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Men's Formal Shoes
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Men’s Formal Shoes: Tips to Buy

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Choosing men’s shoes formal is not as easy as it looks. It is the go-to option when they think of any business meeting or presentation at work. Apart from the professional front, men also prefer shoes formal to attend weddings. Additionally, given the modern fashion trends, this footwear has become more common for them than ever.

If you plan to buy a new pair, you can choose from a variety of formal shoes online according to your preferences. We will help you here by providing a few tips which will help you pick the right pair. Let us take a look at them.

  • Pick The Right Material

The art of selecting the appropriate pair of shoes lies in choosing the material according to the climate. Also, shoes formal always have to be made of leather is a myth; you can go for the non-leather varieties, which are usually preferable for wet weather conditions. However, there is no denying that a pair of leather classics has its own set of fan following.

  • Choose Classics

If you are confused about which type of shoes to put on, you head for the classics, which can never go wrong. A pair of brogues or oxfords can do the trick for you. The lace, the patterns on it, and the rounded front are tough to compete with, be it any formal occasion. These shoes can never go out of vogue.

  • Experiment With Colors

Days of wearing formal footwear that is either brown or black are long gone. With the changing fashion trend, you can up your shoes formal game, too. Nowadays, you should try new colours, match them up with your attire, and be ultra-modern men. There is a wide range of colours, such as grey, maroon, blue, and many more that you can pick from.

  • Bring Some Twists

It will be best to stop making formal wear dull. You can add some twist to it to blend in with the ongoing trends. A pair of monks or boots are an excellent replacement and can make you look more stylish and elegant at the same time. Those detailing, sleek design and outsoles will bring a new flavour to your shoes formal.

  • Go For Convenience

Over anything else, the thing that you should give equal importance to is your convenience. In other words, even if you are purchasing shoes formal, your ease of using them should be prioritized. If you are not good with tying laces, then choose the slip-on or the zip-up varieties. You can find such footwear according to your needs and requirements online.


So, purchasing formal footwear is not a tough job, after all. All you have to do is keep in mind the tips mentioned above, which will help you select the pair that will be appropriate for your feet and needs. Having the right footwear paired up with suitable clothes can help you slay the formal look with style. You will leave a mark everywhere you go, be it at the office or a wedding.


Men’s Fashion Tips
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Men’s Fashion Tips: How to Not Make Yourself Look Dumb

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Some rules apply to men’s fashion and dressing. The distinct manner in which you can use these rules lays the foundation for men’s fashion style. Dressing well and looking stylish is subjective as it stems from individual taste and preference. However, even when it comes to personal opinions, some standard tips will look good on anyone. What works for one person may not work for another, but try to take every suggestion at face value. Even if there is no last word that dictates style, men can adopt some alterations into their wardrobe for a drastic change.

No amount of talent or charisma can help a man overcome the impact of a reduced ensemble. Therefore looking good in contemporary civilization cannot be overstated. This article is for you whether you are someone who dons on a T-shirt and old jeans or is more of a power-fit kind of guy. Masculine fashion has come a long way in recent years, and you need to incorporate the vital elements into your dressing for it to become apparent. Here is how.


Whether you prefer something sleek or rugged, down to earth, or fancy, there are options for you to pick as per your choice. From Cuban link chains to Belgium belts, here are some excellent tips for you to dress well and impress a room full of people:

Identify the Style You Like

Many men have the mindset that they are not ‘naturally stylish.’ It often relates to a lack of effort that one puts into one’s dressing and overall appearance. The trick here is that there is no such thing as ‘naturally stylish.’ Your style and taste develop over time, and it is up to you to incorporate that into your outfits. There may be musicians, actors, or athletes whose style choices you admire and want to replicate. That is the first step in deciding whether you also want to look like those men and how you recognize your taste simultaneously. It is essential to identify what makes you look and feel good and work on your barriers before deciding to change your wardrobe.

