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Want to know how to get a perfect t-shirt?

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T-shirts are a dressing staple for most people. They love to buy custom-made t-shirts online which they can wear at any events such as Bachelor Party, Family Reunion, etc. While purchasing a t-shirt, one should pay careful attention to the kind of style of the t-shirt as it plays an important role in their wardrobe

Underwritten are some of the factors which should be kept in mind while choosing the correct t-shirt.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Style
  • Colour

Choose the right material- Quality should never be judged by the weight of the cloth. When talking about a t-shirt, lighter the content, the larger the cost. 100% cotton is the most common choice, especially Egyptian & Pima cotton. They are synthesized by long-staple fibers that look thinner, feel lighter, and last longer.

When you check the label of the t-shirt, it gives you an idea about the composition of its material. The most common content is:

  • Pima- it has the longest fiber & is the highest grade cotton. The best thing about it is that it gets softer with each wash.
  • Rayon- it’s a human-made fiber made up of wood pulp. Feels smooth on touch but wrinkles easily!
  • Bamboo- t-shirts made up of bamboo are incredibly soft & breathable.
  • Combed cotton- a soft, smooth, and strong fabric, is brushed into straighten fibers and removes short strands.
  • Organic cotton- it is more expensive and derived from cotton grown with the least pesticides and fertilizers.

Size- Almost everyone agrees that t-shirts in men are the best apparel, which suits best as per trends, and men’s in the right fitted t-shirts look most attractive. No matter how their build is, a t-shirt can make them look more masculine. Some rules or perfect size t-shirts are:

  • Neck- It should not be excessively tight and hinders you from moving around. Also, when you raise your arms, it shouldn’t create a big gap around your neck.
  • Shoulders- Notice that seams of the t-shirt should fit correctly on your shoulder lines.
  • Sleeves– It should be correctly fitted around your arms and should not reach your elbow.
  • Length- It should be long enough to be tucked into your bottom or pants, but it should not be long enough to touch your waist.
  • Stomach- It should conform to the curve of your body. It should be not too loose that you cannot see the shape of your body nor too tight that makes your stomach visible.


  • Firstly pay attention to your collar. Your collar should match when layering. If you have to wear a jacket with a collar, your t-shirt should have the same shape.
  • Choose correctly in between a round or v-neck. Round necks are good for men who have a small chest and sloped shoulders. They make your shoulder look broader, whereas v- collars are suitable for short heightened men because they give an illusion of height and length.
  • Now about tucking your t-shirt. You should not tuck it except if it is in your uniform, then you can tuck it in your trousers. Also, short sleeve polo shirts look good when tucked in tailored trousers.
  • Pair a black t-shirt with ice-cold denim and boots. It makes the most effortless style in men.

Colour– Choose the color correctly. Follow a few basics mentioned below.

  • White color t-shirts compliment almost all skin tones, and they appear as the perfect pick for many. It should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. But keep in mind not to wash it with any other colored cloth.
  • Black is another versatile option; it pairs well with almost every outfit. But black color tends to fade out very quickly and is uneasy to wear during the day in summer.
  • Grey Colour t-shirt magnifies the shape of your body. Also, the sweat marks are least visible in grey color.
  • Navy is a more suitable choice over black if you have to wear it on a specific day and gives a good tonal look when paired with jeans.
  • T-shirts are the cheapest and easiest options to experiment with colors. Go for green, blue, red, etc. to create a cool pop look with your cardigan. But keep in mind that the color shouldn’t clash with your skin color.

Now with the help of the above written, we hope you can choose the correct t-shirt for you. Go to and get the t-shirt as per the trending fashion.


Why Order Horny Goat Weed Online

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Real talk: A man cannot always be in the mood. As much as you want to, it is difficult to switch up your libido levels whenever you want, naturally. However, a decrease in sexual function may stem from one or a combination of reasons – alcohol and drug intake, stress levels, low testosterone, too much or too little physical exercise, depression, and prescription medicine are just some of them. If the lack of desire bothers you to no end, then you can order horny goat weed online as a safe supplement when intimacy cannot wait any longer.

At first glance, horny goat weed may sound strange and unbelievable. But the existence and use of the herb dates back to ancient China. Myths tell that a Chinese herder called it that when he saw an unusual increase of sexual activity in his goats after feeding on the plant. Whatever the reason, it has gained momentum due to the following benefits:

Horny goat weed helps treat erectile dysfunction

Traditional medicine is still a preferred way to treat any disease, and erectile dysfunction is no exception. One may order horny goat weed online because it is considered safe and natural for a man’s sexual needs. A recent scientific study shows that it contains icariin, a substance that inhibits the enzyme that slows down the flow of blood to the penis. The herb is said to maintain testosterone levels and aid in healthy sperm production.

