Players of soccer are well known throughout the world for their immense physical fitness. This sport demands fortitude, coordination and maneuverability. However, it begs the question what exactly do they do for possessing their perfect physiques? So we researched on the workouts which benefit them the most for improving their performance and fitness. Thus, we present to you the 10 most essential exercises for players of soccer.

Agility Ladders: As far as a good player of soccer is concerned, one thing you must focus is footwork. To handle the ball, you need loads of coordinating with the feet while you move around. You have to be fast with it too; the best exercise for improving this is agility ladders which enables you in increasing body awareness plus coordination besides strengthening your muscles, tendons and joints. It is performed this way – on the ground, you make and place a ladder and run through it in different ways. This workout is good for cardio too.

Barbell Back Squats: This strengthens your lower body improving quads, hip flexibility, calves and hamstrings. It demands a heavy weight on your shoulders which forces your body into the squat requiring power for getting back into standing pose. It raises testosterone plus growth hormones for muscles. It is best for giving a player complete mobility on the lower part of his body.

Single Leg Hurdle Hops: In every sport, power does matter; while playing soccer, we need to blend it with speed as well. This workout begins like this; you set up 4 six-inch obstacles spaced evenly so if you run through, both speed and power are increased. Power is for ensuring you can hop above the obstacle without tripping over it. Speed is for getting through obstacles as fast as possible.

Calf Raises: An extremely frequent injury in soccer matches is shin splints; as a preventive measure, players are recommended to do calf raises. This is how you do it. Place your hands on a wall; elevate your heel so you are on the tip of toes; then hold this position for few seconds. This will prevent injuries allowing you to keep your body in the best condition.

Dumbbell Step Ups: These are great for a complete workout of the lower body as it makes the quads, legs, thighs, hamstrings and glutes exercise. You stand in front of a bench or box with a dumbbell pair on the sides. With a single leg, step up on your bench/box; lift your knees at 90 degrees while lifting your entire body up on the top of bench/box keeping your 2nd leg off the bench/box. It makes your hamstrings stable, strong and flexible on the playing field.

Plyometrics: This exercise is for working on explosive strength plus coordination simultaneously. You make and place plyometric boxes one after the other and then jump on and off differently which require different movements. It is crucial as a research proves that ground time reaction is reduced allowing players to respond much quicker.

Medicine Ball Push Ups: Soccer mainly requires loads of power in the muscles of lower body but we cannot neglect the upper part of body at all. Goalkeepers need to develop swift explosive power for grabbing balls from the air prior to hitting the net or blocking of shots with the chest. For improving these abilities, this is the best method. These not only works the arms and chest but the core and shoulders as well. While doing them, your hands should be resting on the medicine ball requiring you to make your body stable so you do not end up rolling alongwith the ball. This stimulates your shoulders and core keeping you fit to the fullest.

Barbell Rollouts: Players must have a powerful core for playing at their best. For instance, while blocking a straight free kick or shot, you should take the ball to gut. Thus, for having the best possible core, this is a great workout. These are very grueling as they require you to have a barbell, get on your knees, roll it into yourself and then outwards flexing your core. This sounds easy but when you do this for some time, your abs will experience the burn. However, if you persevere and continue doing it, you would develop a very hard stomach which can take blows.

Zigzag Sprint: Soccer obviously requires you to run but you also need to change directions swiftly. If you run across a huge field, speed alone won’t get you across; you need to be as agile as possible. Most pro soccer players are aware of this. Thus, they practice various running workouts for keeping them in shape. However, this one impacts their performance a lot. It combines pace with sharp stops or turns building pace, agility and explosiveness that are the fundamentals of what makes a great player of soccer.

Turkish Get-Ups: Players don’t only make use of their lower bodies but they also require complete body strength for keeping their speed and agility going when they turn their bodies towards multiple directions. This workout grants them the required strength for playing a great match of soccer. A goalkeeper certainly needs to do it for core strength and shoulder mobility. For doing it properly, begin on the floor; your back should be on the ground; the right knee should be bent with the left knee extended out. With right hand, hold the dumbbell; extend the left arm at 90 degrees angle so your palm is on the ground. At this weight, the right arm should be extended parallel to the shoulder. Pushing up your hips, bend your left knee and then bring in your leg from behind. The 2nd leg must be up at 90 degrees in front of yourself. Then, from a lunge position, bring up your body and stand with your weight over the body. This workout is indeed a great method for building the stability required by a high class player of soccer which is much more than just having the best soccer balls.

