or, they killed her off completely. So, she decided to leave. Despite the sadness she feels because of the way that things were handled, she remains happy with the manner in which her character left the show. Ultimately, she was able to achieve tranquility and happiness, away from the pressures and bullying she experienced on the show. She can now enjoy her peace of mind, perhaps get some Solarium Spray Tanning done, and work on various projects.


39 Celebrities Who Smoke

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While we all know how bad smoking is for our health, most people still choose to continue anyway. Not only does smoking damage one’s lungs and airways, but it can cause some fatal and serious health conditions like pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer. Regardless of the dangers of smoking, many people including celebrities smoke daily or just socially. When it comes to smoking, not even Hollywood’s biggest names cannot be excluded. Many Hollywood celebrities are addicted to the habit of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vaporizers. These celebrities can smoke carton of cigarettes without any guilt because of their addictions. If you want to know more about celebrity smoking, you have come to the right place.

Why do celebrities smoke?

Pictures of celebrities smoking have become more and more common in recent years. As a routine, you can now see snaps of celebrities walking around with a cigarette lit in their mouth. Cigarettes have now become an indispensable part of this Hollywood culture, whether off or on screen. Celebrities use smoking frequently to show off their character and embellish their image Infront of their fans. On-screen celebrities use cigarettes to show off and shape their character. On the other hand, when done off-screen, it is often to provide an embellishing image of themselves.

Female celebrity smoking list

Whether it is smoking due to stress or fashion, there are several female celebrity smokers who, while maintaining their fame, are heavy chain smokers. Some celebrities smoke to maintain their image, while others do it for fame and gaining popularity. Like all celebrities, female celebrities are not behind in their habit of smoking. If you are willing to know more about female celebrity smokers, here is a list of some of them you need to know about.

1. Mila Kunis smoking

39 Celebrities Who Smoke 1

Famous for being a gorgeous actress, Mila Kunis is bold and popular. Smoking is a fit with her personality. Heavy smoking goes well with her courageous and bold personality. She has recently quit smoking after being with her husband. The pair, since then, have stopped partaking in the habit.

2. Sophie turner smoking

Sophie turner smoking

The star of game of thrones, Sophie Turner has expressed earlier love for vaping. Being quite open about her smoking habits, she even took a photo while engaged in the activity in the final GOT shooting. Sophie’s self-care routine also involved smoking. She has left smoking since her recent pregnancy.

3. Jennifer Lawrence smoking

Jennifer Lawrence smoking

The actress has been captured on camera smoking different things from vape, cigarettes, to joint as well as smoking marijuana on some occasions. She has mentioned that she had smoked with rappers, and had greatly enjoyed that, entering an entirely different world.

4. Rihanna smoking

Rihanna smoking

Rihanna is a bold actress with an attitude and a strong personality. She is a chain smoker which sets in with her personality. She has been seen to be smoking weed and marijuana often on her sets. Her photos of smoking weed in 2020 went viral.

5. Kate moss smoke

Kate moss smoke

Kate moss is often seen smoking infamously most of the time. While she walks the runway, and in other cases as well. She has been seen as a cigarette addict who smokes almost 30 cigarettes in a day, hence being a heavy chain smoker. She often takes a cigarette break while on the sets of her shoots.

6. Katy perry smoking

Katy perry smoking

Being a charming and bold personality, Katy Perry is also a chain smoker caught smoking on multiple occasions. She took on this habit to manage stress as she planned her wedding to Russel Brand, but she has left her habit since their breakup.

7. Dakota johnson smoking

Dakota johnson smoking

Like many other female celebrity smokers, Dakota Johnson was seen smoking at the met gala in 2017 in the bathroom. Though infamous, she is known to be smoking a cigarette now and then.

8. Lady gaga smoker

Lady gaga smoker

Lady Gaga, the shallow singer is also one celebrity who enjoys smoking cigarettes. She revealed that she enjoys smoking along with a whisky glass as she works as it helps her free the mind to some extent.

9. Kate Winslet smoker

Kate Winslet smoker

Famous because of her titanic move, she is also known to be a chain smoker who is frequently found smoking. She enjoys her cigarette in the morning with her coffee but avoids it when around her kids. She enjoys a perfect combination of cigarettes and coffee.

10. Sophie turner vaping

Sophie turner vaping

The GOT star has also been know for her vaping habits, aside from the smoking ones. She has expressed her love for vaping. Apart from a smoking habit, she is also known for her vaping habits.

