Essential Tips You Should Remember When Shopping for the Perfect Bridal Shoes


In life, there is no such thing as a ‘dress rehearsal.’ The same is true for a wedding. No matter how long and well you prepare for your wedding, you can never hold a dry run wedding and see if all the planning worked. This is precisely why you should be smart and strategic as you plan your big day. Aside from planning your wedding budget, you also need to plan what you should be wearing.

Among all the items on your wedding checklist, shopping for your bridal shoes might be on the latter part of the list. You might be thinking that since trying on a shoe does not involve other people; you can leave it for the last minute. While this may work for some, would it not be a good idea to spend a fair amount of time looking for the perfect shoe pair that will seamlessly match your wedding dress?

The truth of the matter is you should not grab any shoe you see that looks fabulous at a glance. Remember, you might be standing, dancing, or walking on it for 15 hours or more. Your shoes must be as comfortable as they can be. To help you save the hassle of figuring how you can score the best one, check out the simple tips below.

Find The Perfect Dress But Do Not Wait For The Last Minute To Find Your Shoes

When you are planning your wedding, it is right to choose your wedding dress first. Even if you already found your dream wedding shoes, control yourself from purchasing it right away. Never fall for the ‘just in case it matches with the dress’ mindset. It is an unwritten rule among brides for their footwear to complement all the aspects of their wedding dress. From colour, style, details, and embellishments, everything matters.

If you want to wear a shorter dress, then your wedding shoes might be one with a significant statement accessory. This simple combination will add the necessary romance, whim, colour, glitz, and glam to your elegantly modern ensemble. If you intend to wear a full-length wedding gown, your shoes would not be as visible. To get the perfect match, shop for your shoes when you have already decided on your bridal dress.

Define Your Style But Do Not Be Afraid Of Experimenting With Colour

It is highly unlikely for you to be buying your wedding gown and shoes at the same shop. To ensure consistency, have a firm and clear grasp of the bridal style you are aiming for. If you are aiming for a retro or vintage look, ensure that your bridal shoes are from the same era, too.

Pay extra attention to your gown’s embellishments or detailing. The same could be echoed in the footwear you will be wearing on your wedding. Pay special attention to the materials used and see where the same could be matched.

Do not be intimidated with colour. The colour of your shoes will largely depend on your bridal motif and your personal preference. Traditional and classic brides are more drawn to colours like clean white, nude tones, ivory, and champagne. However, if footwear flair intrigues you, you are most welcome to go out of the colour box. If you have the guts to step your style up, why not go for metallics? A little more shine and glitter will surely catch anyone’s eye.

The final takeaway

Just like in any other kind of event, planning will always help you win the day. When it comes to your wedding, considering every aspect of it, whether big or small, will guarantee a fun, stress-free, and successful event.

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