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Lower Back Pain
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Explore the Available Treatment Options for Lower Back Pain in New Jersey

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The discomfort caused by low back pain might get in the way of your daily tasks and the things you enjoy doing. That’s why at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, the compassionate practitioners, Steven Ferrer, MD, and Kevin McElroy, DO offer a wide range of safe, effective treatments for low back pain in Ramsey and the greater New Jersey area. The caring specialists are well aware of the negative impacts that chronic pain may have on your life quality and provide the perfect solutions that alleviate pain and inflammation and enhance strength, mobility, and much more. To explore the available treatments, call the office or request an appointment online.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

There are various causes of low back pain, including muscle strain, spinal stenosis, arthritis, inflammatory diseases, bursitis, and injuries to the ligaments, joints, tendons, or muscles.

  •   Nerve Compression

Herniated discs and bone spurs may exert pressure on one’s nerves. The compressed nerves are generally painful.

  •   Muscle Strains

Overexertion and overuse can result in strained and tight back muscles. When you have strained back muscles, the pain can radiate down to your legs and hips and up to your shoulders.

  •   Injuries

Accidents and injuries might damage your back, compress nerves, restrict mobility, result in muscle strain, and much more.

  •   Work Joints

With time and aging, one’s joints might weaken and wear. This might also occur because of particular progressive and degenerative diseases, for instance, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

  •   Diseases

Various diseases can result in back pain including meningitis, cancer, and particular inflammatory and arthritic conditions, like ankylosing spondylitis. Especially if you have suffered weakened or damaged joints and muscles, you might damage your back, even with minor or simple movements.

What Are the Symptoms That You Need in Order to Seek Expert Attention for Your Low Back Pain?

You should reach out to the specialists at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine if you notice swelling, lingering pain, redness, warmth, or tenderness in your lower back. If the pain negatively influences your quality of life or daily activities and affects your mobility function, do not hesitate to schedule a personal consultation with the practice.

What Are the Available Treatment Options for Low Back Pain?

To establish which is the most suitable treatment, your provider performs an extensive evaluation that involves testing and a detailed discussion of your medical and family history, as well as current symptoms. The recommendable treatment depends on the severity and cause of your low back pain and other personal health, concerns, and preferences.

Various treatment options are offered at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine to help boost the body’s natural healing mechanism, alleviate inflammation, and reduce the low back pain. These include:

  •   Electrical stimulation.
  •   Botox injections.
  •   Acupuncture and electroacupuncture.
  •   Rehabilitative exercises and physical therapy.
  •   Osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT).
  •   Stem cell therapy.

These safe and effective treatments often avoid the need for surgery or medicine which might pose unnecessary risks or side effects or even result in other health problems and complications. But if necessary, your provider might use the medications and interventional spine procedures.

To sum up, the Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine specialists are here to help you access relief for your low back pain. Call their Ramsey, NJ office or use the online scheduling tool to get started today.

Peripheral Artery Disease
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Learn What Could Cause Peripheral Artery Disease

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Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a vascular condition that results from the accumulation of plaque inside the artery. The plaque buildup restricts blood flow to the limbs, especially the hands and arms. According to recent studies, the condition affects over 8 million citizens living in the United States. Untreated conditions could cause gangrene, stroke, amputation, or even death. Recognizing the risk factors is essential to prevent the disease. Consult Prime Heart and Vascular for treatment of peripheral artery disease in Frisco. Below are the main factors that could cause the condition.


Research shows that a large percentage of people diagnosed with peripheral artery disease are above the age of 50. Therefore, it is important to get screened if you are approaching or above 50 years because early diagnosis and treatment is easier than the severe stages. Screening is also non-invasive, so you should not fear anything.

African ethnicity

Being an African descendent could increase the risk of developing PAD than being from any other race. You must take preventive measures in advance such as a healthy diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes or get screened if you are an African-American approaching 50 years. 


