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Doug Marcaida is a Martial artist shared his bio along with height, career, wife, net worth & nationality. Got fame from Forged in Fire tv show. Wiki and facts info available. Doug Marcaida is a very popular Filipino Martial artist. He is a weapon specialist who designs the world’s deadliest blades. He is a U.S Military Contractor. He is a man of many talents such as he is the founder of Martial arts, is an experienced knife designer, and also one of the judges on the channel hit TV seriesForged in Fire. He is working as an instructor at “Marcaida Kali” and also known as DART Karambit for knife designing. He studies fighting styles and techniques; he is also the master of the field. His techniques and strategy in the battlefield is wonderful. Doug is also walking encyclopedia in the evolution of weapons of war. He is a fight master; no one can beat him on this field.

Doug Marcaida Personal Details

Full NameDoug Marcaida
Birth Date
OccupationMartial artist
EducationUnder Review
Height5.8 feet
Net Worth$300 Thousand
Girlfriend / WifeUnder Review

Doug Marcaida Family Details

ParentsUnder Review

He made very different fighting weapons with different design and always take the lead when it comes to testing. In weapon competition, his weapon and designs always wins the competition. Doug now designs edged weapons for the FOX Knives Italy these days.

Kali is a fighting style in the South-East Asia and Doug has taught the class of weapon awareness in the Marcaida Kali. Marcaida is the personal interpretive center of Doug, where he teaches the different Filipino Martial system. It is basically a Weapon based art which develops the knowledge of the use of tools as weapons. Doug teaches the methodology and training process, which needed to be able to know about weapons. He said, “The philosophy of this art is that”, it’s not about how much you hurt, but how many you can protect”.

Forged in Fire is an American reality TV series. This show is produced by OutPost Entertainment; it’s a Leftfield Entertainment company. Doug is one of the judges on the show in all the six seasons. He represented the end user of the weapons. This show working as a training center for Dogh, He trained the participants along with learning so much with it. He gets to test the weapons with the specially-designed test, because that is a competition and he has to pick the best weapon for presentation. This show takes the Doug career on a great height.

Doug is a big weapon lover; he loves to design deadliest blades, and different weapons with different techniques.

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