Gwyneth Paltrow Talks About her Semi-Retirement From Acting


Gwyneth Paltrow used to be on a lot of advertising posters for movies, but she slowly slipped from the silver screen spotlight. Why she dropped off the radar was the topic of a lot of discussion until recently. She appeared on SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy” to talk and she cleared up a lot of rumors about her lack of screen performance over the past few years. She managed to win an Oscar at the tender age of 26 for her role in “Shakespeare in Love” and has grown from the performance. In recent times, however, the star’s presence is much diminished, and she’s focusing more on her lifestyle brand Goop.

Doesn’t Much Love Acting

According to The BBC, the part-time actress states that she’s fallen out of love with acting. As a self-proclaimed metric-driven performer, she felt as though achieving so much at such a young age left her with nothing left to aim for. She noted that her disdain for acting came from being a child actor, struggling with her time in the spotlight. The intense scrutiny on what she wore and how she carried herself impacted negatively on her mental state. The result ended up driving her away from the glitz and glamor of the silver screen.

Not Fully Retired Just Yet

Paltrow hasn’t completely retired just yet. Her husband, Brad Falchuck, is the writer on a Netflix series and Paltrow has agreed to act in it. While it’s nowhere near as massive a comeback as being asked to star in another blockbuster, it’s impressive to see Paltrow acting again. Despite her downtime, observers have stated that she hasn’t lost an ounce of the stage presence that won her that Oscar.

Not a Homebody

By her own admission, Paltrow isn’t someone who enjoys being stuck at home. During the interview, she noted that being stuck in a hotel room was never her idea of a good time. It also explains the star’s runaway success with her lifestyle brand. While she might have need for personal injury lawyers due to some unfounded claims she made in the past, she’s still the head of a multi-million dollar brand. The success seems to be mounting, since she’s also starred in a recent Netflix series about Goop, Rolling Stone had a scathing criticism of the ‘facts’ presented in the series however, putting the part-time actress’s brand in a poor light.

Where Does She Go from Here?

Paltrow isn’t done with life yet. She seems to be willing to explore new things. Her former successes are driving her to explore what she can do as one of the world’s few female CEOs. No one’s sure what the future holds for her, but she’s ready to tackle any challenge the world throws at her. She worked with Miramax, run by the infamous Harvey Weinstein, and if she could survive that, she could possibly survive anything. She’s had the drawback of being subordinate to a rough boss, and we can only hope that she remembers and doesn’t subject her own staff to the same attitude.

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