Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton Reveals Why She Left The O.C.

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In a new piece by Alex Gurley, BuzzFeed reveals why Mischa Barton, the star of The O.C., left the hit show. Barton played Marissa Cooper, who was killed off in the finale of season three of the iconic teen soap.

Viewers fell in love with Marissa Cooper from the moment they saw her. She was more than just your typical spoiled rich girl. Marissa, who was 17 when The O.C. began, was a tragic figure. She was somehow always out of place, a figure apart. Her suffering distinguished her and made her a sympathetic figure despite her vast riches. She went through an overdose, the divorce of her parents, being a hostage, and even shooting Trey, her boyfriend Ryan’s brother, among many other tragic events.

Her life was marked by tragedy and seemed destined toward a tragic end, even as we hoped that she could rise above the tragedy and achieve happiness. Yet, as Fox telegraphed a coming death in the weeks leading up to the show’s finale, few thought that Marissa would be the one to die. She was the star of the show, after all. Yet, somehow, there she was, dead, as her body was pulled from wreckage by Ryan, with Imogen Heap’s “Hallelujah” playing. Like the Great Recession, nobody saw it coming.

At the time, Barton was a fashion icon, the paparazzi followed her every move, she was a star, on the cusp of a great career. She had it all. Or so it seemed.

When the series creator, Josh Schwartz, was asked by The Daily Beast in 2017, why she was killed off, he said she had not actively sought to leave the show. He said her departure had more to do with “complicated chemistry with the cast”. Till now, Barton herself had never addressed the issue.

Barton said her silence till now was really about the shame she felt about what was happening behind the scenes. Now, in an era in which women are more open about their struggles at work and are speaking out about their experiences, she feels emboldened to speak out too.

She linked the problems to the last minute addition of Rachel Bilson, who played Summer Roberts, as a series regular for the second season. Another reason she highlighted was bullying by some of the men on the set. Finally, there was a sense that her privacy was being invaded and she was forced to create walls around her to feel safe.

Being a sensitive person, she struggled with the meanness of certain people on the set, a situation made worse by the fact that she was having to deal with the sudden fame she experienced from the success of the show.

After the middle of season two, the intense shooting schedule left her reeling and she was presented with two choices by the producers: either they let her go, with the option of her returning later on, or, they killed her off completely. So, she decided to leave. Despite the sadness she feels because of the way that things were handled, she remains happy with the manner in which her character left the show. Ultimately, she was able to achieve tranquility and happiness, away from the pressures and bullying she experienced on the show. She can now enjoy her peace of mind, perhaps get some Solarium Spray Tanning done, and work on various projects.

Wounds Treatment Methods
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Chronic Wounds Treatment Methods

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Wounds that heal over a long period of time may be a distraction to your everyday practices. Besides a lot of pain, chronic wounds are unsightly and may produce a bad smell. However, you can find a solution at Calvary Urgent Care, where skilled and well-trained medical specialists use treatment methods like pressure off-loading to treat acute wounds. Your nurse practitioner in Humble, TX, will examine your wound and recommend a treatment method that is best suited to your unique needs.

What is a chronic wound?

Chronic wounds are wounds that do not heal following the standard set of stages. There are different examples of chronic wounds that include:

  •         Venous ulcers
  •         Diabetic foot ulcers
  •         Infectious wounds
  •         Pressure ulcers
  •         Surgical wounds
  •         Arterial ulcers

Health conditions that cause chronic wounds

Although anyone can develop a chronic wound, several factors make you more susceptible, including:

  •         High level of cholesterol in your body
  •         Cardiovascular diseases
  •         Skin cancer
  •         Hypertension
  •         Thrombosis
  •         Varicose veins
  •         Diabetes
  •         Serious burns
  •         Many surgical procedures to the same location

If you have a wound that is taking longer than usual to heal, you may develop an infection. When your wound gets an infection, you will notice signs and symptoms such as:

  •         Pus draining from the wound
  •         Read streaks originating from your wound
  •         Pimples forming on the wound
  •         Increased pain
  •         Fever
  •         Foul smell coming from the wound

Treatment methods for a chronic wound

Your doctor at Calvary Urgent Care may use different therapies to treat your chronic wound. For example:

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This treatment works by increasing the oxygen levels in your blood. Your doctor will place you in a highly concentrated room with oxygen that allows you to take in more oxygen than in a typical environment.

Negative pressure therapy. Your doctor will cover your wound using an airtight dressing that connects to a pressure pump. The pump sucks away any fluid coming out of the wound and increases the amount of blood flowing to the wound, which causes your wound to heal.

There are different types of dressings that your doctor may also use on your wound. They include:

Hydrocolloid dressings. Your doctor will use this impermeable dressing to cover pressure ulcers, necrotic wounds, and venous ulcers. This dressing helps keep the wound moist, clean, and protects from infections which facilitate the healing process.