It increases libido

It would be wonderful to turn on your libido at any time of any day. So whether you feel the stress due to work or tired because of any physical activity, you must still perform when the call of the wild overtakes you. You also want to leave your partner satisfied. The main reason why men buy horny goat weed is that it keeps the mojo up whenever it is supposed to be up. You can switch it on whenever and wherever you are.

It is a complementary therapy for other diseases

Regardless of the name, horny goat weed can be combined with other elements, such as ginseng for better physical endurance. It can also be mingled with ginger for healthier blood circulation, thereby lessening the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Together with Tribulus (a medicinal plant used in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine), it can also diminish the effects of male infertility by improving the quality of sperm.

Research has also shown that it aids in bone health. It contains phytoestrogens, which can imitate estrogen. Icariin – the same element that helps in erectile dysfunction treatment – is also seen to reduce and slow down the degradation of cartilage in people suffering from osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

And believe it or not, it also has an excellent effect on women. Horny goat weed allegedly alleviates the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It is said to have no adverse side effects, specifically endometrial hyperplasia, which irregularly thickens the walls of the uterus.

A healthy libido is necessary for good heart health, excellent sexual function, and a healthy response to stress. If you feel you lack the energy to amp your sexual prowess, then you might want to try horny goat weed supplements for better bedroom action and excellent sperm performance.


Luxury iphone xr cases – how to find the best one

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From the first time they were launched to the market, the iPhone became one of the smartphones and more desired in the whole world not only because they usually present consistent lines in their models that make them unmistakable, but also because with each new model they bring advanced technological innovations. They have been and continue to be, without a doubt, the rival to beat. Thanks to the philosophy of the brand and the magnificent marketing strategy that they carry out, it is not strange to find many people with one of these devices in their hands. People line up for days at a time to get the newest model, owning it has become a sign of success and status, referring to a lifestyle that for many is attractive and to which they long to belong.

But it is precisely because of this expectation that more and more people are doing their best to get their hands on this equipment, saying that wherever you look you will find several of them, and after all, what is the point of buying a luxury item that is the same as everyone else’s? One of the best ways to distinguish yourself from others is not only buying the most expensive version but also because you have to protect the device against possible falls, blows, and scratches. Not only because of the amount of money invested in the device but also because of the amount of information it contains, you have to do it with style, and what better way to do it than buying magnificent quality luxury iphone xr cases made by hand from the best leathers in the world and in a variety of colors among which you will undoubtedly find your favorite.

In the apple store you can find and a series of luxury iphone xr cases made in collaboration with several of the best known and renowned brands that define fashion today, if you have no problem spending a few more dollars you can customize your case, obviously this is not cheap and the options are somewhat limited, so if what you are looking for is the perfect case for your phone that provides the level of protection you need, that fits your lifestyle and reflects your personality, online you can find multiple options that will meet these purposes. Online you can find luxury iphone xr cases suppliers with handmade leather cases of impressive quality, among them crocodile, lizard, snake, ostrich, or python skin are usually some of the most popular choices among people. Some have air chambers in the corners so that in case of a fall the damage to your phone is minimal.

Remember that your new phone is not only a luxury but also an investment and the most valuable thing about it goes beyond its physical or technological characteristics because its true value is in the information it contains so when it comes to choosing the right case don’t skimp or get hooked on the first option you find, make sure you look for several providers and compare the features of each one.

ethnic wear

Steal Your Wedding Wishlist This EORS (End Of Reason Sale)

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With the fast-approaching wedding season, there has never been a better time than now to create an ethnic wear wish list that you can use for your wedding shopping.

Take advantage of the upcoming EORS sale and buy latest ethnic wear online to save money while stocking up on the trendy ethnic wear. Here are some ideas to help you come up with your ethnic wear wish for the wedding season.

Straight cut lehenga with a crop top

Let the fun spirit role in your bestie’s Mehndi ceremony by showing up in a bright coloured silk lehenga in a straight cut. Bring out the best in your ethnic wear by pairing it up with a matching crop top with flare sleeves and a shiny border around your neck to brighten up the entire event. Add glamour to your outlook by highlighting this ethnic wear with a fun design and shear colour combination of your blouse.

