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While we all know how bad smoking is for our health, most people still choose to continue anyway. Not only does smoking damage one’s lungs and airways, but it can cause some fatal and serious health conditions like pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer. Regardless of the dangers of smoking, many people including celebrities smoke daily or just socially. When it comes to smoking, not even Hollywood’s biggest names cannot be excluded. Many Hollywood celebrities are addicted to the habit of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vaporizers. These celebrities can smoke carton of cigarettes without any guilt because of their addictions. If you want to know more about celebrities who smoke, you have come to the right place.

Why do celebrities smoke?

Pictures of celebrities smoking have become more and more common in recent years. As a routine, you can now see snaps of celebrities walking around with a cigarette lit in their mouth. Cigarettes have now become an indispensable part of this Hollywood culture, whether off or on screen. Celebrities use smoking frequently to show off their character and embellish their image Infront of their fans. On-screen celebrities use cigarettes to show off and shape their character. On the other hand, when done off-screen, it is often to provide an embellishing image of themselves.

Female celebrity smoking list

Whether it is smoking due to stress or fashion, there are several female celebrity smokers who, while maintaining their fame, are heavy chain smokers. Some celebrities smoke to maintain their image, while others do it for fame and gaining popularity. Like all celebrities, female celebrities are not behind in their habit of smoking. If you are willing to know more about female celebrity smokers, here is a list of some of them you need to know about.

1. Mila Kunis smoking

Famous for being a gorgeous actress, Mila Kunis is bold and popular. Smoking is a fit with her personality. Heavy smoking goes well with her courageous and bold personality. She has recently quit smoking after being with her husband. The pair, since then, have stopped partaking in the habit.

2. Sophie turner smoking

Sophie turner smoking

The star of game of thrones, Sophie Turner has expressed earlier love for vaping. Being quite open about her smoking habits, she even took a photo while engaged in the activity in the final GOT shooting. Sophie’s self-care routine also involved smoking. She has left smoking since her recent pregnancy.

3. Jennifer Lawrence smoking

Jennifer Lawrence smoking

The actress has been captured on camera smoking different things from vape, cigarettes, to joint as well as smoking marijuana on some occasions. She has mentioned that she had smoked with rappers, and had greatly enjoyed that, entering an entirely different world.

4. Rihanna smoking

Rihanna smoking

Rihanna is a bold actress with an attitude and a strong personality. She is a chain smoker which sets in with her personality. She has been seen to be smoking weed and marijuana often on her sets. Her photos of smoking weed in 2020 went viral.

5. Kate moss smoke

Kate moss smoke

Kate moss is often seen smoking infamously most of the time. While she walks the runway, and in other cases as well. She has been seen as a cigarette addict who smokes almost 30 cigarettes in a day, hence being a heavy chain smoker. She often takes a cigarette break while on the sets of her shoots.

6. Katy perry smoking

Katy perry smoking

Being a charming and bold personality, Katy Perry is also a chain smoker caught smoking on multiple occasions. She took on this habit to manage stress as she planned her wedding to Russel Brand, but she has left her habit since their breakup.

7. Dakota johnson smoking

Dakota johnson smoking

Like many other female celebrity smokers, Dakota Johnson was seen smoking at the met gala in 2017 in the bathroom. Though infamous, she is known to be smoking a cigarette now and then.

8. Lady gaga smoker

Lady gaga smoker

Lady Gaga, the shallow singer is also one celebrity who enjoys smoking cigarettes. She revealed that she enjoys smoking along with a whisky glass as she works as it helps her free the mind to some extent.

9. Kate Winslet smoker

Kate Winslet smoker

Famous because of her titanic move, she is also known to be a chain smoker who is frequently found smoking. She enjoys her cigarette in the morning with her coffee but avoids it when around her kids. She enjoys a perfect combination of cigarettes and coffee.

10. Sophie turner vaping

Sophie turner vaping

The GOT star has also been know for her vaping habits, aside from the smoking ones. She has expressed her love for vaping. Apart from a smoking habit, she is also known for her vaping habits.

11. Paris Hilton smokes

Paris Hilton smokes

Paris Hilton smokes E-cigarettes because traditional cigarettes were not liked by her father, so she switched to a healthier alternative.

12. Gwyneth Paltrow smoking

Gwyneth Paltrow smoking

The actress was known to once be a heavy smoker, but she shifted to a healthier lifestyle and left smoking.

13. Emily blunt smoking

Emily blunt smoking

The actress has been known to be a heavy smoker earlier, often seen smoking cigarettes on several occasions, but she left smoking later.

14. Katherine Heigl smoking

Katherine Heigl smoking

Amongst other female smokers, Katherine Heigl is known to be puffing on cigarettes and has often been seen smoking on camera.

15. Kate Winslet smoking

Kate Winslet smoking

The actress enjoys smoking along with her morning coffee but avoids smoking when she is with her kids.

16. Bella Hadid smoking

Bella Hadid smoking

Bella Hadid avoids smoking in the public with her large fanbase, but she was caught on camera in 2017 at Met Gala. Ever since then, she has been trying to give up on her habit, taking it as her New year’s resolution.

17. Bella Thorne smoking

Bella Thorne smoking

Bella Thorne is amongst the many female celebrities who are known to smoke. She smoked weed once but then gave up.

18. Shakira smoking

Shakira smoking

Shakira is also on the list of chain smokers. She was caught on camera smoking a big cigar with Rihanna.

19. Alicia Vikander smoking

Alicia Vikander smoking

The Swedish movie star has been caught several times enjoying smoking a good cigarette.

