Have a minute? Go buy a dress


How many things can you do in under a minute? You can muse on that while you open your shopping app and buy something new in under 60 seconds.

Free time is a luxury that most of us don’t have in today’s world. Even young children seem to be running from one hobby class to another, teenagers race to classes and exams, and adults run around to manage their homes and careers. The perpetual race against time has made most of us sensitive to the demands on our own schedules – we don’t like to waste a single minute on frivolous pursuits, choosing to keep them for the weekends or for holidays.

The lack of extra time has made us realise the importance of every minute. The day is gone before you know it, and seasons pass us by in the blink of an eye. We work long hours that force us to create lists and tables for each day’s tasks. Even doing the important things – paying bills, shopping for groceries, getting household maintenance tasks done – requires careful strategising and planning.

But things are not as dire as they seem. You can still do some things in under a minute.

Gone in 60 seconds!

If you time yourself, you will realise that there are very few things you can do in a minute. Most tasks in your life – having a cup of tea, getting dressed for work, having your lunch – take much more time in terms of minutes. Let’s put 1 minute in perspective, and what you can achieve in this frame of time: you can –

  • Think a couple of thoughts
  • Brush your teeth
  • Set the kettle to boil
  • Glance through your To-Do list
  • Wear your shoes or kick them off after returning home
  • Swipe left on a couple of Tinder profiles
  • Buy a new dress

Are you surprised by the last inclusion? Don’t be. Just download a good shopping app on your phone and prove the last point for yourself.

Shopping apps for the haps!

Shopping apps are truly a boon for our busy lives. When there is hardly any time to rest or exercise or even have a satisfying meal, one cannot be expected to forgo of other important tasks to go to the store to buy something. Besides, the stores always close by the time you leave from work, so you have to delegate grocery shopping and mall visits to the weekend.

Instead, going the online shopping route cuts through your busy schedule and keeps you right on top of your shopping. This is especially useful when you need to quickly buy a dress for an office party, or a new watch to gift your mum who lives in another city, or to exchange that shirt you tried on but which doesn’t fit. Instead of trawling through the site looking for what you need, you can just download the site’s shopping app and cut right to the chase.

The shopping app shows you the latest sales, offers, great deals and discounts on your mobile phone screen. While you look through these, you can keep loading your shopping cart with the items you need, check up on discounts for buying certain brands, and look for promo codes you can use to get special offers.

All of this, under one minute!

Besides, the shopping app alerts you to new offers, impending sales and limited time previews – so you can stay right on top of new trends and be trendy – with just the flick of a button!

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