Men’s Eyewear Styles: Prepare For Next Summer


It is far from the fashion of the Ray-Ban aviator glasses, from the 80s that the men wore with pride.

Indeed, for some years the glasses for man are proposed in all the colors, all the forms and all the styles. Now you can have a pair of glasses per look, nice no?

Here is a breakdown of styles of glasses to help you see clearly and make a choice for next summer.

Take the time to study several things before making a purchase: The size of the glasses (yes there is a size for these), the shape that must match your face, which can be round, square … and then think about the UV protection, the material (if you tend to drop your glasses, do not take a pair too heavy and therefore more fragile) and to finish the price.

Classic glasses

So we come back to the historical model of the brand Ray-Ban Aviator whose success is no longer to prove.

Many stars and celebrities around the world have worn this model which has become a must for all guys who wish to have a pair of classical glasses but chic that one notices. This model is available in several versions, as in the photo with the model River Viiperi which wears the model Ray Ban Aviator Black Tech.

UV-protected spectacles

For several years now it is possible to combine solar and improved vision if you have vision problems. For this type of glasses, I recommend you go to the store with your prescription to see what the optician can do for you and especially to test your glasses when ready! This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

The funny glasses

And yes with the new sportswear look it is possible to wear owls eyeglasses according to the look you wear no matter the color the style you can today used your pair of glasses as a real fashion accessory that differentiates you rat from all and here are some models in photo that I propose that I found on Instagram like the red model worn by Jared Leto, James Franco or even the sports coach Emil Olson. Pink, blue, black, colorful classics or strange shapes, and if you dare in 2017?

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