11. Paris Hilton smokes

Paris Hilton smokes

Paris Hilton smokes E-cigarettes because traditional cigarettes were not liked by her father, so she switched to a healthier alternative.

12. Gwyneth Paltrow smoking

Gwyneth Paltrow smoking

The actress was known to once be a heavy smoker, but she shifted to a healthier lifestyle and left smoking.

13. Emily blunt smoking

Emily blunt smoking

The actress has been known to be a heavy smoker earlier, often seen smoking cigarettes on several occasions, but she left smoking later.

14. Katherine Heigl smoking

Katherine Heigl smoking

Amongst other female smokers, Katherine Heigl is known to be puffing on cigarettes and has often been seen smoking on camera.

15. Kate Winslet smoking

Kate Winslet smoking

The actress enjoys smoking along with her morning coffee but avoids smoking when she is with her kids.

16. Bella Hadid smoking

Bella Hadid smoking

Bella Hadid avoids smoking in the public with her large fanbase, but she was caught on camera in 2017 at Met Gala. Ever since then, she has been trying to give up on her habit, taking it as her New year’s resolution.

17. Bella Thorne smoking

Bella Thorne smoking

Bella Thorne is amongst the many female celebrities who are known to smoke. She smoked weed once but then gave up.

18. Shakira smoking

Shakira smoking

Shakira is also on the list of chain smokers. She was caught on camera smoking a big cigar with Rihanna.

19. Alicia Vikander smoking

Alicia Vikander smoking

The Swedish movie star has been caught several times enjoying smoking a good cigarette.

20. Keira Knightley smoking

Keira Knightley smoking

The actress is famous as a big-time smoker and is often seen smoking on the set.

21. Scarlett Johansson smoking

Scarlett Johansson smoking

The actress has been smoking for 15 years of age. She is a heavy smoker and is often seen lighting a cigarette on the sets.

22. Britney spears smoking

Britney spears smoking

Britney Spears is reported to have smoked as much as 40 cigarettes in a day, but she has cut on her smoking habits now.

23. Miley Cyrus smoking

Miley Cyrus smoking

Miley Cyrus is often spotted smoking a set of cigarettes. She has attempted to quit tobacco many times. Some footage of her has been seen where she is seen enjoying cigarette puffs.

24. Emilia Clarke smoking

Emilia Clarke smoking

The GOT star has been known as being a heavy chain smoker, often found smoking and caught on camera.

25. Jessica alba smoking

Jessica alba smoking

Being amongst the best and top actresses, Jessica is a chain smoker, as is known by most of her fans.

26. Jennifer Lopezsmoke smoking

Jennifer Lopezsmoke smoking

The actress is also a celebrity smoker who is known to smoke to “stay in character”. She is also often seen smoking cigars.

27. Lottie moss smoking

Lottie moss smoking

Lottie moss continues to puff on her cigarettes behind the sets of her shoots. She is also known to be a celebrity actress who enjoys smoking.

28. Nina Dobrev smoking

Nina Dobrev smoking

The actress is believed to be a smoker who takes some smokes breaks while working on the sets of her shoots. She was one of the chain celebrity smokers.

Actors who smoke.

Although it may come as a surprise to some people, many well-known actors enjoy a good smoke even after being aware of the risks involved. Even some of your favorite celebrity stars are well-known as being heavy smokers. If you want to know more about these actors who smoke, you have come to the right place. We have collected a list of celebrity smokers.

Michael Fassbender smoking

Michael Fassbender smoking

The actor Michael Fassbender is famously known for his hand-roll cigarettes. He is a heavy smoker and is nowhere near to quitting.

Ashton Kutcher smokes

Ashton Kutcher smokes

Ashton Kutcher is a celebrity who is known to be a heavy smoker for many years. He later quit smoking in the mid-2000s.

Matthew perry smoking

Matthew perry smoking

Matthew Perry is a celebrity who has been a smoker for a long time. He is seen smoking on the sets, and often excused for a break while filming.

Keanu reeves smoking

Keanu reeves smoking

Keanu Reeves has been a long-time smoker who had picked up the habit of smoking quite early on. He is often seen smoking on the sets and takes this on as a bad habit.