Do NOT Impulse Buy

Impulse purchases often do not bode well for you in the long run. Remember to make a purchase only if you invest in the item you are purchasing to avoid this eventual regret. If a piece of clothing is not right for you, you will know it from the outset. Therefore, it is a good idea to be smart about your money and wait for the right time. Keep a check of any sales at your favorite stores, take advice from other men you know who dress well, and only buy things that you can wear in your daily life. The quality of your wardrobe will always take precedence over quantity. Since fashion is ever-changing, it is better to leave room for options.

Invest in Different Colors

Men will often shy away from bright and vibrant color schemes in fear of standing out too much. Whether it is your casual outfits or formal wear, you should always indulge in a bit of color. You should not be intimidated by anything that is not grey or black. Instead, it would be best if you embraced different palettes for everyday clothing items. From greens, pinks, and brighter shades of blue to some more versatile shades, you should have a range in your selection for all occasions.

Avoid Baggy Jeans

Jeans are not the enemy for men’s fashion. A well-fitted pair of jeans display how sensible you are with your sense of style. But baggy jeans that sag and do not fit well should not be the items you reach for every morning. Your jeans should fit well and stay up without a belt, and they should be simple and elegant. It means that there is no need to purchase them with logos or embellishments and, instead, keep it simple. Try a few sizes to find out your perfect fit and then buy at least two pairs for casual use.

Focus on the Details

When it comes to effortless style, you need to focus on the details. From investing in an expensive wristwatch to always have two different pairs of cufflinks, you can spice up your look in no time. Even if you are wearing a dull outfit, wearing a leather belt with a matching bracelet can give your look more personality. It also provides the impression that you dress intending to look and feel good, impress friends and colleagues, and even get you a date for the weekend.

Use Unlikely Layers

An easy way to reinvent your look is to layer items distinctly. When you are in-between seasonal changes, you start with using thinner and lighter pieces but then work your way up as the climate gets cool. Taking summer pieces like breast blazers and plaid over shirts and adding them to a casual look can completely change the game for you. Similarly, collared shirts with rolled sleeves make any semi-formal look more engaging and fun.


Fashion for men is different than it is for women. Despite having a full wardrobe, you might not be in touch with your real sense of style. You can follow the given guide to figure out what works for you and then proceed to change your look entirely.

Cool Fashion
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Make a Cool Fashion Statement with Summer Trend 2020

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Do you want to give a makeover to your wardrobe because it feels boring? It’s time to go on shopping spree. But before that, educate yourself about the street fashion trends that are going to rock the summer season. There is a myriad of choices to suit everyone’s individual style. So, get ready for your wardrobe update with the latest fashion trends that will dominate 2020 spring and summer.

Oversized Victorian Dress

It’s not a time machine that will take you back to the 18th century but Victorian-inspired oversized sleeves. The shape will give an impression of a slimmer waist, thereby adding a feminine touch to your overall appearance. Choose soft colors to look cool during summer. Puff sleeve look of 80ss is an elegant style that comes back with royal glory!

Shoes Worn Over Pants

Whether you have a plan to hang out with friends or attend a party, a pair of strappy heels worn around the ankle of your slacks or jeans will be a refreshing classic idea during hot summer days. A matching coat or jacket will complement your look. An off-the-shoulder blouse will also serve the same purpose.

Pastel Bucket Hats

The best way to beat heat is to block out the sun and you can do it in style with a pastel bucket hat. This cute accessory goes well with any season. The hat creates such a versatile style that you can team it with almost anything. Coming in a wider range of soft shades, the accessory is a timeless piece to complement any fashionable outfit.

Bumpy Boots with Feminine Dresses

Grunge has made a royal comeback with the bumpy boots and feminine dresses. Whether you favour block colours or bold patterns, a maxi dress with a cinched waist makes a great pick to flaunt off your girly side. Team it with combat boots; you are now ready to travel anywhere! It’s an authentic style of 90s; therefore, you have full liberty to mix and match to have fun to the fullest!

