How To Choose Your Man Jeans


If there is indeed a garment that everyone in his closet, it is well that. I even seem to have heard that the Queen of England had some in her wardrobe.

In summer, in winter, in the mountains, in a chic evening, jeans are everywhere and for any occasion. But the real questions is how to choose it.

In a casual moment it will not be serious to wear a jean’s clear, faded or even holed. You can even find jeans bi-tone or bi-material which allows to be able to associate other clothes more easily with. Have a look at the new spring / summer collection BLZ Jeans to find your happiness.

In summer, you can even roll up the stockings slightly to make a style a little more urban if the jeans is adjusted and associated with shoes in cook.

On the other hand, for a more chic and dressy evening, the jeans for dark men , adjusted (non baggy) are perfectly worn with a shirt and a costume jacket. Jeans can be worn anywhere and at any time on condition that the other garments are well suited to the situation.

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