John Stossel smoking

John Stossel smoking

Amongst many other celebrity smokers, John Stossel is a front smoker. He has been a heavy smoker and is seen smoking often. Even though he understands the risks of smoking, he still enjoys a cigarette puff now and then.

Famous smokes

Smoking is an addictive habit that will not even spare the richest and the elite. Whether you believe it or not, there is a list of popular celebrity smokers who smoke regularly regardless of knowing all the health risks associated with it. Multiple actors, stars, and singers still take on the habit of smoking several cigarettes. Who are the famous personalities who still smoke? Here is a list of some famous smokes that you need to know more about.

Elon musk smoking

Elon musk smoking

Elon Musk is a popular celebrity who smokes on weed in live transmissions. He is also known to have inhaled marijuana cigarettes and mixed tobacco. He took a puff of marijuana cigarette on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Jay cutler smoking

Jay cutler smoking

Jay Cutler is a famous and popular celebrity who is well-known for his habit of smoking. A picture of him with a lit cigarette was seen on Tumblr. He is known by his fans to be a smoker through his famous pictures on social media.

Bill nye smoking

Bill nye smoking

Bill Nye is also a famous smoker amongst the list of celebrities. He was seen walking down a highway while smoking a cigarette. He has been a famous smoker as seen by his fans and has been mocked for his smoking habits.

Michael Phelps smoking

Michael Phelps smoking

Among the many popular celebrity smokers, Michael Phelps is famous as a heavy smoker often caught smoking marijuana on the sets. He was caught inhaling a Marijuana pipe and was criticized by the public, for which he apologized later.

Malia Obama smoking

Malia Obama smoking

Malia Obama, daughter of Barak Obama is a popular celebrity known to be a heavy smoker. She has been caught smoking Cannabis, but her father does not seem to be concerned. A video clip of her smoking rings of smoke had gone viral and seen by multiple people on social media.

Anime smoking

Anime smoking

Although smoking is a bad habit, there are many great anime smoker characters famous throughout time. Even in anime, different characters either smoke a cigar or cigarettes. Who are the famous Anime characters who smoke? From Naruto to Shinya, and Hank hill, all these characters are popular anime smokers. Who are the anime smokers who smoke in their shows? Here are some anime smokers who smoke.

Hank hill smoking

Hank hill smoking

Hank hill is one of the many anime characters who smoke in their anime shows. In the anime shows Hank hill and his wife are seen smoking cigarettes to make themselves feel better. Throughout the anime shows, Hank Hill smokes multiple times.

Here we have compiled a list of all the famous smokers, make and female celebrities as well as anime characters who have, and continue to smoke regardless of knowing the health risks involved. It comes as a surprise, why people, including celebrities smoke even after knowing the dangers and risks. But smoking is an addictive habit that is often hard to leave once someone starts. Here is a long list of celebrities who have taken the habit of smoking. With their smoking habits, some celebrities have tried to quit, but not many have been successful.

Strahan Rocks

Strahan Rocks His Gap With Pride

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Lifestyle magazine, Good Housekeeping, ran an amusing piece on Michael Strahan, the Super Bowl XLII winner and co-host of Good Morning America. As everyone knows, Michael Strahan has one distinctive feature: the gap separating his two front teeth. When Strahan shared a post showing him without his famous gap, many people were alarmed! Many people thought he had really fixed the gap between his teeth. Well, one thing was off: the post was shared 3 days before April Fool’s Day. Some people smelt a rat. Others weren’t so sure. Well, Strahan shared another post, where he addressed the alarm. Apparently many people cared about the gap between his two front teeth! He reassured everyone that he had not fixed the gap. It was all just a prank.

In Strahan’s original post, he shared a video of him going into a dental office known as Smile Design Manhattan. In the video, he indicated that he was going in to get the gap fixed. Int he video, Strahan can be seen taking dental impressions and going through some procedure. When the procedure is done, Strahan is given a mirror and looks at the results: a big smile with no gap between his two front teeth. Strahan seemed delighted with his new look.

Many celebs rallied behind Strahan, thinking he really had gotten rid of his gap. He received messages telling him that even if everyone loved his gap, he looked great without it. Do you, the celebs united in saying.

Of course, not everyone fell for it. Justin Tuck, whom he played with at the Giants, was suspicious from the get-go. Tuck was proved right.

Earlier, Strahan had said he rocked his gap “with pride” and wondered which of his friends could rock a gap with him. He shared photoshopped pictures of several of his friends rocking gaps between their teeth. Evidently, Strahan is quite the joker!