Alginate dressings. This type of dressing can absorb a lot of fluid. Your doctor will use this to cover burns and packing wounds. You will be required to change the dressing after every two days to avoid developing an infection.

Hydrogel. Your doctor will use this dressing on wounds that are very painful and contain no fluid. Hydrogel contains a cooling gel that alleviates pain from the wound, facilitating the recovery process.

Foams. This dressing is used on wounds that produce a foul smell. Foams allow air to enter the wound, which helps to keep the wound moist and promote healing.

Managing a chronic wound by yourself can be painful and stressful. Your doctor at Calvary Urgent Care will help you in finding a specific treatment that works for you. Arrange for a visit with your health specialist and begin your journey to healing.

Digestive Problems
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How You Can Deal With Digestive Problems

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When we eat food, a lot happens when it enters our stomach until it is excreted. The liver, pancreas, stomach, and esophagus play an essential role in digestion, but sometimes digestion may experience changes due to a minor response to a new food, medicine, or anxiety. This may lead to gastrointestinal problems such as stomach pain, diarrhea, bloating, heartburn, and bloody stool. These can cause you discomfort and disrupt your normal functioning. Worry no more since the best GI doctors at GastroDoxs PLLC can offer a wide range of services to cure gastrointestinal issues.

What causes gastrointestinal issues?

Several bacteria, viruses, and parasites cause gastrointestinal infections. When you are infected, you may experience abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, blood, or mucus in stool. You may be keen on eating clean food and ensuring that you keep healthy, but sometimes you may experience discomfort in your stomach and wonder what might have caused it. It is crucial to visit your doctor to inquire about what might be causing digestive problems. The following are some of the other causes of gastrointestinal conditions:

Low fiber food

Fiber plays a vital role in digestion. It assists in the digestion of particular food and helps you feel full. Fiber combines with essential bacteria in our large intestines, which in turn gives us many health benefits. Food low in fiber causes digestive problems such as constipation and abdominal cramps.


We all cannot avoid aging, and sadly, age predisposes us to several gastrointestinal diseases. As we grow older, digestive glands reduce inactivity, thus making you susceptible to certain digestive issues. The risk of developing digestive cancer also increases with age.

Too much dairy food

Dairy food such as milk and cheese contains fats and proteins that are hard to digest and may lead to inflammation. This explains why consuming too many dairy products leads to abdominal cramps, gas, and constipation.


Exercise also plays a vital role in digestion. Exercise increases blood flow to the muscles in the digestive system, causing them to work more effectively. Lack of physical activity negatively impacts our digestion and general health as it can worsen constipation, heartburn, and reflux.

Not drinking enough water.

Water plays a vital role in digestion. It aids in digestion by mixing with food to make digestion easy; this results in soft stool, preventing constipation. Water also cleans the digestive tract. Lack of enough water in your digestive system contributes to gastrointestinal problems.

How will the doctor diagnose my condition?

When you have a gastrointestinal issue, your doctor will have to perform an accurate diagnosis to establish the right treatment. Your doctor may start with a lab test to check for any abnormalities in your stool. The lab test may also involve breath tests to check digestive disorders that bacteria might cause. The specialist may recommend further tests such as Computed Tomography CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and X-ray scans. The specialist may also conduct endoscopic tests to check for abnormalities in the intestines and the digestive glands.

Various conditions cause gastrointestinal disorders, and usually, the infection will heal in a few days. If the condition persists, book an appointment with a specialist at GastroDoxs PLLC to start leading a life devoid of stomach pain.

Root Canal Treatment
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When to Seek a Root Canal Treatment

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A root canal is a dental treatment that aims to correct decay in the tooth’s root and pulp. Your tooth structure consists of enamel, dentin, and a delicate core extending to the roots. The core has the pulp, which is the main housing for blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. The infection can extend to the pulp, and a root canal is necessary to clear the infection. If you need a root canal, your Boca Raton, FL dentist can help examine your teeth and recommend the right treatment option.

When to see a doctor

A root canal cleans the decay and preserves your tooth. During the procedure, the doctor removes the bacteria from the nerve, pulp, and root. After that, the area is treated with medication such as antibiotics, and a filling is done. Then the doctor seals the opening to avert further decay. Your tooth remains, but the decay is removed. The doctor may recommend other treatment options, such as a crown.

Symptoms that you require a root canal

A root canal is a treatment recommended by your dentist or endodontic. However, there are some red flags that you need a root canal. Whenever you experience these signs and symptoms, it is essential to contact your doctor immediately.

If the pain in your tooth is persistent even after taking painkillers, the doctor may recommend a root canal. Sometimes the pain penetrates to the jaw and the face. Your doctor will conduct an examination for other conditions such as gum disease, fracture, cavity, and sinuses. Early treatment relieves pain and enables you to live comfortably.

Sensitivity is yet another symptom to watch out for. It can happen when you consume hot or cold food. Quite often, it may feel like a sensation or sharp pain, and this signals nerve damage.  

