Tips For Storing Coffee Beans


The only debate that never seems to settle among the coffee lovers is the choice between coffee beans and grounded coffee. Well, there is no denial in the fact that if you are looking to taste coffee in its best form and have some time to dedicate to coffee making, then you should go with coffee beans. The flavor and aroma of the coffee are packed into the oil that is covered by the shell of the coffee beans. If you roast and ground the coffee just before making coffee, then you will be able to preserve that fantastic aroma and flavor.

But if you are going to buy coffee beans, then you will also have to master the art of storing coffee beans in the perfect way possible. If coffee beans are not stored correctly, then they will not be able to carry forward the real taste to your cup. In this blog post, we will go through some of the most essential tips that you can use to store coffee beans in the best possible way.

Keep beans away from warmth and use an air-tight container

If you are going to use coffee beans for making coffee, then it becomes essential for you to know that there are four biggest enemies of your coffee beans; light, air, moisture, and heat. If you want your coffee beans to last longer and if you want to preserve its flavor and aroma for a long period, then you will need to store it in an airtight, opaque container at room temperature. You might be planning to put coffee beans in clear containers as they look mesmerizing, but clear containers will let light affect the quality of the coffee beans.

You will need to put the airtight container containing your coffee in a cool and dark place. Any place with air easily coming in is not good for storing coffee beans. In addition to this, you should never leave your coffee beans in the retail package as they are not good for long term storage.

Never stock up

You went to the shopping complex, and you found your best coffee beans being sold at a heavily discounted price. Now the next thing you will do is to buy the coffee beans in bulk and use it for a long period. Well, this should be a big no from your side. You should always buy coffee beans for a week instead of stocking up. Just like cream cheese and lettuce, coffee beans are also perishable, and this is why you should avoid overstocking coffee beans. If you store coffee beans in bulk, then with time, they will start losing its texture and flavor. So, always visit the market weekly, and buy fresh coffee every weekend to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every morning.

Never count on your refrigerator

If you are planning to store your coffee beans in the freezer, then you need to ditch this idea as soon as possible. As discussed at the starting of the article, moisture is among the four worst enemies of coffee beans, and freezing your coffee beans means exposing them to moisture directly. In addition to the moist environment that will hamper the quality of coffee beans, coffee can also absorb the flavors of different kinds of food items that have been stored in your refrigerator. If you keep moving the coffee beans in and out of your freezer, then due to the sudden change in temperature, coffee beans will lose their original quality. So, instead of turning up to your freezer for storing coffee beans, choose a dark place, and keep your coffee at room temperature.

Nicely stored coffee beans can retain its original taste and flavor for a long period, but this doesn’t mean you should buy coffee beans in bulk. Always use an airtight container and pack your coffee precisely after using it every morning or evening. You can buy the best coffee beans, store them, and get the best tasting coffee every morning.

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