Strahan’s story illustrates the importance of having pride in how you look. Oftentimes, people undergo all sorts of unnecessary procedures just to look good because they have such a difficult time accepting themselves. Sometimes, the secret is to love who you are. Some procedures are really important to get, such as getting a dental implant for damaged teeth. That is a given. Strahan teaches us that where our health is unaffected, we have every right to be ourselves with pride.

That so many people were alarmed by the possibility of him fixing his gap, shows that often people accept and love us for what we are. So why change it?

Strahan himself felt pressure to fix his gap and look perfect, but in the end, he accepted that’s how he looked. Sometimes, there is perfection in imperfection. Strahan embraced the imperfections and embraced who he was. He went against the pressure that other people exert on us to be perfect. Strahan says that not only did his mother love his gap, but everyone he talked to about his gap told him not to get it fixed. His gap was accepted even when he questioned it.

Taylor Swift's

Taylor Swift’s Love of Pets

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For many people this holiday season, celebrating together is impossible because of the global pandemic. Sending holiday cards out is especially important and poignant this season because of the lack of physical connection and also, to cheer up our loved ones in one of the most trying years in recent history. There are various ways people have tried to send holiday cheers, from short notes, to photoshoots, holiday cards are a wonderful way to show someone that you care. We are always fascinated by celebrities and one story manages to blend our fascination for celebrities with our love of the holiday season and a certain furry animal.

People magazine has a piece on Taylor Swift’s holiday cards, which, rather uniquely, features her cats. The magazine reports that the whole story began after the Louisville DJ, Kyle Meredith, tweeted that he had received a holiday card from Swift, and was so excited to enter the holiday season with such an unexpected gift.

The card features her three cats, Olivia Benson, Benjamin Button and Meredith Grey in Santa hats in a black and white background that is reminiscent of her latest album, Folklore, and extends Swift’s best wishes to Meredith, with a cheeky reference to her wish that Meredith’s holiday memories enter folklore.

As People note, many of Swift’s ardent fans, the Swifties, were wowed by the holiday card and many wondered how they too could receive a holiday card from her.

The story follows a pattern of interest in what celebrities have been sending out to friends, family and fans this holiday season.

In analysing Google’s search data on celebrity pets, British fashion and homeware retailer Matalan found that Swift’s kitties were the most popular searches of 2020. Her cats are often featured in her Instagram account and were the subject of more than 979,000 searches.

Second on the list were Kylie Jenner’s many dogs who had an excess of 206,000 searches dedicated to them and are also Instagram’s second most followed celebrity pets. In fact, Kylie Jenner’s Italian greyhounds, Normie and Bambi Jenner, have an Instagram account dedicated to them. The two are famous for having puppies on the night Jenner was to have attended the American Music Awards. The Instagram account had around 380,000 followers, despite the fact that there have been no new posts on the account in years.

The Most Followed Celebrity Pet is Oscar, a dog adopted by Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber in 2018, and which has approximately 937,000 followers.

Matalan’s list, which can be found on their website, also features Sophie Turner’s puppies, Amanda Seyfried’s dog, and Ed Sheeran cats.

Taylor Swift’s holiday cards are a reminder of the importance of pets in family life. In a time at which we are spending more and more time at home, from celebrities to the ordinary person. More and more celebrities have been sharing pictures of their pets with their world and generating a lot of buzz, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love pets? Keeping our pets healthy and ensuring they have the best available care, from places like the Pharr Road Animal Hospital, is something which resonates with many people.

Kim and Kanye

Are Kim and Kanye really done? What’s at Stake

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Not for the first time, there are reports in the media that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are getting a divorce. The Hollywood power couple has been married for six years and have four children together. The couple got married in May, 2014 and are approaching the seven-year-itch. The typical problems couples face may not be the cause of their trouble though.

They had their varying issues which grabbed media attention in the past year. In early July, West launched his campaign for president and soon after began a twitter rant that revealed several personal details of their relationship. He revealed that they had considered aborting their first daughter, North, who is now 7-years-old. Understandably, Kim was furious about these revelations but her response was surprisingly compassionate. She asked the media and public for compassion towards Kanye and highlighted his bipolar diagnosis.

Weeks later, they spent time reconciling at their Wyoming property. KardashianWest was photographed in tears and the couple seemed to be actively working on reconciliation when they spent time vacationing in the Dominican Republic in August.