Smoking has numerous negative health impacts, including lung cancer and other illnesses. Smoking also causes constriction of blood vessels, which could cause peripheral artery disease. Luckily, smoking is a lifestyle behavior that you can quit as early as possible to reduce the risks of illnesses.

Family history

You are likely to develop peripheral artery disease if a member of your family has also been diagnosed with the condition. Such families should adopt preventive measures very early in life and look for signs to begin treatment before the disease advances.


Being overweight could increase the risks of developing heart conditions, including PAD. Therefore, you should make a point of reaching a standard weight to reduce the risks. Alternatively, you can speak to a doctor for advice on other preventive measures.

Existing health conditions

Patients with high blood pressure could also develop peripheral artery disease. High blood pressure puts too much force on your blood vessels’ walls, which causes damage with time. Eventually, you develop other heart conditions. You should consult a doctor for ways to manage your blood pressure if you want to reduce the risks of complications.

High cholesterol

Cholesterol is essential for the body to function correctly. However, a high level of bad cholesterol is not healthy for your body. Additionally, low levels of good cholesterol could increase the risks of heart diseases. Triglyceride, another fat in the blood, is another risk factor you should watch to prevent peripheral artery disease.

You should seek treatment immediately if you suspect that you have peripheral artery disease. Understanding the risk factors is also essential to screening early before the condition progresses to its late stages. However, a diagnosis should not scare you as there are numerous non-invasive treatments to cure PAD. Book an appointment today with Prime Heart and Vascular for a consultation and treatment. 

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Myths and Misconceptions about OCD

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There is a high possibility that you have heard of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which is a mental illness that affects so many people, both young and old. Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors characterize it, and you might have seen it impersonated in films and on TV. However, how much do you know about this unique condition? Despite its prevalence, OCD in New York remains to be one of the most misunderstood health conditions. It could be due to the stereotypical characters that we see on TV that mislead so many people into believing ideas about the disorder that is not true. We look at some of the myths and misconceptions about OCD that you should know.

Everyone is a little OCD.

Many people believe that we are all a little OCD in one way or another, but the truth is you can never be a little OCD. This disorder is quite complicated and debilitating and affects approximately 1-2% of the world’s population. In most cases, it starts during early adulthood and can make it quite challenging for the patient to go with their daily life comfortably.

OCD is not a big deal and should not get people worried too much

Having OCD is not just about an overreaction to the stresses of life. Stressful situations can indeed increase OCD in people living with it, but they do not cause it. People that believe that OCD is not a big deal could not be any more mistaken since people living with the condition face severe, often debilitating anxiety over obsessions. They get to a level of extreme worry or fear, which can get quite overwhelming and prevents them from functioning correctly.

OCD is all about cleanliness

Keeping things clean is a common compulsion associated with OCD, but it is not the only thing to conclude that someone has the disorder. Likewise, not everyone with OCD has it. Other compulsions include hoarding items, being overly cautious about making a mistake, or repeating some routines like going in and out of the door for no apparent reason.

People with OCD are easily noticeable.

You may not believe it, but you may have encountered many people with OCD and never noticed. People with OCD are very good at hiding and suppressing their symptoms when in public, especially if things are working out for them. Likewise, some individuals have OCD but do not demonstrate visible compulsions, and everything takes place in their heads. There will not be any symptoms to give them away, and the patient might not know they have the condition.

People with OCD cannot live a normal life.

While there has not been a 100% cure for OCD, many people can live without showing the symptoms for a long time, mostly when working with an OCD specialist. With the right expert, you can reduce up to 90-95% of your symptoms. Occasional obsessions will pop up from time to time, but they will be less frequent and severe.  With an OCD specialist, you will get the knowledge and tools to fight OCD and live a better life.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from OCD, it will help to separate the facts from the myths. It is a mental illness, yes, but it should not determine the rest of your life. Likewise, with proper help from an OCD specialist, you are guaranteed invaluable support throughout your care.

