Custom Ties – The New Type Of Novelty Tie


If a person is looking for a necktie certainly there is no shortage of options to choose from. This is because neckties are available in different types that are made from different types of fabrics. They come in a wide variety of colors, and a wide variety of different widths, patterns and styles.

Some of the most popular forms of neckties are,

  • Solid ties
  • Striped ties
  • Woven or knit neckties
  • Polka dot
  • Plaid
  • Paisley
  • Contemporary, modern or non-traditional designs
  • Novelty ties – such as holiday ties

Custom neckties

One such new type of necktie used by a lot of men today is the custom necktie. Custom neckties are new type of novelty tie where an organization’s logo is incorporated into the design of that tie. This type of tie is used in a number of organizations today like

  • Business companies
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Fraternities
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Sports teams etc

The company or the organization incorporate a certain design or symbol that they use as the company logo into the design of the tie. Then, they distribute the tie to the employees in the organization or the students of the college or university. When the employees or students wear these ties, it shows the others that they are the part of a particular organization.

Innovative, unique and novel

With today’s modern technology and manufacturers’ willingness to be more novel, this type of new, unique custom ties is gaining more popularity. Many businesses or associations are creating neck ties with their own logo. For example, many companies are creating ties where the design is a repeated pattern of the corporate logo. These unique ties are given or sold to employees, and create a consistent uniform of sorts to unite both the workers and management together.

Certain reserved designs can be used as a special award, marking the wearer as someone who has accomplished an important company goal or achievement. For various organizations, they have a myriad of uses, primarily to communicate their group or their cause, and to help develop brand awareness for the organization. When the members themselves wear the custom tie a unity forms between the individuals.

Easily available

As these ties are used by different organizations and it finds more applications, a lot of manufacturers produce this type of ties. They take bulk orders from organizations and make ties for them. Similarly, ordering a custom necktie is much easier today. It is usually a matter of just supplying a logo in a standard graphic format – such as JPG, PDF or EPS – and then deciding which products you would like to be created.

Different types of clothing

There are many different types of clothing items that can be customized with a logo. The custom printing is usually added with silk screening, embroidery or another type of permanent printing process. For neck ties, the usual and highest quality choice would be printed silk. The resulting neckties will look and feel as good as any of the top designer ties available at department stores and other men’s fashion outlets.

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