If your tooth is discolored, your doctor may recommend a root canal. A pulp infection causes discoloration, and your tooth could have a low supply of blood. Swollen gums can cause pain, and the doctor may suggest a root canal after an examination.

If you feel pain when you touch the tooth, it could be a sign of nerve damage or decay. If the sensitivity does not go away, the doctor may recommend a root canal. Sometimes the ligament becomes sensitive due to an infection in the pulp.

A cracked tooth is another reason that may necessitate a root canal. If the tooth is cracked, bacteria may access the pulp and result in an infection.

Lastly, if your tooth is loose, it is a sign that there is an infection of the nerves, and a root canal is necessary at this point.

What to expect

Before a root canal procedure, the doctor first prescribes some antibiotics for several days to clear the infection and minimize the treatment. During the treatment, the tooth is numbed using a local anesthetic, and the doctor disinfects the tooth. Then, the decay is cleared, and a filling is done. It is a walk-in procedure and lasts between 1-2 hours. Afterward, you may feel pain, but you can take ibuprofen or Tylenol for relief.

Decay in the tooth can make you uncomfortable due to pain. If your teeth are aching, contact your dentist or the experts at SEDA Dental for treatment.  

Have Moles
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Why You Should Seek Medical Attention When You Have Moles

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Generally, moles are harmless growths that can appear anywhere on your skin. Unless the appearance of a mole bothers you, there’s nothing to worry about. However, you can seek treatment if you feel that it is lowering your esteem or it irritates when it rubs on the skin. If you have a mole in New York, a team of specialists at Manhattan Dermatology can help eliminate your problem. Below are popular DIY methods to remove moles and the risks that may arise when you do not get professional help.

Home DIY tips to skin mole removal

Some people may consider home-based solutions to mole removal either to save on consultation cost or for convenience. However, before you cut off the mole or use an over-the-counter cream, it is vital to understand the risks. Talk to your specialist before you try the home-based solutions to mole removal.

Some DIY tips can work in some instances where the mole is harmless. Burning the mole with cider vinegar, garlic, and iodine is effective in killing the cells. Also, you can cut it off with a razor blade or scissors. Other methods include using banana peels, tea tree oil, aloe vera, flaxseed, and more.

In addition, you can buy an over-the-counter cream from the pharmacy and run on the affected area. Another option is to conceal the skin mole with make-up.

The risk of home-based skin mole removal

Although home-based solutions are cheap, there are some inherent risks that you need to be aware of. First of all, over-the-counter creams can burn your skin and cause scars. Besides, cutting the moles is risky, especially if the tool is not properly sterilized. It can cause an infection and lead to a scar on the area where the mole was.  

A major risk is when the skin mole has cancerous cells and, when cut, it can spread to other areas of the body and is life-threatening.

When to see a doctor

Whether you are considering a home-based solution to mole removal, it’s vital to see a specialist when you notice any changes in your mole. For example, if the mole changes in shape, color, or size, it can be a sign of skin cancer, and more tests are needed to make a conclusive diagnosis.

The doctor starts by removing a tiny piece of the mole and carries out a biopsy. This test is essential in determining whether the mole is cancerous. If the test turns out positive, the doctor refers you to an oncologist for cancer treatment.  

However, if it’s negative, your specialist may apply one of two techniques to eliminate the mole.

Surgical excision involves numbing the treatment area and cutting off the mole. After that, the dermatologist stitches the area to close the wound.

A surgical shave involves numbing the area and shaving the site with a blade. There’s no need to stitch the area.

Both treatments are walk-in procedures with no need for a hospital stay. There are no side effects and mole removal does not affect your daily activities.

If you are concerned about a mole on the skin, you can see a specialist for safe removal. Contact the experts at Manhattan Dermatology for review and treatment.


Autism Symptoms
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Access Relief for Your Autism Symptoms Through PrTMS in California

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According to recent statistics, autism spectrum disorder affects up to 2% of all 8-year-old kids. The expert medical team at MindSet in San Diego, CA, is the leader in the innovative treatment alternative for individuals who have autism- personalized repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (PrTMS). As PrTMS reinstates disrupted brainwaves to a balanced state, the nerve activity is normalized, and the autism symptoms might as well improve. To learn more about the effectiveness of PrTMS in treating autism, consult with a San Diego autism specialist by calling the MindSet office or book an appointment online.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by various symptoms that appear in early childhood and continue throughout adulthood. ASD includes an extensive range of abilities, but the most common include restrictive activities and interests, repetitive patterns of behavior, and difficulty socializing and communicating.

The nature and severity of the associated autism challenges vary from one person to another. For instance, some children might fail to speak, whereas others continuously talk about a single subject, but all in all, the main concerns are huge enough to affect their performance at school, home, and the community.

What is TMS and How May it Help with Autism?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is an FDA-approved treatment procedure that utilizes magnetic impulses to trigger brain-nerve activity. The providers can use it to treat mental health concerns such as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Once TMS is continuously applied to the brain, it can result in lasting brainwave activity adjustments.