Healthy Weight
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5 Ways of Maintaining A Healthy Weight

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Maintaining a healthy weight needs a lot of discipline and dedication. You have to ensure that you eat healthy food and in the amount that is required. Too little food will mean you are underweight, while too much will lead to obesity. Fruits and vegetables are crucial to every person’s diet; hence ensure that you have a serving of fruits and vegetables daily. The kind of lifestyle you lead can contribute to your weight issues. Perhaps you feel too busy to incorporate a healthy meal and so you rely on fast and convenience foods, leading to being overweight or obese. If you are already overweight, you can get in touch with Dr. Rohit Suri, who creates individualized treatment plans helping patients reach their goal weight. Located in Ashburn, Fairfax, and Vienna, Virginia, Nova Physician Wellness Center will cater to your needs.

One of the best ways to gauge your weight is by checking your basal metabolic index (BMI), which compares your weight to your height. A BMI of between 18.5-24.9 is considered normal. Between 25-29.9 is overweight, while above 30, you will be considered obese. A BMI of below 18.5 is considered underweight, and you should seek treatment to get to an average weight.

Let’s take a look at the ways of maintaining a healthy weight.

  1.     Watch what you eat

To maintain proper weight, you should eat nutrient-dense foods with the right balance of calories. Avoid empty calorie foods such as sodas and cakes. Eat your vegetables and fruits for a good fill of nutrients. Avoid deep-fried foods and other fatty foods to avoid gaining fat.

  1.     Exercise

Being physically active ensures that your body maintains proper energy levels and, at the same time, increases your blood circulation. When you engage in weight training, your body builds muscle. Bear in mind that muscle has a higher metabolism than fat, and hence supports easier weight management.

  1.     Measure your food portions

Check the amount you put on your plate. Do not eat too much or too little. If possible, weigh your food, so you know what amount to eat.

  1.     Eat at regular intervals

Schedule your eating time. If you have breakfast at 7 in the morning, make it a daily habit and maintain the habit for all the meal times.

  1.     Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you should not skip it. When you don’t have breakfast, your body might go into starvation mode. The starvation mode will lead you to eat everything that you see without portion control.

Whether you are overweight or obese, do not worry. Weight management can be a bit daunting when you do it on your own, but when you seek the help of a specialist, you will find it easy and doable.  Weight specialists at Nova Physical Wellness Center will help you achieve a healthy weight through nutrition and physical therapies designed only for you.

Make a point of booking online or through a telephone call and change your lifestyle for the better.


Breast Augmentation
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Top six Reasons for a Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation is an ideal option for you if you intend to improve your breast’s appearance by increasing its size. Dr. Jason Leedy of Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute offers breast augmentation in Mayfield Heights and can help you know if this is the most suitable for you. However, if you have the following needs, consider yourself a candidate for breast augmentation.

  1.     You Want Larger Breasts

Whether your breasts are naturally small or you desire larger breasts, it doesn’t matter, and you don’t have to undergo physical or mental hardship for whichever reason you are thinking to enlarge your breast. It is fine to need a fuller and large bosom, and breast augmentation can give you that. Your provider at Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute can help make your breast shapelier, larger, and have a more youthful look.

  1.     You Need a Greater Degree of Symmetry

Sometimes asymmetrical breasts can be embarrassing. If this is your case, you don’t have to be embarrassed any longer. With breast augmentation, you can have your confidence boosted, and your self-esteem raised. This is because it can improve your breast’s symmetry, giving you more natural results. However, please note that most women have one breast larger than the other, and there is nothing wrong with such. However, the degree of difference varies from one person to another, and breast augmentation can change the situation.

  1.     You Want Younger Looking Breasts

Aging is a natural process that affects not only your overall well-being but also your breast’s appearance. As you age, your breast loses volume causing your tissues to deflate and give your breast a saggy appearance. This can affect your confidence and how you feel about yourself and make you feel and look older. However, if you are at this point, breast augmentation can help you achieve more youthful breasts.