Banarasi saree with embellishments

You can never go wrong with Banarasi saree for any wedding. Pick a gorgeous Banarasi saree in your favourite colour embellished with beautiful Gota Patti decorations. Go crazy with pearls, dori, zari, sequin and zardozi work to bring out the best results. This ethnic wear screams vibrancy and elegance, and you do not have to put in another thought before making this fabulous outfit choice for your friend’s wedding.

Velvet embroidered long kurta with skirt

Another gem of ethnic wear that will totally steal your heart is a long kurta embroidered with velvet. You can wear it with a skirt, and it makes for an excellent outfit for winter weddings, a masterpiece. The contrast comes out beautifully if it also carries intricate embroidery work. The velvet helps add just the right amount of brilliance and drama. You can pair up your long kurta with a nice skirt and wrap a net dupatta in your hands. Flaunt this stunning ethnic wear to grab some eyeballs!

Long kurta with thread work

Sometimes, the right design and the right colour are all you need to make things click. This simple ethnic wear is an instance where even a simple outfit exudes royal vibes. The fabulous thread work on a long kurta makes this outfit a pure exhibit of panache and grace. You can pair it up with straight pyjamas or parallel pants and you won’t even need to carry a dupatta. Don’t put too many accessories with this and let your kurta be the focus of your stunning wedding look.

Silk lehenga choli

A classic lehenga in silk has to be one of the most cherished ethnic wear options you can ever think of. Wear a soft silk lehenga with small polka decorations matched with a spaghetti strap choli. Don a heavy dupatta of the same colour, throw it at your back, wrap it around your neck. The rich fabric and simplistic classy design of a silk lehenga choli will make your ethnic wear outfit stand out.

Use these ideas as starting points to expand on your wedding wish list to get the most out of this EORS (End of Reason Sale).

Buying Jewelry Online

7 Tips & Tricks For Buying Jewelry Online

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Gone are the times when purchasing jewellery needed to visit and spending hours at a jewellery store and choosing from the limited stock available. Today, the internet has modernized the way we shop, making it as easy as a click. People are now preferred to purchase online due to the benefits and advantages one can have. Today we outline seven tricks and tips that assist you to pro the online purchasing process of jewel



Online vendors save money on the retail store’s overheads, pay and electricity of the salespeople which are then passed on to the purchaser as set apart down costs when contrasted with physical stores. They offer foreign policies of refund, discounts like free dispatching, etching, cleaning, gift wrapping and frequently have fabulous offers.

consider and Compare Prices

Cost is one of the prime elements when purchasing jewellery. By shopping on the web, you can keep a tab on the value of the ring by contrasting it with different jewellers. You are less rash, and you are sure that you don’t spend beyond what you can bear. You get the best price for your well-deserved cash.

Online Reviews

You get plenteous data, reviews, expert knowledge and ratings on buys made online. These will make it simpler to purchase any jewellery contingent upon the ratings and reviews, as opposed to directly depending on the salesmen, family and friends.


When purchasing rings or medical alert bracelet online from a reliable source, be sure of the quality when contrasted with any high rated dealer. Product data is refreshed forthright, directly from the heaviness of the metal to the making of the ring and choker necklaces, carats, nature of the gemstone and that’s just the beginning. Jewellers will likewise be accessible for any assistance when shopping online. They additionally give genuine reviewing authentications.

More convenient

Your spare time while shopping online and that you whenever it might suit you be it at home, at work or progressing. Any place and at whatever point you wish. You have many options of rings to browse, or you can get your unique craft ring made, or have services of belly button piercing. No weight from the pushy salesman, so you are allowed to pick your best fit. At long last, the item is dispatched to you in a lovely box, isn’t that easy and simple.


Online jewellery dealers offer a broad assortment of instalment offers, including Debit card, Credit card, PayPal or EMI’s as well. This makes it simple for the purchasers to pick the best instalment alternative whenever it might suit them.

Sending Gifts

Online shopping is the best alternative when you need to send an unexpected gift to your friends and family. You don’t have to come up with an excuse to visit an accessory store to purchase secret gifts for events like birthday, commemorations, valentine’s day, moms day, etc.

buy a dress

Have a minute? Go buy a dress

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How many things can you do in under a minute? You can muse on that while you open your shopping app and buy something new in under 60 seconds.

