Thinking About Getting Your Nails Done? You’ve Got Options


Getting a manicure feels amazing. When you get your hands soaked, massaged, and your nails cleaned and cut, you’ll feel like a brand-new person. It’s relaxing and can really help you relieve some stress after a long, hard day.

If you’ve never had a manicure before, you’re in for a real treat. Here’s what to expect and also your options if you want to get your nails done, too.

1. Expect a light hand massage

Most nail salons will give you a hand massage before working on your nails. Some people like this, but some find it a bit boring. Although, if your hands hurt, even a mediocre massage might be exactly what you need.

If you get someone who really knows how to give a good hand massage, you’ll enjoy this part of the experience. Some nail salons teach their nail technicians basic reflexology so they know how to relax your whole body through your hands.

2. Be prepared for a soothing hand soak

Soaking your hands in warm water is a relaxing experience. Most nail technicians will soak one of your hands in warm water while massaging the other hand.

The warm water usually has a relaxing, softening essential oil (like lavender) mixed inside.

3. You can have your nails painted

After you get your manicure, you can have your nails painted if you’d like. In addition to different colors, there are different types of nail polish.

·   Matte. Just like matte posters or business cards, matte nail polish has a flat look with no gloss or shine. Matte nail polish looks great in dark or light colors and won’t chip easily.

·   Glossy. If you love the shiny look, glossy nail polish is perfect. It looks great even as a clear coat.

·   Metallic. This type of nail polish shines, but in a metallic way similar to foil. Some people even consider glitter polish to be metallic.

·   Neon. Neon nail polish is more than just a set of colors – this is the kind of nail polish that glows in the dark when it contains a special mix.

·  Gel. Gel nail polish is really cool. It lasts longer than other types of polish and it can be used to make your nails longer. However, gel polish needs to be dried under a UV or LED light – it will not dry in the air.

·   Shellac. Shellac nail polish is a combination of regular polish and gel polish.

·    Acrylic. Acrylic nail polish lasts longer than regular polish, and it’s pretty popular because it can be used in many innovative ways. Acrylic is also harder than gel, which makes it a popular choice.

Whatever type of polish you choose, remember that you can always try something new the next time around.

4. It will take time for your nails to dry

Be prepared to sit and chat with your nail technician for a while after your nails are painted. Nail products take time to dry.

If you get gel nail polish, you’ll have to sit with your nails under some lights for about five minutes until they dry.

5. You can get nail art

If you want to add some flair to your nails, you can get nail art. Some nail art designs are pre-made and easy to apply. However, some nail art is done by hand and can end up looking like professional art.

It’s better to have your nail art done by a professional because you’ll have more creative options. Even if you’re artistically-inclined, you’ll struggle to paint your nails with your non-dominant hand.

6. If you’re chemically-sensitive, consider a private manicure

If you’re sensitive to chemicals, consider opting for a private manicure somewhere that doesn’t serve multiple customers at once. When you walk into a nail salon, you’ll be hit with all of the fumes from various nail polishes being used, and residue from past customers.

When you’re chemically-sensitive, it can be overwhelming to walk into a nail salon. If that’s your situation, try to find a business that only takes appointments and has ventilated rooms that serve one person at a time. There will be less chemical residue to breathe in, and the ventilation will help while you’re getting your nails done.

Manicures are good for your mental and physical health

It’s good to get your nails and hands cleaned every once in a while. Whether you choose to paint your nails or get fake nails, it’s an equally relaxing experience.

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