  1.     You Want to Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Breasts Back

Just like the aging process, when you are pregnant, your body undergoes several changes, including hormonal changes that can affect your breast’s size and appearance. Your breasts get bigger during pregnancy, and after birth, they may decrease in size, causing the excess skin to sag and give them a droopy appearance. However, you can regain your youthful and perkier breasts with the perfect size and shape you deserve.

  1.     You Want to Regain Your Breast after a Mastectomy

In case you have breast cancer, you might undergo a mastectomy that affects your breasts’ size and shape. You might also undergo the procedure to reduce the risks of breast cancer. If you have undergone the procedure for whatever reason, breast augmentation can help you restore the size of your breast.

  1.     Improve the Exterior of Your Breast after Losing a Significant Amount of Weight

Losing weight is a good thing. However, the size of your breast can reduce significantly if you lose a substantial amount of weight. This can leave your breast shapeless, limp, and saggy. However, breast augmentation can help you get the best-looking breasts for you to experience happiness and satisfaction with your entire body’s overall appearance.

The above are only some of the reasons you might need a breast augmentation, and your provider at Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute can help you know if the procedure is suitable for you. Therefore, don’t hesitate to seek more information from Dr. Leedy.

herniated disc
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Treatment for Herniated Disc at Yancey Pain & Spine

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Herniated disc ranks among the common causes of pain in your back and neck. If left unchecked, you may suffer chronic conditions affecting the arms and legs. Yancey Pain & Spine delivers treatment for a herniated disc in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas, through highly customized treatment plans. William Yancey, MD, uses an evidence-based approach to deliver long term pain relief through precise, effective, and safe methods.

What is a Herniated Disc?

Vertebras in your spine are separated by a spinal disc serving as a cushion of soft gel-like center bordered by a tough outer surface. The spinal disc diligently serves as a shock absorber and offers adequate support for spine flexibility and mobility. In case of certain changes in your vertebral column, your vulnerability to a herniated disc is multiplied.

Herniated disc arises when excess pressure from beneath and above the spinal disc in your vertebrae forces the gel-like matter out through weaker portions of the exterior. Every part of your spine is highly vulnerable to a herniated disc under the right circumstances. More vulnerable parts include the cervical, lumbar, neck, spine, and lower back.

Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

Symptoms of herniated discs depend on the involved nerves and the location of the herniation. If the herniated disc doesn’t press or pinch a nerve, you may experience no pain or a dull ache. In case the herniation presses on a nerve, you may get sensations of weakness, pain, or numbness in the areas affected by the affected nerve. Other symptoms may vary based on location. For instance:

Lumbar spine. In the lumbar spine, a herniated disc may cause a pinch or irritation to your sciatic nerve. The resulting pain condition, sciatica, is responsible for numbness, tingling, radiating pain, and weakness on one or both sides of your lower extremities.

Cervical spine. Herniated discs in your cervical spine may give you a pinched nerve, cervical radiculopathy, and symptoms that could radiate to the hands, arms, and shoulders.

Treatment for Herniated Discs

Yancey Pain & Spine aims to deliver highly effective treatment for herniated discs through non-surgical and least invasive interventions. Dr. Yancey uses modern medication and treatment options for improved safety, precision, and efficiency of conventional therapy.

Your personalized treatment plan may consist of:

  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Physical therapy
  • Medications

Should conservative measures come short in alleviating symptoms of herniated discs, Dr. Yancey shall refer you to a certified surgeon equipped to handle your case.

Other Services Offered at Yancey Pain & Spine

Dr. Yancey uses the latest equipment and treatment options in specialty areas like:

  •       Pinched nerve
  •       Joint pain
  •       Chronic pain
  •       Spinal stenosis
  •       Back pain
  •       Sciatica
  •       Spinal cord stimulation

Your treatment is fully customized, based on individual symptoms, needs, and preferences.

