What You Need To Know About Buying A Military Watch


When you talk about military watches, it’s these watches that are combat ready, tough and reliable. The question always when there’s a new military watch is not about how good it can tell time but how durable is it to resist dust and water, not to mention will the features make it durable still. But going to a watch store and telling the sales guy “hey buddy I want to buy a military watch” is not as easy as it is. You see military watches are not as simple as it was before.

While there are still watches that retained their simpleness, some went over the top with the specs. If you think that going full digital with the watch was the best thing that ever happened to a watch 10 years ago, with how smart watched and sports watches are now, you will realize how primitive digital watches are. But it doesn’t mean that it lost its flare. With that said, if you come looking for a military you need to remember these tips:

Know the necessary features that you need: Most people think that a military watch is a tough build watch that is dust and waterproof, what they don’t know is that there are things that are needed to be considered depending on the use of the watch. If you are a diver and you plan to get a military watch you have to consider how deep you plan to go to because there is a limit of the water resistance feature that you need to consider. If you are a fireman, you also have to consider the “toughly” built watch if it can withstand the heat and pounding. If you are a military guy that been going into very dangerous missions, you need to know if the watch can take what you are taking.

The best techs aren’t always the ideal: While there are certain techs in a watch nowadays, it’s not necessarily good. You see if there are more electronics, the more that it’s becoming sensitive. More electronics means more prone to breaks and so on. So before you buy a watch like a military watch, you need to prioritize the features that will work in your field of practice.

Think of the longevity: It’s kind of absurd to think about a lesser quality military watch, because there isn’t. The most important thing in a watch is longevity with all the crazy things that you do. The watch has to keep up with the beating for longer periods, this is the mark of a good military watch and that should be what you should look for.

Looking for a military watch is a challenge. Military watch now has many variants and dynamic to it that if you just came in a watch store just to simply buy a military watch, you’re going to regret it. A military watch is not just about the tech it’s about the ideal functions, the necessary functions and the longevity of it despite the beating. If you need a reference to help you decide, head over to www.nitehawk.net/15-best-military-watches/.

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