Printed Tops and Stockings

Regardless of your style, you can always make a fashion statement by going with a pair of matching stockings and tops. It’s a cool pattern that is sure to rock the glamor world! Go with varying shades of print to stand out from others. Another easy way to create a sleek statement is to choose monotone for your entire ensemble.

Square-Toed Heels

A square-toe style gives a trendy twist to the traditional heel. It not only adds to your height but also lends a special and unique touch to your ensemble. As you are getting ready for summer, feel free to slip into sandals. It’s a fresh and funky way to complement your outfit in summer.

Bucket-Style Bags

These accessories are the latest ‘in’ items. Honestly speaking, it is not anything new but originated in 1932 by Louis Vuitton to keep champagne fresh. These bags have just made a pompous comeback. These bags feature a round shape and long body, thereby offering enough room for storing lots of items. The bucket bags look cute, These come in a variety of shades; so, you can match such a bag with the rest of your outfit.

Oversized Gold Chain Necklace

The golden beauty is very much in fashion! The gold chain necklace is going to be the hot pick for the fashionistas. An oversized style is the latest trend. The best part of these accessories is they nicely complement any outfit. You can wear it along with other jewelries. Even a single oversized gold chain necklace is enough to pretty up your appearance. For a more dramatic twist, wear it with two or more gold chains.

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Custom Ties
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Custom Ties – The New Type Of Novelty Tie

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If a person is looking for a necktie certainly there is no shortage of options to choose from. This is because neckties are available in different types that are made from different types of fabrics. They come in a wide variety of colors, and a wide variety of different widths, patterns and styles.

Some of the most popular forms of neckties are,

  • Solid ties
  • Striped ties
  • Woven or knit neckties
  • Polka dot
  • Plaid
  • Paisley
  • Contemporary, modern or non-traditional designs
  • Novelty ties – such as holiday ties

Custom neckties

One such new type of necktie used by a lot of men today is the custom necktie. Custom neckties are new type of novelty tie where an organization’s logo is incorporated into the design of that tie. This type of tie is used in a number of organizations today like

  • Business companies
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Fraternities
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Sports teams etc

The company or the organization incorporate a certain design or symbol that they use as the company logo into the design of the tie. Then, they distribute the tie to the employees in the organization or the students of the college or university. When the employees or students wear these ties, it shows the others that they are the part of a particular organization.

Innovative, unique and novel

With today’s modern technology and manufacturers’ willingness to be more novel, this type of new, unique custom ties is gaining more popularity. Many businesses or associations are creating neck ties with their own logo. For example, many companies are creating ties where the design is a repeated pattern of the corporate logo. These unique ties are given or sold to employees, and create a consistent uniform of sorts to unite both the workers and management together.

Certain reserved designs can be used as a special award, marking the wearer as someone who has accomplished an important company goal or achievement. For various organizations, they have a myriad of uses, primarily to communicate their group or their cause, and to help develop brand awareness for the organization. When the members themselves wear the custom tie a unity forms between the individuals.

Easily available

As these ties are used by different organizations and it finds more applications, a lot of manufacturers produce this type of ties. They take bulk orders from organizations and make ties for them. Similarly, ordering a custom necktie is much easier today. It is usually a matter of just supplying a logo in a standard graphic format – such as JPG, PDF or EPS – and then deciding which products you would like to be created.

Different types of clothing

There are many different types of clothing items that can be customized with a logo. The custom printing is usually added with silk screening, embroidery or another type of permanent printing process. For neck ties, the usual and highest quality choice would be printed silk. The resulting neckties will look and feel as good as any of the top designer ties available at department stores and other men’s fashion outlets.

Men’s Hair Tinting
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Men’s Hair Tinting: 5 Colors To Test

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A few years ago, we heard about dyeing for men only in the case of white hair to hide

Today we are far more than the simple need to cover his white hair, we dare everything, or almost on the 5 continents! Men love to take care of them: Treatment of dark circles (internal link), hair, sweating, everything goes through a fine comb for an irreproachable look.