Studies reveal that persons with autism have varying brainwave patterns compared to those diagnosed with autism. These variations are so recognizable that the brainwave patterns might represent a distinct biomarker, which may one day be used in autism diagnosis.

Because TMS restores nerve activity and brainwaves to normal levels, it might enhance many of the challenges and symptoms associated with autism. While TMS for autism is viewed as experimental, studies show that TMS enhances information processing, repetitive behaviors, and attention.

What is the Variation Between TMS and PrTMS?

PrTMS utilizes the same device as TMS that dissipates magnetic pulses to re-balance brain arrhythmias. But PrTMS enhances the standard TMS by customizing every patient’s treatment. The PrTMS procedure comprises brainwave analysis, patient questionnaire, data evaluation, and continuous brainwave evaluation.

What to Expect with PrTMS Treatment?

During PrTMS treatments, patients only require to stay calm in the chair for 30 minutes. The TMS device is positioned near the head and then activated to dissipate magnetic waves into the targeted brain area safely.

The TMS devices tend to click as they operate, so the specialists at MindSet work hand-in-hand with children and their families, ensuring they are prepared for the sensations and sounds they might feel and hear. Patients also require to be ready to schedule five sessions every week for six up to eight weeks. This early exposure is vital for producing lasting results.

To sum up, patients can rely on receiving holistic care at MindSet. To find out more about the effectiveness of PrTMS in treating autism, call the MindSet office or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation today.

Ashton Kutcher

The Psychological Price Ashton Kutcher Pays As An Entrepreneur

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Building a company is hard work, and rightly, entrepreneurs are lauded for their achievements. From John D. Rockefeller, to Jeff Bezos, the great entrepreneurs have formed a central part of the mythology of American life. Entrepreneurs are  praised for their vision, determination and willingness to take risks which other people would shun. Yet, few of these odes to entrepreneurship have spoken about the great toll that entrepreneurship takes on the entrepreneur. The sacrifices that entrepreneurs make are glamourized, from the long working hours, the time apart from family, the necessity to live up to the expectations of investors and users, to the looming spectre of fear. The pressures of entrepreneurship can turn the most optimistic of people into the poster child of chronic depression. Added to this, the founder is under the most unhealthy of expectations to always play the role of chief optimist, transmitting unwavering strength, confidence and optimism to employees, investors, and clients, regardless of the circumstances. The pressure to hide difficulties is immense. As Sam Altman observed, such is the pressure to succeed, if a founder is asked how their startup is doing, they invariably respond, “Great!”, even when that is far from the case. The entrepreneur as Great Visionary Leader cannot be seen to be weak.

The suicides of tech entrepreneurs, Aaron Swartz and Jody Sherman were a reminder that for many entrepreneurs, depression is an unwanted part of their lives. Entrepreneurs typically do not discuss depression and mental health issues, because the industry is largely in thrall to the idea of “picking yourself up by your bootstraps”, so mental health issues tend to be treated as signs of weakness, of a lack of the right stuff for entrepreneurship. The cult of the workaholic, bulletproof entrepreneur tends to squeeze out of entrepreneurs the very things that they need to remain sane and balanced. Entrepreneurs are expected to be on-call 24/7, to sleep short hours, wake up very early, be constantly plugged into the news, travel frequently as well as doing a host of things that have a negative impact on mental health. Heroism is expected, even when entrepreneurs fail. The failed business idea for Creative Cabinets and Fine Finishes must be met with unflinching stoicism and a romantic turn-around story. There is no space for depression or mental health issues. Entrepreneurship, we are told, is about pushing yourself to the limits of your emotional and physical capacity; it’s about being unbalanced in ways that are supposed to be good.

Yet, this notion of entrepreneurship is not simply toxic, it is detrimental to actual business results. Entrepreneurs need to tackle the conditions through which depression and broader mental issues arise, if they are to stay or become mentally healthy and also achieve better business results.

Increasingly, entrepreneurs are speaking out about the mental health issues endemic in entrepreneurship, including Rescue One Financial CEO Bradley Smith; Google Glass marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg; Cheezburger Networks founder, Ben Huh, who wrote a blog post entitled, “When Death Feels Like A Good Option; Seth Rosen, co-founder of CustomMade; Sean Percival, currently a venture partner at 500 Startups; and Zak Homuth of Upverter.

Entrepreneurs need to realize that though they may be vulnerable, they are not weak, and be willing to tackle depression and other mental health issues that arise from extreme stress. It starts by understanding the symptoms of depression and being willing to acknowledge that you need help.

Entrepreneurs wear many hats and each hat weighs upon the entrepreneur. They must somehow live up to the expectations and needs of their families, employees, customers, their investors, and their customers, and often they feel a deep responsibility to keep all their constituents happy, even though the interests may be opposed. For example, the demands of investors for an entrepreneur’s time and commitment clash with those of that entrepreneur’s family to be a presence in their lives. The many directions that entrepreneurs are pulled leads them into feeling isolated and alone, even when they have a cofounder. That leaves a lot of living under conditions that make them susceptible to depression.

