Slather Up With Ease: How to Pick the Best Hand and Body Lotion


If you’re looking to get an excellent gift for a friend, hand, and body lotions are your best bet because everyone needs them to keep their skin hydrated, smooth, and supple. With many brands out there, it can be quite hard and overwhelming to decide what to pick. Do keep in mind that lotions are not created equal because some of them may cause skin irritation due to unhealthy ingredients. Consider the following elements below when you are looking to buy a Hand and Body Lotion:

Consider the Skin Type

The key to beautiful skin is choosing the lotion that will work with a person’s skin type. If your friend has dry skin, then you need to opt for a lotion that has ultra-moisturizing properties. In contrast, those with oily skin need a lighter lotion that doesn’t have mineral waxes that can clog pores.

Sensitive skin needs hypoallergenic stuff that is free from chemicals. It is crucial to consider this because the lotion is not just for vanity but a necessity to help you deter premature wrinkles. For best results, opt for a lotion that’s infused with Vitamin E because this is healthy for any skin type.

Pick Natural Ingredients

Go for all-natural ingredients. Read the label if you are buying in-store or check out the product description when you are purchasing online. If there are many hard to pronounce ingredients from the list, avoid this lotion. Stay away from products that have harmful components like ammonia, which is very harsh on the skin.

In the same token, avoid artificial ingredients like preservatives in the form of parabens because these can cause long-term damage. On top of that, avoid products that rely on fake dyes that can irritate the skin.

Select Those With High-Quality Essential Oils

Most lotions come with scent, which is great because they help you relax with their aromatherapy. Stick with lotions that use the highest quality essential oils because these have beneficial properties.

For instance, tea tree oil is antimicrobial, lavender is calming, bergamot is soothing to tired muscles, and coconut is very hydrating. To get the real benefits of these essential oils, pick an excellent quality Hand and Body Lotion that doesn’t scrimp on these vital ingredients.

Responsible Use With No Animal Testing

If you want to enjoy the slathering on your lotion without any guilt, choose a brand that is known for being cruelty-free. Every day, thousands of animals are injured for the sake of testing cosmetics and skincare. That’s really tragic because human beings should not look beautiful at the expense of other living creatures. When you’re buying products, it is best to go for socially responsible companies. Support brands that do not engage in animal testing.

Final Word

If you are shopping for lotions, don’t be blinded by the price. Just because it is more expensive, doesn’t mean it is more effective. Make it a habit to read the product description and the list of ingredients. Many brands sell premium quality lotion that works well but don’t break the bank. Do your homework and research to find the best lotion to nourish the skin and with no side effects.

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