Bottom Line

Herniated discs are quite common, and may be the unfortunate cause of chronic symptoms that could affect your life’s quality. Yancey Pain & Spine uses a multidisciplinary approach to treat herniated discs. If you are battling herniated discs and other conditions highlighted above, call the practice or book an appointment online.

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Fuku’s Delivery-Only Model Expands into Philadelphia

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Renowned New York restaurateur and founder of the Momofuku group, David Chang is deepening his footprint in Philadelphia through his fast-casual fried chicken franchise, Fuku, with the establishment of a delivery-only kitchen in partnership with Reef Neighborhood Kitchen in Northern Liberties. The Neighborhood Kitchen will be available exclusively on delivery platforms such as Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats, and Postmates. Reef Neighborhood Kitchens operates over 100 delivery-only kitchens facilities in nearly 20 cities in the United States.

Fuku has had a presence at Lincoln Financial Field for around three years, but the launch of the delivery-only kitchen opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

Fuku is the only brand currently operating out of Northern Liberties, although more brands will be added in the future. However, Grubhub lists Asian-style franchises Wow Bao and Buns & Bao, as being at the facility, though they state that the restaurant “is not accepting orders on Grubhub, but may be soon.”

Fuku is a spinoff of the culinary brand, Momofuku, which was created in 2004 by Chang in New York City with the opening of the Momofuku Noodle Bar. Momofuku has won praise across the world as it has expanded with locations in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney and Toronto.

Chang is also an author and the producer of eight-part Netflix documentary “Ugly Delicious,” though the public may know him more for winning $1 million on ABC’s game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and donating the prize money to restaurant workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alex Munoz-Suarez, the CEO of Funk, said in a statement that the brand is excited about the possibilities of expanding its reach in Philadelphia. Munoz-Suarez reiterated the company’s belief that their model would allow them to deliver their products in a way that was both safe and controlled.

One of Fuku’s signature items is a spicy fried chicken sandwich, for which Stephanie Adams, the brand’s executive chef, spent a year developing a recipe. The sandwich features six ounces of antibiotic-free, organic chicken breast brined over 24 hours in the freshest habanero puree, served with Fuku mayonnaise and pickles on a potato roll.

The delivery-only kitchen also features a chicken burger (ground chicken, tomato, American cheese, lettuce, Fuku mayo and pickles on a potato roll), the C.B.R Sando (crispy chicken breast brined in habanero, buttermilk ranch, pickles and smoked bacon, on a potato roll), chicken tenders and waffle fries.

The Spring Garden Street delivery-only kitchen hub is the second Reef Neighborhood Kitchen in Northern Liberties and the sixth in Philadelphia, according to a Fuku spokeswoman.

Fuku has been expanding aggressively, establishing outlets in Arlington, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., in partnership with Reef. Fuku’s delivery-only collaboration with Reef has already found a home in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida areas.

The delivery-only model aims at bringing restaurant quality food onto the quartz countertops of ordinary Americans, through the medium of delivery platforms, removing the need to go out to eat well.

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2 Perfect Treatments for Trimming Fat

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Have you ever thought that trimming fat could be a lot more fun than spending months at the gym, doing obscure exercises that only trim a little bit of it? Well, with treatments like Coolsculpting and Kybella, you very well can. These are powerhouses when it comes to melting through fat and toning different areas of the body.

Opposites, But With Similar Results

Both Kybella and Coolsculpting are designed to melt through the fat cell buildup on various parts of the body. These treatments are perfect for anyone looking to tone down the fat and gain control over how their body looks. This makes them very powerful and useful tools in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon, especially one with a lot of experience in body contouring.

But even though both treatments are designed to do more or less the same thing, their methodologies are completely different.