Free time is a luxury that most of us don’t have in today’s world. Even young children seem to be running from one hobby class to another, teenagers race to classes and exams, and adults run around to manage their homes and careers. The perpetual race against time has made most of us sensitive to the demands on our own schedules – we don’t like to waste a single minute on frivolous pursuits, choosing to keep them for the weekends or for holidays.

The lack of extra time has made us realise the importance of every minute. The day is gone before you know it, and seasons pass us by in the blink of an eye. We work long hours that force us to create lists and tables for each day’s tasks. Even doing the important things – paying bills, shopping for groceries, getting household maintenance tasks done – requires careful strategising and planning.

But things are not as dire as they seem. You can still do some things in under a minute.

Gone in 60 seconds!

If you time yourself, you will realise that there are very few things you can do in a minute. Most tasks in your life – having a cup of tea, getting dressed for work, having your lunch – take much more time in terms of minutes. Let’s put 1 minute in perspective, and what you can achieve in this frame of time: you can –

  • Think a couple of thoughts
  • Brush your teeth
  • Set the kettle to boil
  • Glance through your To-Do list
  • Wear your shoes or kick them off after returning home
  • Swipe left on a couple of Tinder profiles
  • Buy a new dress

Are you surprised by the last inclusion? Don’t be. Just download a good shopping app on your phone and prove the last point for yourself.

Shopping apps for the haps!

Shopping apps are truly a boon for our busy lives. When there is hardly any time to rest or exercise or even have a satisfying meal, one cannot be expected to forgo of other important tasks to go to the store to buy something. Besides, the stores always close by the time you leave from work, so you have to delegate grocery shopping and mall visits to the weekend.

Instead, going the online shopping route cuts through your busy schedule and keeps you right on top of your shopping. This is especially useful when you need to quickly buy a dress for an office party, or a new watch to gift your mum who lives in another city, or to exchange that shirt you tried on but which doesn’t fit. Instead of trawling through the site looking for what you need, you can just download the site’s shopping app and cut right to the chase.

The shopping app shows you the latest sales, offers, great deals and discounts on your mobile phone screen. While you look through these, you can keep loading your shopping cart with the items you need, check up on discounts for buying certain brands, and look for promo codes you can use to get special offers.

All of this, under one minute!

Besides, the shopping app alerts you to new offers, impending sales and limited time previews – so you can stay right on top of new trends and be trendy – with just the flick of a button!

Shopping For Clothing Online

Ethnic Wear 101: Shopping For Clothing Online

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Know the trends, pick the clothing to match, and turn heads with your gorgeous style. We help you shop for ethnic wear online.

However much we embrace Western fashions and etiquette, Indian fashion is always our go-to option for formal wear. Indian ethnic wear is classy and tailored to suit the Indian body frame. Besides, its styling and colouring make the clothing look really attractive. It is little wonder that Indian ethnic wear like sarees and salwar kameez sets are popular even abroad!

But just like other clothing styles, Indian ethnic wear also goes through changes every year. The year 2017 was a big year for ethnic wear, as a number of famous designers innovated with silhouettes, length and even embellishments. The year 2018 is also set to be the year of ethnic wear, with several celebrities opting for it over Western wear.

You should have a lot of ethnic wear in your wardrobe, in line with the ongoing fashion trends. And it’s not that hard to pick the latest designs, too – just log on to your favourite shopping site or app and get shopping.

In your quest for the perfect ethnic wear, you can go online to shop from your favourite shopping app for:

* Salwar kameez or churidar suits:

Salwar kameez and churidar suits never go out of style. They are also quite versatile, transitioning seamlessly from casual to formal. So whether it is a usual day of work or a wedding reception, you can wear a churidar suit with equal aplomb to both. We suggest buying the freshest styles in Biba suits online. You can find a number of Biba suits online in various colours and styles, so help yourself look great in ethnic wear this year.

* Bell and/or ruffled sleeves:

Sleeves made a big splash in 2017, and the trend continues this year. But the style has changed from the floor-sweeping sleeves of last year, to more muted silhouettes. However, ruffled and bell sleeves are still quite sought after. The rule of thumb with sleeve styling, is that if the sleeve is detailed, then the rest of the kurta should have an A-line or fitted silhouette. You can have bell or ruffled sleeves in both short and long kurtas this year.