Entrepreneurship in and of itself is a high risk endeavour. Research shows that 70-80% of businesses fail within the first 5 years of their existence. Failure goes alongside being an entrepreneur. Often, business is made to seem to exist beyond life and death, and failure is treated as an existential, psychological question. Shame haunts the struggling entrepreneur.

Finding peers whose response to questions about their businesses are honest and realistic and who are not committed to displaying an image of absurd level of success, is hard, but necessary.

Bradley Smith, the extremely successful entrepreneur and CEO of financial services firm, Rescue One Financial, is, at face value, the very symbol of entrepreneurial success. Rescue One Financial had revenues of nearly $32 million last year, having grown 1,400 percent over the last three years. These are sensational numbers for any business. Yet, as Smith will openly admit, he was on the brink of failure and mental collapse just five years ago. In 2008, Smith logged in the long hours that entrepreneurs are supposed to, counselling his clients on how to get out of debt. He was calm and persuasive, but behind the veneer lay the very fears that his clients had. Smith, like his clients, was in debt and his position was getting worse. The irony is that Smith had worsened his position by starting a debt settlement company. Often, he had higher debt levels than the clients he was advising.

Smith had maxed out a line of credit worth $60,000 and cashed in his 401(k). He had even sold a Rolex he had bought himself to celebrate an earlier success as a stockbroker. FInally, he had gone to his father for $10,000, having been reared on puritan principles of wise investing and prudential management of money. His father loaned him the money, at 5% interest.

When he and his wife found out they were expecting a child, his anxiety levels went up even higher. He would wake up at 4am, staring at the ceiling, riddled with angst, desperately searching for solutions to turn his company to profitability. 8 months later, his company finally became profitable. This is not, however, a lesson in how living on the edge of a nervous breakdown for long enough will reap rewards, but a lesson in how often even the most successful entrepreneurs harbour secret fears and a past of failures, and how many of them have been on the verge of nervous breakdowns.

Entrepreneurs cannot bank on success at the end of struggle. Depression and other mental health issues are rife within the entrepreneurs’ community. Yet, when it comes to suicide, the biggest indicator that something is seriously wrong is, however, not just a feeling of depression, or feelings of depression (what in psychology is known as “suicidal ideation”) but the feeling of being trapped. This is because when people feel trapped, they are more likely to seek suicide as a solution. Mental health is not just a question of psychology, self-care, spending more time in the bedroom getting much needed rest, and mental health strategies, it is also a question of culture, business models and structures. A business that can only exist at the expense of its founders’ mental health, is a business whose model needs reform.


39 Celebrities Who Smoke

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While we all know how bad smoking is for our health, most people still choose to continue anyway. Not only does smoking damage one’s lungs and airways, but it can cause some fatal and serious health conditions like pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer. Regardless of the dangers of smoking, many people including celebrities smoke daily or just socially. When it comes to smoking, not even Hollywood’s biggest names cannot be excluded. Many Hollywood celebrities are addicted to the habit of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vaporizers. These celebrities can smoke carton of cigarettes without any guilt because of their addictions. If you want to know more about celebrity smoking, you have come to the right place.

Why do celebrities smoke?

Pictures of celebrities smoking have become more and more common in recent years. As a routine, you can now see snaps of celebrities walking around with a cigarette lit in their mouth. Cigarettes have now become an indispensable part of this Hollywood culture, whether off or on screen. Celebrities use smoking frequently to show off their character and embellish their image Infront of their fans. On-screen celebrities use cigarettes to show off and shape their character. On the other hand, when done off-screen, it is often to provide an embellishing image of themselves.

Female celebrity smoking list

Whether it is smoking due to stress or fashion, there are several female celebrity smokers who, while maintaining their fame, are heavy chain smokers. Some celebrities smoke to maintain their image, while others do it for fame and gaining popularity. Like all celebrities, female celebrities are not behind in their habit of smoking. If you are willing to know more about female celebrity smokers, here is a list of some of them you need to know about.

1. Mila Kunis smoking

39 Celebrities Who Smoke 1

Famous for being a gorgeous actress, Mila Kunis is bold and popular. Smoking is a fit with her personality. Heavy smoking goes well with her courageous and bold personality. She has recently quit smoking after being with her husband. The pair, since then, have stopped partaking in the habit.

2. Sophie turner smoking

Sophie turner smoking

The star of game of thrones, Sophie Turner has expressed earlier love for vaping. Being quite open about her smoking habits, she even took a photo while engaged in the activity in the final GOT shooting. Sophie’s self-care routine also involved smoking. She has left smoking since her recent pregnancy.