First, you have Coolsculpting, which like the name implies, uses the cool air to tone the body. By applying pressurized cold air against the skin, the fat cells are stimulated into destroying themselves from the inside and letting the body naturally dispose of them. What essentially ends up happening, is the fat cells destroy themselves through completely natural means, detach from the rest of the fat clump, leaving that area with a thinner layer of fat.

This not only makes the Coolsculpting treatment one that relies on your body’s own natural abilities, but it also means that there are no side effects, no odd reactions to questionable chemicals, no scars and no injections. The procedure is purely non-invasive since the Coolsculpting pumps are placed on the outside of your skin as they pump cold air. Another great aspect of the Coolsculpting treatment is that it also doesn’t hurt.

Most cosmetic treatments, though pretty much mostly painless, do end up causing some amount of discomfort and tiny amounts of pain. Coolsculpting, however, is not the same. Within the first 7 to 10 minutes that the Coolsculpting pumps are pressed against your body, the skin goes numb from the cold and you don’t feel a thing all throughout the treatment. Even with skin that’s sensitive to the cold, you’ll still find very little to complain about Coolsculpting.

Kybella, on the other hand, works in the opposite direction. Instead of using the cold to convince the fat cells into killing themselves, it just directly gets rid of them with the special compound injected into the fatty areas of the body. The compound is actually a synthetic variant of a stomach acid which is naturally created inside your body. This is the deoxycholic acid and it specializes in burning through fat cells specifically. In your stomach, it dissolves any fat that you consumed. But in places such as under the chin, it can melt through the excess layer of fat like butter.

And best of all: it can do this without damaging anything else, since the chemical is engineered to exclusively target fat cells, leaving all others intact.

Side Effects, Recovery and Cost

Most modern cosmetic treatments are designed in such a way, to make recovery as easy for patients as possible. No one wants to spend days or weeks sitting inside after they got treated. They want to get back to their normal life as soon as possible and go through as little pain as possible.

Luckily, both treatments are very light on their side effects and recovery. Coolsculpting will only cause very light aching, which typically starts immediately after the treatment is finished. It’s completely normal to feel this, since your skin has just been through consistently cold temperatures for up to an hour and is just now getting used to the warmth. If you’re willing to bear through a little bit of aching, which goes away within the first day right after the treatment, you should be perfectly fine.

The one downside to Coolsculpting, however, is that you will have to wait a few months before your body gets fully toned. The fat cells need to take time and go through apoptosis, the process in which they destroy themselves and after this, the body will still need to rinse them out. But you don’t have to worry about going back and forth through clinics, since one session of Coolsculpting is enough.

Kybella is on the other side of the waiting spectrum. While it will take you several sessions and injections, the treatment does make a tangible difference in how the treated area looks much faster than Coolsculpting. Since the compound directly burns through the fat cells, you don’t have to wait for them to destroy themselves.

It’s a more direct approach to trimming fat, and while it is faster, it does come with more side effects than Coolsculpting. These are very minor and barely cause discomfort. Most patients say they feel burning and itchiness in the area, which is perfectly natural, as is swelling, redness and very light aching. But these go away within a couple days and never get to the kind of severity that they would distract you from your daily routines.

Cost is always a major factor to consider with any elective procedure because they are rarely covered by health insurance. Kybella cost in New York is variable and can cost between $500 and $900 per vial of medicine. The price for one CoolSculpting treatment in NYC is usually around $750 and depends on multiple factors such as number of treatments and expertise of the doctor performing the procedure.

And as you’re going through the recovery, you’ll need to keep in touch with the clinic specialists and report absolutely everything you feel to them, so that they know exactly what you’re going through. Cosmetic surgeons are always more than happy to help out and give some extra advice to patients, even after the procedures are finished. A great New York-based clinic that takes this to a whole new level is Skinly Aesthetics.

