Pippa Middleton has a Second Child on the Way


Pippa Middleton, sister to Princess Kate and aunt to Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George, is getting ready to have her second child. People Magazine reports that Pippa and her husband, James Matthews, are expecting their second baby, with much fanfare. The second baby is hot on the first’s heels, with the couple welcoming Arthur Matthews in October of 2018. The pair are notably happy at the new addition to their family, and recent photos have shown them to be all smiles. The couple may be in the market for new Franklin and Ben cribs, thanks to the news. No news has been forthcoming about how far along she is so far, but she hasn’t had to start wearing pregnancy dresses just yet.

Not in Line for the Throne

Despite the closeness of relation, none of the couple’s children will be in line for the throne. Lineage is a strange thing, and genealogists confirm that the children won’t have any claim on the line of succession at all. As it stands, Pippa and James are private citizens, and since James is the head of the household, it doesn’t matter that Pippa is Kate’s sister. The succession only runs down the male line of heirs. Despite this hiccup, both Pippa and James will hold titles.

In 2008, James’s father bought the estate of Glen Affric in Scotland, a feudal barony from the oldest ages of English law. The titles Laird and Lady of Glen Affric will eventually fall to them through succession, but the titles are entirely honorary and denote no nobility in their family. Laird isn’t strictly a title but used to denote someone who lives on the particular barony or estate. Ownership of the plot of land doesn’t grant any noble title as it would have a mere five hundred years ago.

No Rest For A New Mother

Pippa documented extensively how she remained active throughout her first pregnancy and continued doing so after the delivery. She added to her Waitrose Weekend fitness column, pointing out how she keeps fit and sharing how Arthur seems to be following in her footsteps by attending his own baby gym. As Arthur gets older, Pippa may continue to regale us with stories about his growth, as well as search for new ways to engage a growing baby. Arthur’s current baby gym offers both structured exercises as well as free play.

More Happiness in Store

Pippa’s pregnancy is only the most recent happy news for the Middleton family. Pippa and Kate’s brother James got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Alizee Thevenet, at the end of last year. Details regarding the wedding are still up in the air currently since the coronavirus situation has affected any celebrations that may have been planned. The pair have postponed their plans for getting married indefinitely until the condition resolves itself. At the moment, no one is sure when that will be, but well-wishers of the Middletons hope it will happen soon. The family could do with another big wedding bash to celebrate a newcomer to the family.

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