By becoming a beauty tester, you combine usefulness with pleasure. Not only do you have the opportunity to use products from major brands, but more, you do not have to pay a single penny to enjoy it. If you want to embark on this adventure, here are some points you would surely like to know.How to become a cosmetic tester?

How to become a beauty tester?

If the world of cosmetics and beauty in general fascinates you, you have the qualities required to become a beauty tester . To do this, you simply have to register on one of the sites that offer free product tests like or . Once the registration has been completed, all you have to do is wait for your application to be accepted for a mission. As soon as a product test that may match your profile is in progress, you will receive a notification email. If you wish to accept the mission, it is important to give confirmation of participation as soon as possible, since there is no lack of applicants.

Testing cosmetics, how’s it going?

Once you have agreed to participate in a mission, you will receive the product to be tested at home , per package. At the same time, you receive an indication of how to use the product and how long you need to complete the mission. When the test period comes to an end, the brand will send you a questionnaire to answer as honestly as possible. Always keep in mind that the relevance of your answers depends on your future as a beauty tester. Indeed, if manufacturers find that your answers are not relevant enough, they may no longer solicit you for further studies.

When brands develop a thorough study for a new beauty cream, They do not just let you treat their specimens at home. They also invite you to come to their premises so that their dermatologist analyzes the effect of the product on your skin and sees if the active ingredient used in the test product makes it possible to obtain the expected result for the product.

Testing cosmetics: what do I gain?

Testing cosmetics is not lucrative enough for you to make it your trade. On the other hand, you will have innumerable opportunities like trying out beauty products of great brand like L’Oréal, Garnier or Mixa. As each product you receive becomes your property, you can renew your makeup without having to shell out the money. In addition, you are often rewarded with gift certificates that allow you to purchase other products of the brand for which you have performed the test.

When you take part in missions that require frequent trips, the brands compensate you by awarding you a monetary reward. The amount you receive will vary depending on the duration of the mission and the frequency of your travels in their research laboratories. For a study that requires only a few trips, you can earn only a few tens of euros, but for further studies, your earnings can be up to € 1,000! Something to round off your end of the month in peace.

If a person is looking for a necktie certainly there is no shortage of options to choose from. This is because neckties are available in different types that are made from different types of fabrics. They come in a wide variety of colors, and a wide variety of different widths, patterns and styles.

Some of the most popular forms of neckties are,

  • Solid ties
  • Striped ties
  • Woven or knit neckties
  • Polka dot
  • Plaid
  • Paisley
  • Contemporary, modern or non-traditional designs
  • Novelty ties – such as holiday ties

Custom neckties

One such new type of necktie used by a lot of men today is the custom necktie. Custom neckties are new type of novelty tie where an organization’s logo is incorporated into the design of that tie. This type of tie is used in a number of organizations today like

  • Business companies
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Fraternities
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Sports teams etc

The company or the organization incorporate a certain design or symbol that they use as the company logo into the design of the tie. Then, they distribute the tie to the employees in the organization or the students of the college or university. When the employees or students wear these ties, it shows the others that they are the part of a particular organization.

Innovative, unique and novel

With today’s modern technology and manufacturers’ willingness to be more novel, this type of new, unique custom ties is gaining more popularity. Many businesses or associations are creating neck ties with their own logo. For example, many companies are creating ties where the design is a repeated pattern of the corporate logo. These unique ties are given or sold to employees, and create a consistent uniform of sorts to unite both the workers and management together.

Certain reserved designs can be used as a special award, marking the wearer as someone who has accomplished an important company goal or achievement. For various organizations, they have a myriad of uses, primarily to communicate their group or their cause, and to help develop brand awareness for the organization. When the members themselves wear the custom tie a unity forms between the individuals.

Easily available

As these ties are used by different organizations and it finds more applications, a lot of manufacturers produce this type of ties. They take bulk orders from organizations and make ties for them. Similarly, ordering a custom necktie is much easier today. It is usually a matter of just supplying a logo in a standard graphic format – such as JPG, PDF or EPS – and then deciding which products you would like to be created.