However, in September, it seems West was again off his meds and he made another series of controversial Twitter posts which got him temporarily suspended from the platform.

The couple seems to have spent Christmas and New Year’s apart which seems like the way the couple will spend the future going forward. Kanye has been spending more time at their Wyoming property while Kardashian-West has been spending more time at their Calabasas home. Kardashian-West is studying to become a lawyer and it seems likely that she is reconsidering the type of future she wants to have with her kids. She is also closing the curtain on her long-running reality series with her family Keeping up with the Kardashians. Although they have now signed a deal with Hulu to develop a new TV show.

If the rumors are to be believed, their next attempt at discussing their relationship might just be in a corporate meeting space. Afterall, there are $2.7 billion worth of combined assets to discuss and two major companies in question. According to Forbes, Kanye has a personal net worth of $1.6 billion, and most of it is associated with Yeezy, his individually-owned clothing company, estimated to be worth $3 billion in 2020. He collects around 11 per cent of the company’s annual revenue. Kim Kardashian’s estimated net worth is $750 million, and like Kanye, most of it is tied into  her cosmetics company KKW Beauty, which is worth about $500 million. In addition to their property and company assets, they have millions in assets in art, vehicle and jewelry collections.

The public will simply have to wait and see if the rumors are true, this time. One thing is certain, if anything is to be learned from celebrity divorces is that we can expect that it will be quite expensive.


Alex Trebek

Remembering Alex Trebek

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Yahoo! Entertainment reflects on the life of Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, who died in November last year after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Trebek, who died at the age of 80, was revered in the United States and the worldover for his role over 35 years as the host of Jeopardy!. He was surrounded by his loved ones when he died.

“Hanging in”, was Trebek’s stoic assessment of how he was doing after receiving his diagnosis. He said he would fight on till the end, but whatever the outcome, he was unafraid of dying. He worked to always look on the bright side of life, right through his battle with cancer.

Trebek won seven Emmys during a run in which he hosted over 7,000 episodes of Jeopardy!. He was such an icon that when he announced his return for season 37 of the game show, fans were over the moon with delight. His last Emmy was in 2020, proving the enduring quality of his work.

Trebek graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in philosophy, before turning to journalism when he got a job with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in the 1960s. Trebek, a native speaker of both English and French, won fans over with his charm, as he discussed a wide range of topics, such as music and sports. It was at the CBC that he commenced his career as a quiz and game show host.

Trebek left for Hollywood in 1973, landing his first gig as host of The Wizard of Odds, a game show which lasted for only one year on NBC. He quickly followed this up with hosting gigs on High Rollers, The $128,000 Question, and Battlestars and Pitfall. Yet, it was only in 1984 that the mustached Trebek was chosen to host a revival of Jeopardy!, a role which changed his life forever and turned him into one of the most recognizable faces on television. Jeopardy! had already had two prior incarnations, the first being from 1964 to 1975 and the second from 1978 to 1979. Being the host of the show was not easy, it took a certain skill, an art, if you like, which he perfected over the decades.

One of the most important things about being the host of the show was that he had to put his ego to the side and allow the contestants to shine. He remarked that the reason he always referred to himself as the host of the show rather than the star, was because he wanted the stars to be the contestants.

Trebek loved to surprise people and sometimes, this meant doing things which defied even how people saw him. For instance, for the 18th season he buzzed off his signature mustache.

When he returned for the 37th season, he did so even though he was in enormous pain. He was already undergoing chemotherapy once a week. To determine the efficacy of the treatment, doctors will often have a patient use an Express MRI before, during and after chemo, to see if there are any substantial changes in the number of cancer cells in the body. Through these ordeals, Trebek kept a positive mindset, and showed a blue-collar, get-up-and-go, against-all-odds spirits that has left his colleagues and fans in awe of that great icon.


Gwyneth Paltrow Talks About her Semi-Retirement From Acting

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Gwyneth Paltrow used to be on a lot of advertising posters for movies, but she slowly slipped from the silver screen spotlight. Why she dropped off the radar was the topic of a lot of discussion until recently. She appeared on SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy” to talk and she cleared up a lot of rumors about her lack of screen performance over the past few years. She managed to win an Oscar at the tender age of 26 for her role in “Shakespeare in Love” and has grown from the performance. In recent times, however, the star’s presence is much diminished, and she’s focusing more on her lifestyle brand Goop.