For their Coolsculpting and Kybella treatments, they keep in close contact with all their patients, to make sure that everything is going as planned. Trimming fat isn’t all that easy, even with cosmetic treatments, but if you work with a clinic that knows what it’s doing and does it well, you should have absolutely no problems sculpting your body to the shape and figure that you’ve always wanted.



Celebrity Wellness
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Celebrity Wellness Takes a Curious Turn

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In a piece in Insider, Gabby Ladsverk looks at the health club where celebrities eat 600 calories a day and get belly rubs to speed up their metabolism.

The piece in Insider focuses on celebrities Rebel Wilson and Karlie Kloss. Rebel Wilson joined the exclusive Austrian wellness centre, Viva Mayr, in 2020 as part of her “Year of Health”, and it has helped her  in 2020 with a stay at an exclusive European wellness center, and has since helped her to lose weight and improve her overall health.

Viva Mayr is a spa franchise and has a location in London. It is famous for its one- to two-week cleanses, which cost between $2,600 and over $8,000, excluding hotel accommodation, priced at $180 to $1,350 a night. Clearly with prices such as these, the spa caters to people of a very high income. Consequently, it attracts a lot of celebrities, including Suki Waterhouse, and Elizabeth Hurley as well as the aforementioned Rebel Wilson and Karlie Kloss.

Luxury spa it may be but the spa is renowned for its asceticism, rigor and restrictive diets, added to a spartan digestive regimen and, shall we say, eccentric wellness therapies.

Daily Belly Massages are at the Heart of Viva Mayr’s Approach to Wellness

Viva Mayr favours intermittent fasting, which essentially is where one restricts the number of hours one eats in order to enter a fasted state and improve metabolism, lose weight faster, and even boost one’s mood. The spa starts its guests on the journey of intermittent fasting by encouraging them to skip dinner.  Guests are also urged to stay away from raw foods, and eliminate alcohol, caffeine and beans from their diet, before coming to the spa.

The most curious of the spa’s treatments are 15min massages of the guests’ stomachs, three to five times a week. This is a mandatory treatment and costs $100 for the week. Viva Mayr insists that these massages stimulate digestion by eliminating blockages in the lymphatic system and abdomen.

Guests are also forbidden from drinking water with their meals, in the belief that drinking water with meals dilutes digestive enzymes. Guests are also prohibited from eating raw food after 4 p.m. As Insider notes, dieticians have disputed the evidence behind these strategies.

Diets are Restrictive, with Guests Eating Just 300 to 600 calories a day, and chewing each bite 40 times

Apart from regular belly massages, Viva Mayr also practices a very strange diet. Each guest has a custom-made dietary plan but those dietary plans all share the same features: the diet sets a limit of 600 calories per day and often, this is close to 300 calories.

It’s  important to note that dietary guidelines seldom recommend eating so few calories a day, with such diets usually being prescribed for people suffering from diabetes and other such conditions.

It is not surprising then that many guests experience difficulties with this restrictive diet. Added to this, guests are encouraged to chew each bite at least 40 times. One suggests that rather than partaking in the goings on at places like these, one pays a visit to the local medspa for quality spa treatment.

medical equipment online
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Know about the Damages caused by SSI, Wound Healing and the Types of wound healing

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Millions of people get affected by surgical site infections (SSI) every year. To dress up the wound after cleansing and to apply phase-oriented dressing is an important type of prevention from SSI. Dressing not only prevents the SSI but also helps the patients to cure and heal their wounds. Nothing can be more important to mankind in comparison to healing and dressing a wound. These things were also performed in ancient times, dating back to 2200 Bc. One of the old medical texts has mentioned the three healing gestures, one among them is medical equipment online like wound dressing and making plaster.

 People of ancient times often used mud or clay mixture with plants and herbs to absorb percolate and cure wounds. They also use oil as an important ingredient in plaster, as it sticks to the wound. It also lowers down the growth of bacteria. Nowadays we use advanced techniques and ingredients to cure wounds but the motive remains the same, to heal the wound and prevent it from infection. If somehow infection occurs, we should be able to manage it, especially after surgery by buying medical equipment online.

