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6 Best Celebrity Boob Jobs Of All Time

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Celebrities and plastic surgery are synonymous. Hollywood is filled with silicone and saline, and some of your most beloved celebrities are no strangers to going under the knife.

If you’re like the rest of the world, you’ve noticed one particular augmentation more than others. Check out a few of the best celebrity breast augmentations of all time, and enjoy seeing what modern medicine can do for a physique in need.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is a bigtime beauty in Hollywood, and her remarkable surgeon gave her a boob job of which to be proud. She holds the title for one of the most natural-looking breast augmentations in the public eye.

As if Halle Berry weren’t already gorgeous enough, her decision to go under the knife topped off her bombshell status. If you’re looking for a great example of exemplary work, check out Halle Berry’s hefty investment.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

The size of Kate Hudson’s onboard passengers was a perfect pick for her body shape. You may be able to tell that her body has been enhanced, but it’s not a bad thing. Kate works hard to maintain her vessel and it shows.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson gets the award for classic specimen when it comes to comparing boob jobs. Her body has been in the limelight for decades, and it’s still quite the spectacle.

Pam has undergone more than one surgery over the years, as her first boob job was completed way back in 1990. In 30 years, her bust has ceased to amaze audiences around the world.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore

Though Demi Moore made it public that she wasn’t happy with her first boob job, the work she has clearly had done since her prior removal has paid off.

The actress has a body that is just as beautiful as the day she turned 25, and she is about to celebrate her 58th birthday this year. Women everywhere could only hope for such a “terrible” set of tatas.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Megan Fox hasn’t copped to any plastic surgery, but comparative pictures prove a much different story. A decade ago, Fox clearly had a confident A-cup, and current images express a much fuller bust. Regardless, Megan Fox will likely always be at the top of the list for most beautiful ladies in Hollywood.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is another famed beauty that will neither confirm nor deny whether she has had work done. Another natural beauty, it makes no difference whether she’s had surgery or not.

However, images speak volumes, and pictures of Kidman show added volume in her bust size. The mystery seems to be a driving force for viewers, and Nicole Kidman shows no signs of slowing her career on screen.

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Dominique McElligott

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She is one of the most beautiful Irish actresses with an elegant look. Dominique McElligott flashes her natural poise along with her serene smile, and that is enough for her fans’ hearts to skip a beat. One of the leading cast in Astronauts Wives Club, she has crossed the territories in acting and is adored by many.

Dominique McElligott Body Statistics

Birthday Date :- March 05, 1986

Dominique McElligott Age in 2017 year :- 31

Dominique McElligott Real Height :- 5.8 feet

Shoe Size :- 08

Dominique McElligott Real Weight :- 55 kg

True Measurements :- 34-27-35

Original Bra Size :- 34B

Origin :- Republic of Ireland


Born and brought up in Ireland, this lovely Irish actress grew up watching the acting of Daniel Day-Lewis in the Irish drama movie My Left Foot and got very impressed by his performance. Even both her parents used to discuss the fact of him being an actor in front of Dominique, which made her wonder about acting and she used to think, “Someone is pretending to do that? That’s really awesome.” After that it just stayed in her mind and she started doing drama after school. This developed into something that she did and even enjoyed very much.


Her acting career took a start with her role as Rachel in Whiskey Echo. Being from Ireland, she hadn’t done any work in America. She admits that it was her American manager who bugged her to come to L.A. However, she did not want to. After doing a western in Bolivia while she was hanging out with her friends and having drinks, they offered her to take her over to America for free so that she could stay there and give some auditions. She reached America on 5th of July and gave the audition for Hell on the Wheels on 6th and 7th. She was also chosen to do the role in The Amazing Spider-man in which she played a comic role. It is also interesting to know that till date twice she has played characters with the last name Bell.

Love Life / Boyfriend

Dominique is one of the hottest and sexiest actresses in the Irish film industry as well as in Hollywood. Her demeanour is winsome and attractive. However, not much is known about this pretty actress’s love life. She does admit how much she enjoyed kissing her sexy male co-stars in RTE’s raunchy new drama series Raw, but off-screen not much is known about this part of her life. Although, she was once in news for having a relationship with her co-star Anson Mount, but that is again, not confirmed. The latest that we know about Dominique McElligott is that she is still single.

Karoline Herfurth
Hollywood Actress,

Karoline Herfurth

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Actress Karoline Herfurth is a German girl who had great lust form fame in Hollywood and now is on the way to become the milestone in the acting dynasty. Recently, it has been news that she is going to be the new bond girl in the year 2014. She is the girl who went Gangum style with the title of “Sexiest Actress Alive” and “Times Person of the Year 2014”. Let’s check wiki of Karoline Herfurth in detail along with personal details below.

Karoline Herfurth Body Statistics

Birthday Date :- May 22, 1984

Karoline Herfurth Age in 2017 year :- 33 Years

Shoe Size :- 7

Karoline Herfurth Real Height :- She is 5.4 feet tall

Real Weight :- 53 Kg / 117 lb

Karoline Herfurth True Body Measurements :- 34-26-34

Original Bra Size:- 34B

Origin :- German

Boyfriend / Husband :- Actress Karoline Herfurth boyfriend name is still unknown however she was dating earlier.


