Tests of beauty products: a real good plan for women!


By becoming a beauty tester, you combine usefulness with pleasure. Not only do you have the opportunity to use products from major brands, but more, you do not have to pay a single penny to enjoy it. If you want to embark on this adventure, here are some points you would surely like to know.How to become a cosmetic tester?

How to become a beauty tester?

If the world of cosmetics and beauty in general fascinates you, you have the qualities required to become a beauty tester . To do this, you simply have to register on one of the sites that offer free product tests like http://www.testertout.com or http://www.beaute-test.com . Once the registration has been completed, all you have to do is wait for your application to be accepted for a mission. As soon as a product test that may match your profile is in progress, you will receive a notification email. If you wish to accept the mission, it is important to give confirmation of participation as soon as possible, since there is no lack of applicants.

Testing cosmetics, how’s it going?

Once you have agreed to participate in a mission, you will receive the product to be tested at home , per package. At the same time, you receive an indication of how to use the product and how long you need to complete the mission. When the test period comes to an end, the brand will send you a questionnaire to answer as honestly as possible. Always keep in mind that the relevance of your answers depends on your future as a beauty tester. Indeed, if manufacturers find that your answers are not relevant enough, they may no longer solicit you for further studies.

When brands develop a thorough study for a new beauty cream, They do not just let you treat their specimens at home. They also invite you to come to their premises so that their dermatologist analyzes the effect of the product on your skin and sees if the active ingredient used in the test product makes it possible to obtain the expected result for the product.

Testing cosmetics: what do I gain?

Testing cosmetics is not lucrative enough for you to make it your trade. On the other hand, you will have innumerable opportunities like trying out beauty products of great brand like L’Oréal, Garnier or Mixa. As each product you receive becomes your property, you can renew your makeup without having to shell out the money. In addition, you are often rewarded with gift certificates that allow you to purchase other products of the brand for which you have performed the test.

When you take part in missions that require frequent trips, the brands compensate you by awarding you a monetary reward. The amount you receive will vary depending on the duration of the mission and the frequency of your travels in their research laboratories. For a study that requires only a few trips, you can earn only a few tens of euros, but for further studies, your earnings can be up to € 1,000! Something to round off your end of the month in peace.

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