Special Ring For A Special Woman


The ring is a symbol of a binder and a ring is an object that must exist at the engagement or marriage ceremony. This symbol of the ring displays eternity, with the intent of the person wearing it expected to have a lasting relationship. That’s why at special events like engagements or weddings people prepare a nice, expensive, long-lasting ring. One ring that has the character is the eternity ring. This ring can be found in some jewelry stores such as www.otomo.co.uk. Then, like what is Eternity Rings?

What is Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring is a ring made specifically for women worn on the fingers of the hand which is usually made of gold and gems such as diamonds as trimmers. Ring eternity can be used as an expression of love and affection to the couple. This ring is usually given by the couple to his wife during special moments such as birthday wife or wedding anniversary. The design of this Eternity Rings has a gem along its circle and this distinguishes between eternity rings and other rings. An eternity ring is a pretty amazing jewelry. This is because this ring has an inspirational character in symbolism and aesthetics. From the outside, this ring looks luxurious and valuable so it can be an option as an expensive gift for your favorite woman.

Kinds of Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is the ring of one of the best ring models for women. However, some of them say that it is very rigid to use a full eternity ring, meaning gems that are placed along the ring circle. Did you know that eternity rings have different types? For those of you who want an eternity ring that can be used every day, you can choose the type of eternity ring as follows:

  • Full eternity ring: This ring has a purple gemstone around its circle, so it can be seen clearly. This ring has a great symbolic meaning. The essence of a continuous stream of gems is to create the symbolic meaning of endless love or commitment. It’s gone up to a huge level with half a ring.
  • Half eternity ring: This ring is slightly different from the full eternity ring. The difference is in half eternity, gemstones located only in half of the ring circle. This ring can also be resized. Thus, you do not have to worry about changing your finger because this ring you can adjust its size. This ring is one of the favorite rings because the size is not as heavy as a full eternity ring.
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