* Stunning sarees. Just like churidar and kurta sets, sarees never go out of style. It is a demure yet sexy garment, accentuating a woman’s curves while making her appear slimmer and taller. The saree can also be draped in a number of ways. One style that caught the attention of fashionistas last year, and which trend is sure to continue this year, is to wear a cigarette pant or churidar inside the saree. The saree is draped such that it exposes one leg to show the garment worn underneath. It is a style well suited to tall and thin women, but other body types can also try it with a short sleeved or strappy blouse.

* Lehengas. Every woman needs at least two lehengas in her wardrobe. Lehenges enhance the appeal of your curves and make you look elegant and feminine. From celebrities to everyday working women, anybody can rock a lehenga. It doesn’t need a specific body shape or height to look really great. Pair it with strappy heels and a shimmery dupatta across your shoulders, and you’re good to go.

Buying A Military Watch

What You Need To Know About Buying A Military Watch

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When you talk about military watches, it’s these watches that are combat ready, tough and reliable. The question always when there’s a new military watch is not about how good it can tell time but how durable is it to resist dust and water, not to mention will the features make it durable still. But going to a watch store and telling the sales guy “hey buddy I want to buy a military watch” is not as easy as it is. You see military watches are not as simple as it was before.

While there are still watches that retained their simpleness, some went over the top with the specs. If you think that going full digital with the watch was the best thing that ever happened to a watch 10 years ago, with how smart watched and sports watches are now, you will realize how primitive digital watches are. But it doesn’t mean that it lost its flare. With that said, if you come looking for a military you need to remember these tips:

Know the necessary features that you need: Most people think that a military watch is a tough build watch that is dust and waterproof, what they don’t know is that there are things that are needed to be considered depending on the use of the watch. If you are a diver and you plan to get a military watch you have to consider how deep you plan to go to because there is a limit of the water resistance feature that you need to consider. If you are a fireman, you also have to consider the “toughly” built watch if it can withstand the heat and pounding. If you are a military guy that been going into very dangerous missions, you need to know if the watch can take what you are taking.

The best techs aren’t always the ideal: While there are certain techs in a watch nowadays, it’s not necessarily good. You see if there are more electronics, the more that it’s becoming sensitive. More electronics means more prone to breaks and so on. So before you buy a watch like a military watch, you need to prioritize the features that will work in your field of practice.

Think of the longevity: It’s kind of absurd to think about a lesser quality military watch, because there isn’t. The most important thing in a watch is longevity with all the crazy things that you do. The watch has to keep up with the beating for longer periods, this is the mark of a good military watch and that should be what you should look for.

Looking for a military watch is a challenge. Military watch now has many variants and dynamic to it that if you just came in a watch store just to simply buy a military watch, you’re going to regret it. A military watch is not just about the tech it’s about the ideal functions, the necessary functions and the longevity of it despite the beating. If you need a reference to help you decide, head over to

Do your shopping in online

Do your shopping in online boutique for more collections Mason Lucas May 3, 2017 Fashion No Comments

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Shopping is the ever loving and favorite task for many people especially women. Even it will be our favorite but we are not having enough time to go and search in many shopping stores. To make our shopping easy people are choosing the online shopping which makes us very comfortable. We can do all kinds of shopping easily in online and it offers more comfort for everyone. There are many numbers of online sites available for your purchase you can do it easily. All the products are available such as clothes, Households items, fashion products and all other things.

Many of the people are looking for the new fashion wears in the market. In today’s modern world people are looking for the trendy wears which is best for all occasions. If you are looking to buy fashionable designs for stylish look and trendy clothes, the only way to do so is by choosing the online boutiques. The online boutiques are the best and easiest way to shop. All those clothing designs give you more ease and convenience. The boutiques are generally owned and run by the expert designers and hence, the clothes that they design, always follow the latest trend. In fact, their idea of the current fashion that will always be contemporary make sure that the dress, top, trousers or any other clothe that you buy from them is always contemporary, no matter how many springs come and go.

When you are planning to do shopping in online we have to do many researches to pick the right boutique. There is no limit for online boutique and it is available in wide variety of types. We can buy both the trendy and daily wears in all designs. Among the wide number of sites you have to choose the best one with best collection of dresses. First visit the boutique site of all shops and check the collections. Some may give you at cheap price in various designs but the material will not be good. In those kinds of shops check the reviews for your safety. If the reputations are good and give you complete satisfaction then you can do your purchase. Compare many boutiques and finally make your purchase at the right shop. Wear different kind of trendy dress to make you fashionable and to enjoy the best outlook. Use some offers in online shops to save your money.