3. Jennifer Lawrence smoking

Jennifer Lawrence smoking

The actress has been captured on camera smoking different things from vape, cigarettes, to joint as well as smoking marijuana on some occasions. She has mentioned that she had smoked with rappers, and had greatly enjoyed that, entering an entirely different world.

4. Rihanna smoking

Rihanna smoking

Rihanna is a bold actress with an attitude and a strong personality. She is a chain smoker which sets in with her personality. She has been seen to be smoking weed and marijuana often on her sets. Her photos of smoking weed in 2020 went viral.

5. Kate moss smoke

Kate moss smoke

Kate moss is often seen smoking infamously most of the time. While she walks the runway, and in other cases as well. She has been seen as a cigarette addict who smokes almost 30 cigarettes in a day, hence being a heavy chain smoker. She often takes a cigarette break while on the sets of her shoots.

6. Katy perry smoking

Katy perry smoking

Being a charming and bold personality, Katy Perry is also a chain smoker caught smoking on multiple occasions. She took on this habit to manage stress as she planned her wedding to Russel Brand, but she has left her habit since their breakup.

7. Dakota johnson smoking

Dakota johnson smoking

Like many other female celebrity smokers, Dakota Johnson was seen smoking at the met gala in 2017 in the bathroom. Though infamous, she is known to be smoking a cigarette now and then.

8. Lady gaga smoker

Lady gaga smoker

Lady Gaga, the shallow singer is also one celebrity who enjoys smoking cigarettes. She revealed that she enjoys smoking along with a whisky glass as she works as it helps her free the mind to some extent.

9. Kate Winslet smoker

Kate Winslet smoker

Famous because of her titanic move, she is also known to be a chain smoker who is frequently found smoking. She enjoys her cigarette in the morning with her coffee but avoids it when around her kids. She enjoys a perfect combination of cigarettes and coffee.

10. Sophie turner vaping

Sophie turner vaping

The GOT star has also been know for her vaping habits, aside from the smoking ones. She has expressed her love for vaping. Apart from a smoking habit, she is also known for her vaping habits.

11. Paris Hilton smokes

Paris Hilton smokes

Paris Hilton smokes E-cigarettes because traditional cigarettes were not liked by her father, so she switched to a healthier alternative.

12. Gwyneth Paltrow smoking

Gwyneth Paltrow smoking

The actress was known to once be a heavy smoker, but she shifted to a healthier lifestyle and left smoking.

13. Emily blunt smoking

Emily blunt smoking

The actress has been known to be a heavy smoker earlier, often seen smoking cigarettes on several occasions, but she left smoking later.

14. Katherine Heigl smoking

Katherine Heigl smoking

Amongst other female smokers, Katherine Heigl is known to be puffing on cigarettes and has often been seen smoking on camera.

15. Kate Winslet smoking

Kate Winslet smoking

The actress enjoys smoking along with her morning coffee but avoids smoking when she is with her kids.

16. Bella Hadid smoking

Bella Hadid smoking

Bella Hadid avoids smoking in the public with her large fanbase, but she was caught on camera in 2017 at Met Gala. Ever since then, she has been trying to give up on her habit, taking it as her New year’s resolution.

17. Bella Thorne smoking

Bella Thorne smoking

Bella Thorne is amongst the many female celebrities who are known to smoke. She smoked weed once but then gave up.

18. Shakira smoking

Shakira smoking

Shakira is also on the list of chain smokers. She was caught on camera smoking a big cigar with Rihanna.

19. Alicia Vikander smoking

Alicia Vikander smoking

The Swedish movie star has been caught several times enjoying smoking a good cigarette.

20. Keira Knightley smoking

Keira Knightley smoking

The actress is famous as a big-time smoker and is often seen smoking on the set.

21. Scarlett Johansson smoking

Scarlett Johansson smoking

The actress has been smoking for 15 years of age. She is a heavy smoker and is often seen lighting a cigarette on the sets.

22. Britney spears smoking

Britney spears smoking

Britney Spears is reported to have smoked as much as 40 cigarettes in a day, but she has cut on her smoking habits now.

23. Miley Cyrus smoking

Miley Cyrus smoking

Miley Cyrus is often spotted smoking a set of cigarettes. She has attempted to quit tobacco many times. Some footage of her has been seen where she is seen enjoying cigarette puffs.

24. Emilia Clarke smoking

Emilia Clarke smoking

The GOT star has been known as being a heavy chain smoker, often found smoking and caught on camera.

25. Jessica alba smoking

Jessica alba smoking

Being amongst the best and top actresses, Jessica is a chain smoker, as is known by most of her fans.

26. Jennifer Lopezsmoke smoking

Jennifer Lopezsmoke smoking

The actress is also a celebrity smoker who is known to smoke to “stay in character”. She is also often seen smoking cigars.

27. Lottie moss smoking

Lottie moss smoking

Lottie moss continues to puff on her cigarettes behind the sets of her shoots. She is also known to be a celebrity actress who enjoys smoking.