20. Keira Knightley smoking

Keira Knightley smoking

The actress is famous as a big-time smoker and is often seen smoking on the set.

21. Scarlett Johansson smoking

Scarlett Johansson smoking

The actress has been smoking for 15 years of age. She is a heavy smoker and is often seen lighting a cigarette on the sets.

22. Britney spears smoking

Britney spears smoking

Britney Spears is reported to have smoked as much as 40 cigarettes in a day, but she has cut on her smoking habits now.

23. Miley Cyrus smoking

Miley Cyrus smoking

Miley Cyrus is often spotted smoking a set of cigarettes. She has attempted to quit tobacco many times. Some footage of her has been seen where she is seen enjoying cigarette puffs.

24. Emilia Clarke smoking

Emilia Clarke smoking

The GOT star has been known as being a heavy chain smoker, often found smoking and caught on camera.

25. Jessica alba smoking

Jessica alba smoking

Being amongst the best and top actresses, Jessica is a chain smoker, as is known by most of her fans.

26. Jennifer Lopezsmoke smoking

Jennifer Lopezsmoke smoking

The actress is also a celebrity smoker who is known to smoke to “stay in character”. She is also often seen smoking cigars.

27. Lottie moss smoking

Lottie moss smoking

Lottie moss continues to puff on her cigarettes behind the sets of her shoots. She is also known to be a celebrity actress who enjoys smoking.

28. Nina Dobrev smoking

Nina Dobrev smoking

The actress is believed to be a smoker who takes some smokes breaks while working on the sets of her shoots. She was one of the chain celebrity smokers.

Actors who smoke.

Although it may come as a surprise to some people, many well-known actors enjoy a good smoke even after being aware of the risks involved. Even some of your favorite celebrity stars are well-known as being heavy smokers. If you want to know more about these actors who smoke, you have come to the right place. We have collected a list of celebrity smokers.

Michael Fassbender smoking

Michael Fassbender smoking

The actor Michael Fassbender is famously known for his hand-roll cigarettes. He is a heavy smoker and is nowhere near to quitting.

Ashton Kutcher smokes

Ashton Kutcher smokes

Ashton Kutcher is a celebrity who is known to be a heavy smoker for many years. He later quit smoking in the mid-2000s.

Matthew perry smoking

Matthew perry smoking

Matthew Perry is a celebrity who has been a smoker for a long time. He is seen smoking on the sets, and often excused for a break while filming.

Keanu reeves smoking

Keanu reeves smoking

Keanu Reeves has been a long-time smoker who had picked up the habit of smoking quite early on. He is often seen smoking on the sets and takes this on as a bad habit.

John Stossel smoking

John Stossel smoking

Amongst many other celebrity smokers, John Stossel is a front smoker. He has been a heavy smoker and is seen smoking often. Even though he understands the risks of smoking, he still enjoys a cigarette puff now and then.

Famous smokes

Smoking is an addictive habit that will not even spare the richest and the elite. Whether you believe it or not, there is a list of popular celebrity smokers who smoke regularly regardless of knowing all the health risks associated with it. Multiple actors, stars, and singers still take on the habit of smoking several cigarettes. Who are the famous personalities who still smoke? Here is a list of some famous smokes that you need to know more about.

Elon musk smoking

Elon musk smoking

Elon Musk is a popular celebrity who smokes on weed in live transmissions. He is also known to have inhaled marijuana cigarettes and mixed tobacco. He took a puff of marijuana cigarette on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Jay cutler smoking

Jay cutler smoking

Jay Cutler is a famous and popular celebrity who is well-known for his habit of smoking. A picture of him with a lit cigarette was seen on Tumblr. He is known by his fans to be a smoker through his famous pictures on social media.

Bill nye smoking

Bill nye smoking

Bill Nye is also a famous smoker amongst the list of celebrities. He was seen walking down a highway while smoking a cigarette. He has been a famous smoker as seen by his fans and has been mocked for his smoking habits.

Michael Phelps smoking

Michael Phelps smoking

Among the many popular celebrity smokers, Michael Phelps is famous as a heavy smoker often caught smoking marijuana on the sets. He was caught inhaling a Marijuana pipe and was criticized by the public, for which he apologized later.

Malia Obama smoking

Malia Obama smoking

Malia Obama, daughter of Barak Obama is a popular celebrity known to be a heavy smoker. She has been caught smoking Cannabis, but her father does not seem to be concerned. A video clip of her smoking rings of smoke had gone viral and seen by multiple people on social media.

Anime smoking

Anime smoking

Although smoking is a bad habit, there are many great anime smoker characters famous throughout time. Even in anime, different characters either smoke a cigar or cigarettes. Who are the famous Anime characters who smoke? From Naruto to Shinya, and Hank hill, all these characters are popular anime smokers. Who are the anime smokers who smoke in their shows? Here are some anime smokers who smoke.

Hank hill smoking

Hank hill smoking

Hank hill is one of the many anime characters who smoke in their anime shows. In the anime shows Hank hill and his wife are seen smoking cigarettes to make themselves feel better. Throughout the anime shows, Hank Hill smokes multiple times.

Here we have compiled a list of all the famous smokers, make and female celebrities as well as anime characters who have, and continue to smoke regardless of knowing the health risks involved. It comes as a surprise, why people, including celebrities smoke even after knowing the dangers and risks. But smoking is an addictive habit that is often hard to leave once someone starts. Here is a long list of celebrities who have taken the habit of smoking. With their smoking habits, some celebrities have tried to quit, but not many have been successful.

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