Pros and cons of Smart Lipo in Wildwood


Smart Lipo is a procedure that utilizes a laser source to help you get rid of extra fat. The laser energy heats the fat cells, and a medical suction takes out the liquified fat. Other fat loss techniques use ultrasound energy, radiofrequency energy, and injections, but laser fat loss is more effective. In this post, we will discuss the pros and cons of the Wildwood smartlipo.

Pros of Smart Lipo

Less invasive

The Smart Lipo procedure is less invasive than traditional liposuction because the conventional method involves the insertion of the cannula to suck the fat leaving a scar. On the other hand, Smart Lipo uses laser energy, so there is no scarring.

Prevents sagging of skin

Speedy weight gain causes cellulite, and rapid weight loss causes sagging of skin. When a laser heats the cells, collagen formation takes place that rejuvenates your skin, prevents skin sagging, and helps you get rid of the extra fat.

Effective even for large areas

With Smart Lipo, you can lose fat from the skin of a large surface area. Moreover, it has no side effects. Thus it is an excellent choice for you.

Faster recovery

You recover faster with Smart Lipo compared to other fat loss procedures.


The laser treatment is exact. Hence the doctor can contour your body more precisely.

Minimal scarring

As the procedure is minimally invasive, you develop fewer scars.

Cons of Smart Lipo


There is slight swelling after the procedure, which is entirely normal, and it subsides within a few days.


Like any other invasive procedure, Smart Lipo has chances of infections.

Irregularity in skin contour

Though the laser provides a smooth look, there can be irregularity in skin contour.

Unrealistic expectations

Sometimes people assume that Smart Lipo will bring dramatic results. If you go for this procedure with unrealistic expectations, you will be disappointed. The process is more about reshaping and recontouring your body rather than losing weight.


When you want to lose fat from a specified area, it can be a bit challenging with regular exercise or diet. Smart Lipo makes the process faster for you. But before going for the procedure, make sure you do a lot of research about it and discuss it in detail with your doctor so that you are well aware of the benefits and risk factors of the procedure.

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