28. Nina Dobrev smoking

Nina Dobrev smoking

The actress is believed to be a smoker who takes some smokes breaks while working on the sets of her shoots. She was one of the chain celebrity smokers.

Actors who smoke.

Although it may come as a surprise to some people, many well-known actors enjoy a good smoke even after being aware of the risks involved. Even some of your favorite celebrity stars are well-known as being heavy smokers. If you want to know more about these actors who smoke, you have come to the right place. We have collected a list of celebrity smokers.

Michael Fassbender smoking

Michael Fassbender smoking

The actor Michael Fassbender is famously known for his hand-roll cigarettes. He is a heavy smoker and is nowhere near to quitting.

Ashton Kutcher smokes

Ashton Kutcher smokes

Ashton Kutcher is a celebrity who is known to be a heavy smoker for many years. He later quit smoking in the mid-2000s.

Matthew perry smoking

Matthew perry smoking

Matthew Perry is a celebrity who has been a smoker for a long time. He is seen smoking on the sets, and often excused for a break while filming.

Keanu reeves smoking

Keanu reeves smoking

Keanu Reeves has been a long-time smoker who had picked up the habit of smoking quite early on. He is often seen smoking on the sets and takes this on as a bad habit.

John Stossel smoking

John Stossel smoking

Amongst many other celebrity smokers, John Stossel is a front smoker. He has been a heavy smoker and is seen smoking often. Even though he understands the risks of smoking, he still enjoys a cigarette puff now and then.

Famous smokes

Smoking is an addictive habit that will not even spare the richest and the elite. Whether you believe it or not, there is a list of popular celebrity smokers who smoke regularly regardless of knowing all the health risks associated with it. Multiple actors, stars, and singers still take on the habit of smoking several cigarettes. Who are the famous personalities who still smoke? Here is a list of some famous smokes that you need to know more about.

Elon musk smoking

Elon musk smoking

Elon Musk is a popular celebrity who smokes on weed in live transmissions. He is also known to have inhaled marijuana cigarettes and mixed tobacco. He took a puff of marijuana cigarette on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Jay cutler smoking

Jay cutler smoking

Jay Cutler is a famous and popular celebrity who is well-known for his habit of smoking. A picture of him with a lit cigarette was seen on Tumblr. He is known by his fans to be a smoker through his famous pictures on social media.

Bill nye smoking

Bill nye smoking

Bill Nye is also a famous smoker amongst the list of celebrities. He was seen walking down a highway while smoking a cigarette. He has been a famous smoker as seen by his fans and has been mocked for his smoking habits.

Michael Phelps smoking

Michael Phelps smoking

Among the many popular celebrity smokers, Michael Phelps is famous as a heavy smoker often caught smoking marijuana on the sets. He was caught inhaling a Marijuana pipe and was criticized by the public, for which he apologized later.

Malia Obama smoking

Malia Obama smoking

Malia Obama, daughter of Barak Obama is a popular celebrity known to be a heavy smoker. She has been caught smoking Cannabis, but her father does not seem to be concerned. A video clip of her smoking rings of smoke had gone viral and seen by multiple people on social media.

Anime smoking

Anime smoking

Although smoking is a bad habit, there are many great anime smoker characters famous throughout time. Even in anime, different characters either smoke a cigar or cigarettes. Who are the famous Anime characters who smoke? From Naruto to Shinya, and Hank hill, all these characters are popular anime smokers. Who are the anime smokers who smoke in their shows? Here are some anime smokers who smoke.

Hank hill smoking

Hank hill smoking

Hank hill is one of the many anime characters who smoke in their anime shows. In the anime shows Hank hill and his wife are seen smoking cigarettes to make themselves feel better. Throughout the anime shows, Hank Hill smokes multiple times.

Here we have compiled a list of all the famous smokers, make and female celebrities as well as anime characters who have, and continue to smoke regardless of knowing the health risks involved. It comes as a surprise, why people, including celebrities smoke even after knowing the dangers and risks. But smoking is an addictive habit that is often hard to leave once someone starts. Here is a long list of celebrities who have taken the habit of smoking. With their smoking habits, some celebrities have tried to quit, but not many have been successful.

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Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry in Tarzana, California

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For the best smile, you need to have a full set of teeth on the upper and lower jaw. If you lose teeth due to an illness or injury, you may visit your dentist for highly effective restorative services. Dr. Kaveh Kanani uses state-of-the-art services like CT scans, intraoral digital scanners, x-rays, and other advanced practices to restore Tarzana missing teeth. If you need custom restorative dentistry, contact Around the Corner Dental Health Spa for immediate assistance.

Services Offered at Around the Corner Dental Health Spa

Dr. Kanani specializes in dental restorative services including:

  •       Composite Fillings

You may visit Dr. Kanani for composite fillings to treat tooth decay and cracks. Composite fillings are made of a glass and plastic mixture for reversing decayed teeth. In case of disfigured or discolored teeth, your dentist uses composite fillings to restore your smile. Composite fillings are built with the natural look, feel, and integrity of natural teeth.