The hair color for men has become a fashion, a style, that many guys give themselves according to the time of year and especially its envy of the moment.

Dare to gray at all ages

Gray hair is now fashionable and complementary trends. Whether it is integral or only a few reflections, the gray does not age any more! More crazy, it gives style to your look that you are 18 years or 60 years old!

Add a few colors to your haircut

And why not just add only a few reflections of your favorite color? Pink, purple, blue, blond … we dare now everything for the pleasure of the eyes!

If you are even more fans of your hair, dare a new color integral, like the blonde on hair course, after all why not shine a thousand lights!

Some precautions to take before coloring your hair

Not everyone can color their hair on a mere whim. Here are some things to consider before you get started:

  • Are you ready to live with a few weeks and see your roots grow back? There will be the question: Do I continue to color my hair or cut?
  • Is your hair type made to be colored safely? It is important to consult a professional at least the first time because the risk of devitalization of the hair exists (Wholesale your hair will be dead and impossible to comb)
  • You should not use a woman’s coloring! Men’s hair is different and there are products suitable for our hair.
  • You will need to treat your hair after coloring with products and masks to revitalize, moisturize and nourish, again ask professional advice and plan twice as long as usual to wash your hair.
Men’s Eyewear Styles
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Men’s Eyewear Styles: Prepare For Next Summer

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It is far from the fashion of the Ray-Ban aviator glasses, from the 80s that the men wore with pride.

Indeed, for some years the glasses for man are proposed in all the colors, all the forms and all the styles. Now you can have a pair of glasses per look, nice no?

Here is a breakdown of styles of glasses to help you see clearly and make a choice for next summer.

Take the time to study several things before making a purchase: The size of the glasses (yes there is a size for these), the shape that must match your face, which can be round, square … and then think about the UV protection, the material (if you tend to drop your glasses, do not take a pair too heavy and therefore more fragile) and to finish the price.

Classic glasses

So we come back to the historical model of the brand Ray-Ban Aviator whose success is no longer to prove.

Many stars and celebrities around the world have worn this model which has become a must for all guys who wish to have a pair of classical glasses but chic that one notices. This model is available in several versions, as in the photo with the model River Viiperi which wears the model Ray Ban Aviator Black Tech.

UV-protected spectacles

For several years now it is possible to combine solar and improved vision if you have vision problems. For this type of glasses, I recommend you go to the store with your prescription to see what the optician can do for you and especially to test your glasses when ready! This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

The funny glasses

And yes with the new sportswear look it is possible to wear owls eyeglasses according to the look you wear no matter the color the style you can today used your pair of glasses as a real fashion accessory that differentiates you rat from all and here are some models in photo that I propose that I found on Instagram like the red model worn by Jared Leto, James Franco or even the sports coach Emil Olson. Pink, blue, black, colorful classics or strange shapes, and if you dare in 2017?

Man Jeans
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How To Choose Your Man Jeans

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If there is indeed a garment that everyone in his closet, it is well that. I even seem to have heard that the Queen of England had some in her wardrobe.

In summer, in winter, in the mountains, in a chic evening, jeans are everywhere and for any occasion. But the real questions is how to choose it.

In a casual moment it will not be serious to wear a jean’s clear, faded or even holed. You can even find jeans bi-tone or bi-material which allows to be able to associate other clothes more easily with. Have a look at the new spring / summer collection BLZ Jeans to find your happiness.

In summer, you can even roll up the stockings slightly to make a style a little more urban if the jeans is adjusted and associated with shoes in cook.

On the other hand, for a more chic and dressy evening, the jeans for dark men , adjusted (non baggy) are perfectly worn with a shirt and a costume jacket. Jeans can be worn anywhere and at any time on condition that the other garments are well suited to the situation.