Different types of clothing

There are many different types of clothing items that can be customized with a logo. The custom printing is usually added with silk screening, embroidery or another type of permanent printing process. For neck ties, the usual and highest quality choice would be printed silk. The resulting neckties will look and feel as good as any of the top designer ties available at department stores and other men’s fashion outlets.

How many things can you do in under a minute? You can muse on that while you open your shopping app and buy something new in under 60 seconds.

Free time is a luxury that most of us don’t have in today’s world. Even young children seem to be running from one hobby class to another, teenagers race to classes and exams, and adults run around to manage their homes and careers. The perpetual race against time has made most of us sensitive to the demands on our own schedules – we don’t like to waste a single minute on frivolous pursuits, choosing to keep them for the weekends or for holidays.

The lack of extra time has made us realise the importance of every minute. The day is gone before you know it, and seasons pass us by in the blink of an eye. We work long hours that force us to create lists and tables for each day’s tasks. Even doing the important things – paying bills, shopping for groceries, getting household maintenance tasks done – requires careful strategising and planning.

But things are not as dire as they seem. You can still do some things in under a minute.

Gone in 60 seconds!

If you time yourself, you will realise that there are very few things you can do in a minute. Most tasks in your life – having a cup of tea, getting dressed for work, having your lunch – take much more time in terms of minutes. Let’s put 1 minute in perspective, and what you can achieve in this frame of time: you can –

  • Think a couple of thoughts
  • Brush your teeth
  • Set the kettle to boil
  • Glance through your To-Do list
  • Wear your shoes or kick them off after returning home
  • Swipe left on a couple of Tinder profiles
  • Buy a new dress

Are you surprised by the last inclusion? Don’t be. Just download a good shopping app on your phone and prove the last point for yourself.

Shopping apps for the haps!

Shopping apps are truly a boon for our busy lives. When there is hardly any time to rest or exercise or even have a satisfying meal, one cannot be expected to forgo of other important tasks to go to the store to buy something. Besides, the stores always close by the time you leave from work, so you have to delegate grocery shopping and mall visits to the weekend.

Instead, going the online shopping route cuts through your busy schedule and keeps you right on top of your shopping. This is especially useful when you need to quickly buy a dress for an office party, or a new watch to gift your mum who lives in another city, or to exchange that shirt you tried on but which doesn’t fit. Instead of trawling through the site looking for what you need, you can just download the site’s shopping app and cut right to the chase.

The shopping app shows you the latest sales, offers, great deals and discounts on your mobile phone screen. While you look through these, you can keep loading your shopping cart with the items you need, check up on discounts for buying certain brands, and look for promo codes you can use to get special offers.

All of this, under one minute!

Besides, the shopping app alerts you to new offers, impending sales and limited time previews – so you can stay right on top of new trends and be trendy – with just the flick of a button!

A few years ago, we heard about dyeing for men only in the case of white hair to hide

Today we are far more than the simple need to cover his white hair, we dare everything, or almost on the 5 continents! Men love to take care of them: Treatment of dark circles (internal link), hair, sweating, everything goes through a fine comb for an irreproachable look.

The hair color for men  has become a fashion, a style, that many guys give themselves according to the time of year and especially its envy of the moment.

Dare to gray at all ages

Gray hair is now fashionable and complementary trends. Whether it is integral or only a few reflections, the gray does not age any more! More crazy, it gives style to your look that you are 18 years or 60 years old!

Add a few colors to your haircut

And why not just add only a few reflections of your favorite color? Pink, purple, blue, blond … we dare now everything for the pleasure of the eyes!

If you are even more fans of your hair, dare a new color integral, like the blonde on hair course, after all why not shine a thousand lights!

Some precautions to take before coloring your hair

Not everyone can color their hair on a mere whim. Here are some things to consider before you get started:

  • Are you ready to live with a few weeks and see your roots grow back? There will be the question: Do I continue to color my hair or cut?
  • Is your hair type made to be colored safely? It is important to consult a professional at least the first time because the risk of devitalization of the hair exists (Wholesale your hair will be dead and impossible to comb)
  • You should not use a woman’s coloring! Men’s hair is different and there are products suitable for our hair.
  • You will need to treat your hair after coloring with products and masks to revitalize, moisturize and nourish, again ask professional advice and plan twice as long as usual to wash your hair.

It is far from the fashion of the Ray-Ban aviator glasses, from the 80s that the men wore with pride.

