Birchbox- A Solution To All Your Beauty Problems Right Here


Women for long have been entitled with the term ‘beautiful’. To be more precise there are a few words to describe people based on their respective genders and beautiful is one of those terms to describe the female mass.  Similarly make up and accessories are also associated with the department of women. Not trying to be a sexist here, but make up though used by a  few numbers of the male mass too is generally a set up of different things and products that work in enhancing the beauty of a female.

If you’re a male you must have seen your mother or sister when getting ready for an occasion by taking a substantial time to decorate her face with all the glittery stuff that she has arranged in a box called the make-up box. Here, in this article we will be talking about such make-up products that are available to the female mass through the membership of Birchbox, a leading women make-up products company.

What is Birchbox?

Birchbox is a company that is based out of NYC. It is a company that deals with the production and distribution of female beauty products in the market. The Birchbox Company works on facilitating its customers with monthly subscriptions and extra benefits. The company keeps coming up with the introduction of new and improved products every month and also believes in distribution of samples for a real cheap cost in order to get review from the users of the product.

New Birchbox Promo Codes are provided every year that can be used for availing the different products and for getting listed under the sample distribution list of the company.

How does it work?

You can simply go to the company’s website and provide them with the required information. The information that you provide the company is used for selecting the sample products that will be delivered to your address within the same month of subscribing. Just by investing $10 a month you can avail the credibility of receiving a sample product box that is delivered right at your doorstep. The box consists of different beauty products and a guide mentioning their description.

Earning credit points at Birchbox

You are required to use the products that are provided in the sample box and review about them if you’d like. If you review the products after use within the same month that they were delivered to you, you get 10 points per review mentioned. You can keep doing this every time you subscribe for a sample box. Once you are credited with 100 points you can get it redeemed for $10 which means a sample box from Birchbox absolutely free. Here, you are required to mention the benefits of the product and the effects you’ve experienced with their use. You reviews not only help you but also the other potential users of the product.

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