How To Protect Your Skin From Air-Conditioning


When you live in a hot country, air-con is unavoidable wherever you go. Whilst it’s essential for keeping us cool, it tends to have terrible effects on our skin. Air-conditioning sucks the humidity from the air, resulting in dry, rough skin and breakouts. Over time, this can dehydrate your skin, causing it to lose its elasticity and age at an alarming rate. It’s amost impossible to look good when your skin is dried out, and the continual dry atmosphere in air-conditioned spaces can even eventually lead to skin problems such as dermatitis. If your skin is suffering from exposure to air-conditioning, here are some tips to give it a helping hand.


The main reason skin suffers in air-conditioning is because it becomes dehydrated. When your skin loses moisture, it can become sallow and washed out, so the best way to counteract this is to take hydration into your own hands. Drinking more water is the first step towards healthier, brighter skin. To really give your skin a boost, why not try out an intensive nourishing treatment. You can shop online for the NEW hydrating mask from Clarins, which is a great product to hydrate your skin. Moisturing facemasks like this give youir skin the lift it needs to escape the ravages of air-con. Daily moisturisation is also recommended to ensure your skin receives the hydration it needs to remain healthy between intensive treatments.

Avoid Irritants

Another important way to maintaion healthy skin is to avoid irritants. Heavily scented face creams, soaps or perfumes may smell nice, but they are terrible for your skin. Products like these contain chemicals which dry out rather than moisturise your skin, which often makes buying them a false economy. Stick to products which are moisturising yet gentle on your skin.

Get Some Fresh Air

It may be tempting to run from one air-conditioned space to another on a hot day, but you need to give your skin a break from time to time. Take breaks from air-con by going outside for a breather or by walking rather than taking the train to your next appointment. The heat may be uncomfortable, but the fresh air is essential to allow your skin to rejuvenate itself. Sweat is a healthy function which unclogs your pores, so don’t shy away from the heat – embrace it as a natural sauna!

Eat Healthy

You are what you eat, and a healthy approach to food works wonders on your skin. By eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and ensuring your body is receiving the right vitamins, you can be on your way to healthier skin in no time.

If you’re concerned that your skin is feeling dry or looking blemished, then it is likely that air-con is a big part of the problem. By taking measures to restore the moisture that is lost to air-conditioning, you can help to restore it’s natural vibrance and elasticity. Make sure you take a fresh-air break from time to time, as this will give your skin the chance escape the air-conditioning for a while and breathe a little.

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