Shade Sails Patio or Porch Installation Tips


A picture-perfect patio or porch is a great way to start or end your day. Your outdoor living spaces are the best places to breathe in natural air. But changes are unpredictable. It could be bright and sunny in one minute, but rainy and windy in the next. If you are lounging your time away, you might get caught between the warring climate. Start shopping Shade Sails Online and shield you and your furniture from unpredictable weather conditions.

A porch (also called a veranda) is typically attached to the main house. The patio could either be also attached or detached. Regardless of which one you have, they (and the outdoor furniture and accessories placed there) need additional shading and protection from the harsh elements. Since these are easy to install, purchasing Shade Sails Online is one way to guarantee that you and your fittings are safe and secure. You can install the shades yourself or hire a professional else to set them up for you. But regardless of any method, these are pretty easy to put up. There are some installation guidelines you need to know if you decide to go for it yourself.

How many shades will you need for your porch or patio?

Some homeowners forget that size matters, especially if you intend to give shade to an outside area of your home. Big is not always better. However, a smaller shade may not be able to protect the items in your area of relaxation. So the question remains – how large is your porch or patio? You first need to know the size before you make your purchase.

Ensure that you have strong supports for your shade sails

Your support system should be as strong as Superman – which is why a steel post is essential to having a sturdy shade sail system. These posts are the best when it comes to proper shading support. Your steel post should be three to four inches thick. If you do not have a metal one, you can opt to mount a large wooden one instead.

Burying the posts is also a matter of consideration. A twelve-foot post would have eight feet exposed and four feet under. You need to consider the weight of your sails. If you intend to put two or more sails on four posts, you may want to consider adding two more to support the load better. You can also use turnbuckles, “D” shackles, and steel cables or chains to strengthen your shades further.

Install sail shades depending on the shadows they cast

Casted shadows from the installed sail shades add value to the appearance of your house. It can be an utterly shaded area, or with slivers of sunlight seeping through it. If you have a pool, put up some shades so that there is a spot where you can cool down a bit. A regular backyard shade breathes new life into outdoor dining. Triangle shades overseeing your patio gives it a resort-like look. The possibilities are endless.

If you are not sure about your self-assessment of the strong points for your posts, you can have a professional handyman or your friendly neighborhood carpenter evaluate the structure or posting area. Once your poles are up, it will be easy to install the shade sails by yourself, and you will be relaxing underneath them in no time.

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