  •       Inlays and Onlays

Dental onlays and inlays are part of conservative treatments for damaged teeth if you don’t prefer a crown. When handling tooth decay, your dentist may also recommend inlays and onlays in place of fillings. Your dentist takes impressions of your teeth and areas of interest to facilitate the preparation of custom-fit inlays and onlays in the dental lab. Dr. Kanani fixes inlays and onlays by bonding each to the affected tooth.

  •       Dental Crowns

Porcelain crowns are designed to deliver a natural-looking smile when fillings come short of delivering optimal results when tooth decay goes beyond. Dr. Kanani may recommend porcelain crowns for teeth with multiple fillings or severely damaged teeth. Each crown is fixed to your tooth to ensure that you can make soft and tough bites without it sliding over. Dr. Kanani educates and offers relevant information about various types of crowns and helps you find the best option.

  •       Implants and Bone Expansion

When missing teeth, your dentist may recommend dentures or dental implants to give you a permanent replacement for lost teeth. Dentures are removable while dental implants are a permanent replacement with the look, integrity, and feel of natural teeth. Dr. Kanani installs dental implants to restore your mouth’s appearance and performance. Book an appointment for effective and long-term benefits like improved smiles, bites, and speech.

  •       Bridges

Missing teeth can also be replaced using custom-fit bridges to improve your smile and chewing capability. Installing bridges also allows you to improve and maintain outstanding oral hygiene by covering unprotected gums. Dr. Kanani considers your dental needs and jawbone health to determine your eligibility for dental bridges. Abide by your after-care instructions to achieve and maintain top results.

  •       Dentures

Dentures are also proven as an effective remedy for missing teeth. Dr. Kanani helps you choose between implants and dentures. If you qualify for dentures, your dentist gets images of your dental arrangement to prepare your custom-fit dentures for ultimate comfort and optimal functioning. Abide by your home care for dentures, maintain your follow-up appointments, and occasional denture cleanings to maintain your oral health goals.

Bottom Line

The best remedy for missing teeth is to find an ideal replacement from the list highlighted above. Dr. Kanani helps you find the best remedy for lost teeth. If you are in Tarzana, California, you can trust Around the Corner Dental Health Spa for your general and cosmetic dentistry needs.

Laser Hair Removal
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What You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

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Sometimes the body hair tends to be bothersome to several people. If you are tired of shaving, waxing, or tweezing, you should visit laser hair removal in Memphis. Laser hair removal has become an alternative to those seeking a permanent solution to be hair-free and have smooth skin. If a specialist performs it, it can prove an effective and highly safe procedure for every part of the body.

Why is laser hair removal done?

Laser hair removal is done to reduce unwanted hair in the body. Popular treatments include chin, upper lip, bikini line, armpits, and legs. It is possible to treat unwanted hair in any area, except areas surrounding the eyelid. If your skin has tattoos, it should not be treated.

Skin type and hair color impact the success of laser hair removal. The hair pigment but not skin pigment should absorb the light. The laser damages only the hair follicle and avoids damaging the skin. Comparison between the skin and hair color, light and dark skin, results in the best outcomes.

Risks of damaged skin are higher when there is a difference between skin and hair color, but laser technology has made laser hair removal a better option even for dark-skinned people. Laser hair removal is less successful for hair colors that do not absorb light well.

Risks of laser hair removal

Risks vary with hair color, skin type adherence to post-treatment and pre-treatment care, and the treatment plan. Common side effects include:

Skin irritation. Temporary swelling, redness, and discomfort are possible after laser hair removal. Any symptoms usually disappear within several hours.

Pigment changes. Laser hair removal might lighten or darken the affected skin. The changes can be permanent or temporary. Skin lightening affects those exposing themselves to sunlight before and after treatment and dark-skinned people.

Laser hair removal can cause scarring, crusting, blistering, or other skin texture changes. Other rare side effects are graying excessive hair or treated hair growth around treated areas.

How you prepare

If you are interested in laser hair removal, choose a certified doctor in a specialty such as cosmetic surgery or dermatology and laser hair removal on your skin type. If a licensed nurse or a physician assistant does the procedure, make sure your doctor supervises. Be careful about salons, spas, or other facilities allowing nonmedical personnel to do laser hair removal.

Before going for laser hair removal, schedule a consultation with your doctor to determine if it’s a necessary treatment option. Your doctor will review your medical history, skin scarring history, disorders, and past hair removal. Your doctor also discusses the expectations, benefits, and risks, including what hair removal cannot do. During the consultation, you can consult a treatment plan and the cost.

If you feel like eliminating unwanted hair on the body, laser hair removal is the best technique for you. With laser hair removal, you can permanently avoid waxing and shaving. At a Beautiful You Medical Spa, we have an experienced team who helps patients get a dramatic and permanent reduction of hair. For more information, contact their office today.