Indeed, for some years the glasses for man are proposed in all the colors, all the forms and all the styles. Now you can have a pair of glasses per look, nice no?

Here is a breakdown of styles of glasses to help you see clearly and make a choice for next summer.

Take the time to study several things before making a purchase: The size of the glasses (yes there is a size for these), the shape that must match your face, which can be round, square … and then think about the UV protection, the material (if you tend to drop your glasses, do not take a pair too heavy and therefore more fragile) and to finish the price.

Classic glasses

So we come back to the historical model of the brand Ray-Ban Aviator whose success is no longer to prove.

Many stars and celebrities around the world have worn this model which has become a must for all guys who wish to have a pair of classical glasses but chic that one notices. This model is available in several versions, as in the photo with the model River Viiperi which wears the model Ray Ban Aviator Black Tech.

UV-protected spectacles

For several years now it is possible to combine solar and improved vision if you have vision problems. For this type of glasses, I recommend you go to the store with your prescription to see what the optician can do for you and especially to test your glasses when ready! This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

The funny glasses

And yes with the new sportswear look it is possible to wear owls eyeglasses according to the look you wear no matter the color the style you can today used your pair of glasses as a real fashion accessory that differentiates you rat from all and here are some models in photo that I propose that I found on Instagram like the red model worn by Jared Leto, James Franco or even the sports coach Emil Olson. Pink, blue, black, colorful classics or strange shapes, and if you dare in 2017?

If there is indeed a garment that everyone in his closet, it is well that. I even seem to have heard that the Queen of England had some in her wardrobe.

In summer, in winter, in the mountains, in a chic evening, jeans are everywhere and for any occasion. But the real questions is how to choose it.

In a casual moment it will not be serious to wear a jean’s clear, faded or even holed. You can even find jeans bi-tone or bi-material which allows to be able to associate other clothes more easily with. Have a look at the new spring / summer collection BLZ Jeans to find your happiness.

In summer, you can even roll up the stockings slightly to make a style a little more urban if the jeans is adjusted and associated with shoes in cook.

On the other hand, for a more chic and dressy evening, the jeans for dark men , adjusted (non baggy) are perfectly worn with a shirt and a costume jacket. Jeans can be worn anywhere and at any time on condition that the other garments are well suited to the situation.

Know the trends, pick the clothing to match, and turn heads with your gorgeous style. We help you shop for ethnic wear online.

However much we embrace Western fashions and etiquette, Indian fashion is always our go-to option for formal wear. Indian ethnic wear is classy and tailored to suit the Indian body frame. Besides, its styling and colouring make the clothing look really attractive. It is little wonder that Indian ethnic wear like sarees and salwar kameez sets are popular even abroad!

But just like other clothing styles, Indian ethnic wear also goes through changes every year. The year 2017 was a big year for ethnic wear, as a number of famous designers innovated with silhouettes, length and even embellishments. The year 2018 is also set to be the year of ethnic wear, with several celebrities opting for it over Western wear.

You should have a lot of ethnic wear in your wardrobe, in line with the ongoing fashion trends. And it’s not that hard to pick the latest designs, too – just log on to your favourite shopping site or app and get shopping.

In your quest for the perfect ethnic wear, you can go online to shop from your favourite shopping app for:

* Salwar kameez or churidar suits:

Salwar kameez and churidar suits never go out of style. They are also quite versatile, transitioning seamlessly from casual to formal. So whether it is a usual day of work or a wedding reception, you can wear a churidar suit with equal aplomb to both. We suggest buying the freshest styles in Biba suits online. You can find a number of Biba suits online in various colours and styles, so help yourself look great in ethnic wear this year.

* Bell and/or ruffled sleeves:

Sleeves made a big splash in 2017, and the trend continues this year. But the style has changed from the floor-sweeping sleeves of last year, to more muted silhouettes. However, ruffled and bell sleeves are still quite sought after. The rule of thumb with sleeve styling, is that if the sleeve is detailed, then the rest of the kurta should have an A-line or fitted silhouette. You can have bell or ruffled sleeves in both short and long kurtas this year.

* Stunning sarees. Just like churidar and kurta sets, sarees never go out of style. It is a demure yet sexy garment, accentuating a woman’s curves while making her appear slimmer and taller. The saree can also be draped in a number of ways. One style that caught the attention of fashionistas last year, and which trend is sure to continue this year, is to wear a cigarette pant or churidar inside the saree. The saree is draped such that it exposes one leg to show the garment worn underneath. It is a style well suited to tall and thin women, but other body types can also try it with a short sleeved or strappy blouse.