Doesn’t Much Love Acting

According to The BBC, the part-time actress states that she’s fallen out of love with acting. As a self-proclaimed metric-driven performer, she felt as though achieving so much at such a young age left her with nothing left to aim for. She noted that her disdain for acting came from being a child actor, struggling with her time in the spotlight. The intense scrutiny on what she wore and how she carried herself impacted negatively on her mental state. The result ended up driving her away from the glitz and glamor of the silver screen.

Not Fully Retired Just Yet

Paltrow hasn’t completely retired just yet. Her husband, Brad Falchuck, is the writer on a Netflix series and Paltrow has agreed to act in it. While it’s nowhere near as massive a comeback as being asked to star in another blockbuster, it’s impressive to see Paltrow acting again. Despite her downtime, observers have stated that she hasn’t lost an ounce of the stage presence that won her that Oscar.

Not a Homebody

By her own admission, Paltrow isn’t someone who enjoys being stuck at home. During the interview, she noted that being stuck in a hotel room was never her idea of a good time. It also explains the star’s runaway success with her lifestyle brand. While she might have need for personal injury lawyers due to some unfounded claims she made in the past, she’s still the head of a multi-million dollar brand. The success seems to be mounting, since she’s also starred in a recent Netflix series about Goop, Rolling Stone had a scathing criticism of the ‘facts’ presented in the series however, putting the part-time actress’s brand in a poor light.

Where Does She Go from Here?

Paltrow isn’t done with life yet. She seems to be willing to explore new things. Her former successes are driving her to explore what she can do as one of the world’s few female CEOs. No one’s sure what the future holds for her, but she’s ready to tackle any challenge the world throws at her. She worked with Miramax, run by the infamous Harvey Weinstein, and if she could survive that, she could possibly survive anything. She’s had the drawback of being subordinate to a rough boss, and we can only hope that she remembers and doesn’t subject her own staff to the same attitude.

Larry King

Larry King in Recovery

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According to reports on ABC News, 87-year old broadcasting legend Larry King, was hospitalized with Covid-19 in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, but has since been moved out of intensive care and is no longer using supplemental oxygen. King was placed in ICU on New Year’s Eve and was receiving supplemental oxygen, but has since recovered well enough to be able to breathe on his own, and share a video call with his three sons, according to a spokesperson for his production company, Ora Media. Health protocols mean that King has not been able to be with his wife of 23 years, Shawn King, or his sons, while he recovers from Covid-19.

Larry King is understood to have been in ICU for more than 10 days. He caught Covid-19 from a health worker who was visiting his home, and one of his sons also tested positive. Given his age and frail health, King is at higher risk of complications from Covid-19, so it is very good news that his condition has improved. In May 2019, King suffered a near-fatal stroke in May 2019, barely weeks after undergoing heart surgery to place a stent in his heart. He had already suffered a heart attack in 1987, and had battled both prostate and lung cancer. The last year was particularly difficult for him, losing his son, ANdy, to a heart attack at the age of 65, and then his daughter, Chaia, to lung cancer at the age of 51, just 23 days later.

King is stoic about the idea of dying, having lost some of the fear of death after facing off so many health scares. He has often joked that he will retire when he dies at work.

King is widely celebrated for his career which began on the radio show, The Larry King Show, which he ran from 1978 to 1994, hosting Larry King Live on CNN from 1985 to 2010. In his distinguished career, King won the Peabody Award and was recognized as one of the leading interviewers in the world, of presidents, celebrities and other newsmakers. His career spanned half a century, including 25 years at CNN.

Many people grew up with Larry King and his interviews were characterized by interesting, entertaining, informative discussions, that spanned many topics. Discussions were always meaningful, and his guests were carefully chosen so that they would have something to contribute to his audience.

California has struggled to contain the spread of Covid-19. The case total is just over 2.45 million, with around 27,000 deaths. California is the third state to have over 25,000 deaths from Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. New York has had about 38,000 deaths and Texas more than 27,000, according to Johns Hopkins University. King’s case highlights the importance of providing quality home care services for the elderly. The elderly have weaker immune systems than everyone else and more prone to diseases such as lung disease, heart disease, kidney disease or diabetes, which harm the body’s ability to fend off infectious disease. Consequently, it is important to ensure that they have the very best to protect their health and safety.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton has a Second Child on the Way

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Pippa Middleton, sister to Princess Kate and aunt to Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George, is getting ready to have her second child. People Magazine reports that Pippa and her husband, James Matthews, are expecting their second baby, with much fanfare. The second baby is hot on the first’s heels, with the couple welcoming Arthur Matthews in October of 2018. The pair are notably happy at the new addition to their family, and recent photos have shown them to be all smiles. The couple may be in the market for new Franklin and Ben cribs, thanks to the news. No news has been forthcoming about how far along she is so far, but she hasn’t had to start wearing pregnancy dresses just yet.