She is the daughter of a psychiatrist mother and father who was an aged nurse trainer. But, the love and affection between her parents did not remain the same throughout and later on when she was just 2 years older her parent got divorced. She continued her studies in the small school of Berlin so called as Waldorf School which was followed by pursuing graduation from the famous college named as Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts. In the year 1995, her versatile talent got discovered and enhanced by a scout while she was partitioning for dance to perform in the theater show. Career With new zeal she got the chance to work in a TV series when she attend 10th year of her age and further appeared in the movie making world in the year 2000 when she was creeping her step to 15 years. Since, then till now she had been facing huge challenges in terms of role and had been proving herself as jewel to German fame industry. Later on she made her passage to international market with the debutant movie “Perfume: The Story of Murderer” proved as a magical stick in the career and she was later on seen working with Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet in different movies.

Who is the boyfriend of Karoline Herfurth?

The secret behind her love story is still un-revealed but it was in headline that she was discovered shopping for her marriage and many of the newspaper even said that they were in immense love. Howsoever, their love did not remain under control and they broke up this year, 2014 in spite she was pregnant and her nud$ images became viral within a second.

Emilia Clarke
Hollywood Actress,

Emilia Clarke Height, Weight, Age to Measurements

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This beautiful actress who worked in popular TV series called ‘Game of Thrones’ is none other than Emilia Clarke. Emilia enter in acting world 4 year back from the TV series ‘Doctors’ which came in 2009 year. Within 4 year of her career, Emilia established herself among top 20 female celebrities in UK.

Emilia Clarke Body Statistics

Birthday Date: 7th April 1987

Age in 2017 Year: 30

Sun sign: Aries

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Emilia Clarke Real Height: 5 Feet 3 inches / 1.60 Meter

Emilia Clarke Real Weight: 52 KG / 115 Pound

True Measurements: 34-26-34

Emilia Clarke original Bra Size: 34B

Shoe size: 8


She is from London city and belong to a good family where her dad worked as a sound engineer. In her family, she has a younger brother. She did her schooling from the same city and later taken course in Drama that help her to enhance her acting skills. By 2009 year she got first chance to work in British TV series called ‘Doctors’ and by next year she appear in a movie which came in 2010 year and the movie name was ‘Triassic Attack’.

What’s the Emilia Clarke boyfriend name?

Emilia started dating with Seth MacFarlane in early 2012 year however their love story can’t continue and ended up in 2013. She is currently single and she was busy with her upcoming movie ‘Terminator: Genesis’ which will be releasing year in 2015.

Los Angeles Premiere Of STX Entertainment's "A Bad Moms Christmas" - Arrivals
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Mila Kunis Height, Weight, Measurements

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If you have seen the super hit movie like Max Payne, Black Swan etc then I am pretty much sure that you also know Mila Kunis who is a well known celebrity in America. However she is originally from Ukraine. Mila was interested towards dancing and drama since her school days that actually help her to become a fine actress. Regarding her family background, her dad was working as mechanical engineer where as her mom was a teacher in a college. By the age of 7 year, Mila shifted to Los Angeles along with her family. And this was a door opener for her upcoming career. By the age 9 year, she decided to be a successful actress and her dad also support her and decided to enroll Mila in an acting class.

After that Mila started participating in school activity and later worked in few TV commercial ads. By the end of 1998 year, Kunis was cast as an actress for a TV series “that 70’s Show”. And from then she is continuously working in American TV soap. Mila debuted in her film career from the popular film called “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” which came in market by 2008 year.

Let’s check the latest biography of Mila Kunus below updated in 2016 year.

Interesting facts:

  1. She did a lesbian act in the movie “Black Swan” which was the most talked about matter in the year film was released.
  2. Mila is one of the few actress who don’t manage her account on facebook, twitter etc social sites.
  3. She has been nominated as the sexiest actress before popular celebrity like Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johanssan etc.

Mila Kunis Body StatisticsBirthday Date

: 14th august 1983

Age in 2016 Year: 32

Eye Color: Green and Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Mila Kunis Real Height: 5 feet 5 inches /1.63 Meter

Mila Kunis Real Weight: 53 KG / 116 Pound

True Measurements: 32-25-34

Mila Kunis original Bra Size: 32C

Affair: Macaulay Culkin

Dish : Mila love all types of food however she love chicken most.

Tourist Place:

Movie: Dirty Dancing

Boyfriend: Actress Mila Kunis dated with few actor and boyfriend list includes Ashton Kutcher and Macaulay culkin

After that she worked in many of the films one of the best is “Black Swan” which gives her best young actress award in international film festival. She has been voted as one of the sexiest actress in Hollywood recently after the success of Black Swan.

Carey Mulligan
Hollywood Actress,

Carey Mulligan Current Height, Weight and Age Info

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Beautiful actress Carey Mulligan was born in London, England, where she lived only for 3 years, after that her family moved to Germany. But due to her father’s loss in business they returned back to England. Carey liked to act in drama from her school and wanted to build career in acting but her father disapproved of her acting ambition and forced her to attend a university. When Mulligan was of 17 years she applied to three Drama schools but did not able to take admission in any one of them. In year 2004 Mulligan started her acting career on stage from Roy al Court Theatre in London. However Carey started her film debut from the movie “Price & Prejudice” in year 2005.Mulligan also voted as a best actress by “Doctor who” Magazine readers for Blink. Check out Carey Mulligan recently updated biography with her current height and weight, measurements etc below.

Carey Mulligan Body Statistics

Birthday Date: 28th may 1985

Age in 2017 Year: 32

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Carey Mulligan Real Height: 5 Feet 7 inches / 1.70 Meter

Carey Mulligan Real Weight: 53 KG / 116 Pound

True Measurements: 34-26-34

Carey Mulligan original Bra Size: 34 B

Affair: Marcus Mumford


Tourist Place:


Boyfriend: The current boyfriend of Carey Mulligan is Marcus Mumford