* Lehengas. Every woman needs at least two lehengas in her wardrobe. Lehenges enhance the appeal of your curves and make you look elegant and feminine. From celebrities to everyday working women, anybody can rock a lehenga. It doesn’t need a specific body shape or height to look really great. Pair it with strappy heels and a shimmery dupatta across your shoulders, and you’re good to go.

The ring is a symbol of a binder and a ring is an object that must exist at the engagement or marriage ceremony. This symbol of the ring displays eternity, with the intent of the person wearing it expected to have a lasting relationship. That’s why at special events like engagements or weddings people prepare a nice, expensive, long-lasting ring. One ring that has the character is the eternity ring. This ring can be found in some jewelry stores such as Then, like what is Eternity Rings?

What is Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring is a ring made specifically for women worn on the fingers of the hand which is usually made of gold and gems such as diamonds as trimmers. Ring eternity can be used as an expression of love and affection to the couple. This ring is usually given by the couple to his wife during special moments such as birthday wife or wedding anniversary. The design of this Eternity Rings has a gem along its circle and this distinguishes between eternity rings and other rings. An eternity ring is a pretty amazing jewelry. This is because this ring has an inspirational character in symbolism and aesthetics. From the outside, this ring looks luxurious and valuable so it can be an option as an expensive gift for your favorite woman.

Kinds of Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is the ring of one of the best ring models for women. However, some of them say that it is very rigid to use a full eternity ring, meaning gems that are placed along the ring circle. Did you know that eternity rings have different types? For those of you who want an eternity ring that can be used every day, you can choose the type of eternity ring as follows:

  • Full eternity ring: This ring has a gemstone around its circle, so it can be seen clearly. This ring has a great symbolic meaning. The essence of a continuous stream of gems is to create the symbolic meaning of endless love or commitment. It’s gone up to a huge level with half a ring.
  • Half eternity ring: This ring is slightly different from the full eternity ring. The difference is in half eternity, gemstones located only in half of the ring circle. This ring can also be resized. Thus, you do not have to worry about changing your finger because this ring you can adjust its size. This ring is one of the favorite rings because the size is not as heavy as a full eternity ring.

When you talk about military watches, it’s these watches that are combat ready, tough and reliable. The question always when there’s a new military watch is not about how good it can tell time but how durable is it to resist dust and water, not to mention will the features make it durable still. But going to a watch store and telling the sales guy “hey buddy I want to buy a military watch” is not as easy as it is. You see military watches are not as simple as it was before.

While there are still watches that retained their simpleness, some went over the top with the specs. If you think that going full digital with the watch was the best thing that ever happened to a watch 10 years ago, with how smart watched and sports watches are now, you will realize how primitive digital watches are. But it doesn’t mean that it lost its flare. With that said, if you come looking for a military you need to remember these tips:

Know the necessary features that you need: Most people think that a military watch is a tough build watch that is dust and waterproof, what they don’t know is that there are things that are needed to be considered depending on the use of the watch. If you are a diver and you plan to get a military watch you have to consider how deep you plan to go to because there is a limit of the water resistance feature that you need to consider. If you are a fireman, you also have to consider the “toughly” built watch if it can withstand the heat and pounding. If you are a military guy that been going into very dangerous missions, you need to know if the watch can take what you are taking.

The best techs aren’t always the ideal: While there are certain techs in a watch nowadays, it’s not necessarily good. You see if there are more electronics, the more that it’s becoming sensitive. More electronics means more prone to breaks and so on. So before you buy a watch like a military watch, you need to prioritize the features that will work in your field of practice.

Think of the longevity: It’s kind of absurd to think about a lesser quality military watch, because there isn’t. The most important thing in a watch is longevity with all the crazy things that you do. The watch has to keep up with the beating for longer periods, this is the mark of a good military watch and that should be what you should look for.

Looking for a military watch is a challenge. Military watch now has many variants and dynamic to it that if you just came in a watch store just to simply buy a military watch, you’re going to regret it. A military watch is not just about the tech it’s about the ideal functions, the necessary functions and the longevity of it despite the beating. If you need a reference to help you decide, head over to