Not in Line for the Throne

Despite the closeness of relation, none of the couple’s children will be in line for the throne. Lineage is a strange thing, and genealogists confirm that the children won’t have any claim on the line of succession at all. As it stands, Pippa and James are private citizens, and since James is the head of the household, it doesn’t matter that Pippa is Kate’s sister. The succession only runs down the male line of heirs. Despite this hiccup, both Pippa and James will hold titles.

In 2008, James’s father bought the estate of Glen Affric in Scotland, a feudal barony from the oldest ages of English law. The titles Laird and Lady of Glen Affric will eventually fall to them through succession, but the titles are entirely honorary and denote no nobility in their family. Laird isn’t strictly a title but used to denote someone who lives on the particular barony or estate. Ownership of the plot of land doesn’t grant any noble title as it would have a mere five hundred years ago.

No Rest For A New Mother

Pippa documented extensively how she remained active throughout her first pregnancy and continued doing so after the delivery. She added to her Waitrose Weekend fitness column, pointing out how she keeps fit and sharing how Arthur seems to be following in her footsteps by attending his own baby gym. As Arthur gets older, Pippa may continue to regale us with stories about his growth, as well as search for new ways to engage a growing baby. Arthur’s current baby gym offers both structured exercises as well as free play.

More Happiness in Store

Pippa’s pregnancy is only the most recent happy news for the Middleton family. Pippa and Kate’s brother James got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Alizee Thevenet, at the end of last year. Details regarding the wedding are still up in the air currently since the coronavirus situation has affected any celebrations that may have been planned. The pair have postponed their plans for getting married indefinitely until the condition resolves itself. At the moment, no one is sure when that will be, but well-wishers of the Middletons hope it will happen soon. The family could do with another big wedding bash to celebrate a newcomer to the family.


How Do Celebrities Get Back To Normal Again After Surgery?

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No matter what you think about celebrities, you’re always going to observe them and judge them. And there will be times that they are vulnerable to specific kinds of changes. For a minute, think specifically about what happens after a celebrity gets surgery. They have to get back into the limelight as soon as possible, so they have to have explanations for the surgery, and they also have to try to heal as quickly as possible to get back into their usual routines.

So what are some situations that celebrities can get into where you can observe these forward processes? You can look at stars after they’ve had liposuction. You could look at them after they’ve had surgery related to pregnancy, for example, if an actress had to get a C-section. And for aging actors and actresses, there is going to be a specific healing time after plastic surgery or facelift.

Unfortunately, the nature of celebrity means that they won’t have much of a private life – and that means they will be judged even while healing after surgical processes.

After Liposuction

After liposuction, a celebrity is going to want to prevent weight gain. Since weight gain was a problem in the first place, falling back into old patterns won’t get anyone where they want to be. Celebrities have an additional set of resources that they can pull from, so they have the option of hiring a personal trainer or a private chef to make sure they don’t slide backward.

Whereas ordinary people have to use willpower and personal motivation, celebrities can afford to outsource both of those ideas.

Surgery Related To Pregnancy

What might a celebrity do to recover after the surgery of getting a C-section? If it’s an actress that has to go back to work quickly and relies on her appearance, health and fitness are going to be critical. There are specific types of scars that need time to heal after C-sections, so specific celebrities may choose to hire medical professionals that have top-quality advice, equipment, and topical remedies to speed the healing time.

Plastic Surgery or Facelifts

Ultimately, lots of different celebrities will get a facelift. Because they spent so much time being observed, the general population, along with their obsessive fans, will notice immediately that there is a change in their parents.

A celebrity might want to go on vacation during the healing process, but when they get back from vacation, it will not go unnoticed that they have a different nose, different lips, different skin under their chin, or lifted wrinkles around their eyes. It can be hard being a celebrity, because with the notoriety and the money also comes criticism as they age.