John Abraham Workout Schedule and Diet Plan with chart


Every woman gets drooled over the physique of this Bollywood personality, John Abraham. BTW the latest news about John Abraham’s girlfriend can be found here. Do you want to have a body just like him, huh? You will definitely increase the number of female fans and every single woman will try to woo you. But in order to get the body of this fitness freak you get to know about his diet plans and workout sessions. What is his workout routine like?

John perfectly knows how to use different exercise in a set so that he can get maximum benefit and that’s why he includes cardiovascular training (that help to improve the heart strength) along with weight exercise.

  • He also includes 2-3 hours of kickboxing.
  • Last but not the least, John make sure to give proper attention to each part of the body from bicep to legs and that’s why he include curls with legs lift. Apart from that he do crunches and pull ups for upper body strength.

He believes in three aspects for a healthy body i.e:

  1. Take enough sleep
  2. Have good healthy food
  3. And regular routine

Shortcuts are strictly forbidden John doesn’t believe in shortcuts and also never encourages it to others. He is of the opinion that only hard work and dedication can render you success and the fame that you desire regardless of the field you are in. He follows a strict and disciplined training regime and requests all his fans to do the same to stay fit and healthy. Do you know about his diet plan? Actor John Abraham is very serious regarding his diet and do take proper care. A high content of protein is found in his diet because these are extremely beneficial for the health and optimal fitness level. He strongly recommends having heavy breakfast because it keeps one energized the entire day. He is fond of drinking tea twice a cup every day. His lunch includes simple food like chapatti, vegetables, yellow pulses, fried vegetables. The dinner features soups, corn, vegetables etc. Small meals are includes pre and post workouts. He believes in following a healthy lifestyle and schedule. John understands his body quite well and knows how to maintain it. In order to get his body, try to follow his regime and diet plans.







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