Although we have very advanced technology and techniques in current medical science, still most of the healthcare-associated infections (HAI) cause SSI. SSI patients often remain threatened. SSI leads them to stay longer in hospitals, which increases the costs of patients.

 Damages caused by SSI

  •       Most of the hospital Mortality and Morbidity is caused by SSI
  •       It is caused by skin flora bacteria, which surrounds the surgical incision, like, staphylococcus, aureus, methicillin-resistant.

So, after the operation we should be very careful about dressing the wound and prevent it from SSI, this phase of surgery is very critical.

Wound Healing

 Wound healing can be considered as a complicated process of replacing mislaid and enervated tissue layers and cellular structures. The homo adult wound curing process can be categorized into 3 or 4 dissimilar phases. Ancient authors referred only to 3 phases inflammatory, fibrillar, and maturation, which has also been denoted as inflammatory, proliferation, and remaking. The concept of four phases includes the inflammatory phase, the hemostasis phase, proliferation phase, and the remaking phase. While in three phases concept the hemostasis phase is restrained within the inflammatory stage.

 Wound Healing Types

 Primary wound closure

 This kind of process is used when the patient has lost a lot of blood tissue and new blood vessels and keratinocytes have to travel only a little distance to get the wound cured. These particular kinds of wounds or surgical incisions usually get incontinently closed with medical equipment online like stitches, staples, glue-like DermaBond, or tapes. This process is also called first intention healing and the other name it got is primary wound closure.

 If the wound is very sharp, jagged, uneven, and rough, it may be delayed sometimes to heal up the wound, cause normal surgeons can not treat it, you will have to go for a more skilled plastic surgeon or orthopedic surgeon. The other thing that can delay healing wounds is when a long time has passed (4-8 hours) in these kinds of situations the surgeon may go and prefer to perform secondary closure healing.

 Secondary wound closure

 This kind of process is usually chosen by surgeons when the first one doesn’t work. Although every next wound is renovated via primary wound closure. But when the patient has gone through large tissue damage and infections. There occurs a large gap between tissue cells, we can’t guess the new required tissue for filling up the gap between two edges of wounds, so it requires a more complex process. This process is also called secondary intention healing.

 This kind of wound often results in a large and annoying scar. And one only expects the secondary intention healing process will take more time as it needs granulation tissue formation and it has to fill up the large gap between two edges of the wound. But no need to worry surgical removal of dead tissue can be used in this process.

 Tertiary wound closure

 This type of process is usually performed when the patient is unhealthy and unstable and when the patient gets adequately infected and the presence of foreign ingredients tends to poor circulation in the injured area. It also needs to be performed when a very long time has passed since the injury took place and when components got crushed. This process is also called delay healing and tertiary intention healing. It gets the delayed healing name because it takes a lot of time. Firstly the wound is left open for staging by primary intention healing. When staging, the wound is cleaned, subsequently, damaged tissue is removed. Then after some time, many periods of observations need to be held, then is to perform primary intention healing, but if there is evidence of healing, viable tissue, and when we can clearly see the improvement in circulation when the body’s natural defenses takes over.

 There are many injuries that lead to performing tertiary intention healing. These are the ones that are previously closed by primary technique but have come apart. It often happens due to adequate tension on a joint and also happens during the abdominopelvic surgeries. The flaws that tertiary intention healing has, it takes a long time to repair a wound, it can pronounce more scars and the probability of infections are greater.


Our focus here is to make you understand how critical the operations and the surgeries are, a single mistake made in surgery, in dressing wounds, and other operational processes can lead you to get affected by surgical site infections, which further leads you to stay longer in hospitals, increase your costs, etc. So, be careful while going through all these processes and buy medical equipment online to ensure complete safety.