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Who is Chrissy Costanza?

Chrissy Costanza is an American singer, songwriter, and YouTuber who gained fame as the lead vocalist of the pop rock band Against the Current. Born on August 23, 1995, in New Jersey, Chrissy possesses an incredible vocal range and a charismatic stage presence. She has amassed a significant following on social media platforms, where she shares her music, covers, and personal experiences.

Chrissy Costanza full nameChristina Nicola Costanza
Chrissy Costanza Age27 years
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Musician
Chrissy Costanza Height5 ft 1 inch (155 cm)
Weight160 pounds (48 kg)
Body measurements33-22-33

Early Life

Chrissy Costanza‘s early life is marked by her deep-rooted passion for music and her unwavering dedication to pursue a career in the industry. Born on August 23, 1995, in New Jersey, Chrissy’s musical journey began at a young age. Growing up, she showed a natural inclination towards singing and performing.

Her parents recognized her talent and provided her with the necessary support and encouragement to nurture her passion. They enrolled her in singing lessons and encouraged her to participate in school musical productions and talent competitions. These early experiences helped Chrissy develop her vocal skills and gain valuable stage experience.

Throughout her formative years, Chrissy’s love for music only grew stronger. She spent countless hours practicing and refining her craft, always pushing herself to improve. Her dedication paid off as she continued to gain recognition for her exceptional vocal abilities.

During this time, Chrissy also explored various genres and musical styles, expanding her artistic horizons. She drew inspiration from a wide range of artists and developed a diverse musical palette, which would later shape her own unique style.

As she entered her teenage years, Chrissy’s passion for music became a defining aspect of her life. She started using social media platforms to share her covers and original music, which helped her gain an online following. This digital exposure served as a stepping stone towards her eventual success as a professional musician.

Chrissy’s early life was characterized by a relentless pursuit of her dreams, fueled by the unwavering support of her family and her own unwavering determination. Her upbringing provided her with a solid foundation and instilled in her the values of hard work, perseverance, and authenticity.

Family Life

Chrissy Costanza‘s family has been a pillar of support throughout her journey as a musician. While specific details about her family are not widely known, it is evident that they have played a crucial role in shaping her career and providing her with a nurturing environment.

Chrissy has expressed her gratitude towards her parents for recognizing her musical talent at a young age and encouraging her to pursue her dreams. Their unwavering support and belief in her abilities have been instrumental in her success.

Although her parents’ names and professions are not widely publicized, their impact on Chrissy’s life can be seen through her close bond with them. She has often shared heartfelt posts on social media, expressing her love and appreciation for their guidance and encouragement.

Beyond her parents, Chrissy’s family dynamic remains relatively private. However, it is evident that they have fostered an environment that values creativity, ambition, and the pursuit of dreams. Their support has allowed Chrissy to navigate the challenges of the music industry with confidence and resilience.

Chrissy’s family continues to be an important source of strength and stability in her life. They celebrate her achievements, offer words of encouragement during difficult times, and provide a sense of grounding amidst the whirlwind of her career. Their love and support have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Chrissy into the talented and accomplished artist she is today.

Chrissy’s Music Career

Chrissy Costanza‘s music career has been defined by her exceptional vocal talent, captivating stage presence, and a relentless drive to create and share her music with the world. Her journey began when she joined forces with guitarist Daniel Gow and drummer Will Ferri to form the pop rock band Against the Current in 2011.

Their breakthrough came through their YouTube channel, where they gained a massive following by uploading covers of popular songs. Chrissy’s powerful and emotive vocals, combined with the band’s unique arrangements, resonated with audiences worldwide, catapulting them to internet fame.

Rise to Fame

Building on their online success, Against the Current ventured into creating original music. In 2014, they released their debut EP titled “Infinity,” which showcased their songwriting prowess and garnered critical acclaim. This early success fueled their determination to further pursue their music career.

In 2016, Against the Current released their highly anticipated full-length album, “In Our Bones.” The album’s infectious pop rock sound and introspective lyrics struck a chord with fans, solidifying the band’s place in the music industry. They embarked on numerous tours, captivating audiences with their energetic live performances and establishing a devoted fan base around the globe.

Against the Current continued to evolve their sound and push creative boundaries with subsequent releases. In 2018, they unveiled their album “Past Lives,” which demonstrated a more mature and experimental side of the band. With each release, Chrissy’s vocals showcased her versatility, effortlessly transitioning between soulful ballads and high-energy anthems.


Throughout her music career, Chrissy has collaborated with notable artists, further expanding her musical horizons. She has lent her powerful vocals to collaborations with renowned DJs and producers, cementing her presence in the electronic dance music scene.

In addition to her work with Against the Current, Chrissy has also explored solo projects. She has released her own singles, showcased her songwriting skills and gave fans a glimpse into her personal artistic vision.

Chrissy’s music career extends beyond the studio and stage. She has actively engaged with her fans through social media platforms, sharing behind-the-scenes moments, interacting through live streams, and documenting her journey as an artist. Her authenticity and genuine connection with her audience have solidified her position as a beloved figure in the music community.

As a testament to her talent and hard work, Chrissy Costanza and Against the Current have amassed millions of streams on platforms like Spotify and YouTube. They have embarked on headline tours, performed at prestigious music festivals, and garnered international recognition.

Chrissy’s music career is a testament to her passion, resilience, and dedication to her craft. Her captivating vocals, songwriting abilities, and charismatic stage presence have established her as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and she continues to inspire and entertain fans with her remarkable talent.

Journey with Against the Current

Against the Current released their debut EP, “Infinity,” in 2014, followed by their full-length album, “In Our Bones,” in 2016. The album achieved critical acclaim and showcased the band’s versatility and lyrical depth. They embarked on numerous tours, performing in various countries and sharing the stage with renowned artists.

In subsequent years, Against the Current continued to release new music, including the albums “Past Lives” (2018) and “Fever” (2022). They have garnered millions of streams on platforms like Spotify and have successfully toured globally, solidifying their presence in the alternative rock/pop scene.

Social Media Accounts

Chrissy Costanza has an active presence on social media. She connects with her fans through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Her YouTube channel, “Chrissy Costanza,” has millions of subscribers, where she shares music covers, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes content. She also engages with her fans through live streams and Q&A sessions, creating a strong and supportive online community.

Chrissy Costanza Net Worth

Chissy Costanza net worth is estimated at around $1 million. She made her fortune through her music career, concerts, Youtube channel, and endorsement deals. 

Wrapping Up

Chrissy Costanza is a talented musician who rose to prominence as the lead vocalist of Against the Current. Her powerful vocals, combined with her captivating stage presence, have earned her a devoted fan base.

With her band, she has released several successful albums, toured extensively, and garnered millions of followers on social media. Chrissy continues to inspire aspiring musicians and remains an influential figure in the music industry.


Q: How old is chrissy costanza?

Chrissy Costanza age is 27 years.

Q: Where is from Chrissy Costanza?

Chrissy Costanza is from New Jersey, United States.

Q: How tall is Chrissy Costanza?

Chrissy Costanza height is 5 ft 1 inch.

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