Women’s Fashion Jeans: Theory And Practice


Jeans should be in the wardrobe of every woman and girl, even if it is five days a week, goes to work in severe pantsuits. Favorite comfortable women’s fashion jeans in which this office worker spends his weekends for sure, good for walks with friends, and on a date with someone you love. But  jeans models must be chosen  in the first place, in accordance  with the type of your figure , and the second – in accordance with the occasion and, of course, do not forget about trends.

When it comes to jeans, all at once remembered the U.S.. And I want to say: God Bless America! Even as an ardent patriots of their country, to bless the United States we can for many things: for juicy beef burgers, for blues, country and rock and roll, with the Internet and Hollywood Adventure, and for jeans – especially. But thanks should speak not for the invention of jeans, but for the fact that a well-known Levi Strauss, he let them go into mass production.
The researchers argue that in the distant 1846 when Levi Strauss was not even born yet, Odessa mayor of Richelieu has strutted around town in jeans sewn by tailors from the famous Little Arnaut . In his monograph, the same researchers have presented an excerpt from the Odessa newspaper in 1846, which refers to the appearance of costumes made of ryadnitsy (thick cotton fabric from which sewed awnings, sails, sacks). By the way, even in Odessa is a monument jeans “Jean Duke.”
As for Strauss, that he emigrated from Germany to the U.S., he started the trading business. During the “gold rush” Levy decided to earn money. All the goods he had brought on board the ship in San Francisco, sold out instantly, and all that was left on the ship – it’s canvas. Strauss ordered a tailor trousers made from this material, and also immediately sold out. Later, when Levy founded the company Levi Strauss & Co. , jeans began to sew more of the soft tissue, known as “denim”. Strauss has amassed a fortune on jeans and has earned an important place in the history of the emergence of jeans.

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Styles of women fashion jeans

  • Skinny – narrow. They can rightly be considered the most  fashionable women’s jeans in 2013 . They typically comprise synthetic fibers, which allows tissue drag and take shape your figure. The downside of this is that these models are perishable and tear. These jeans are only for flawless figures. Those girls who have small flaws, but who really want to be a trend, it may be advisable to wear narrowed models complete with free riding.
  • Straight  – straight. This is a classic model that is suitable for almost everyone. Jeans are trousers such style of medium width, so they are nice and full, and for skinny girls. In the first case, these jeans hide full legs in the second – emphasize slender. High girls may be advisable to choose the right women’s fashion jeans, low-slung, not very high – medium and high. Also, this style is combined with a flat-soled shoes and shoes with heels.
  • Wide lag  – very wide, flared from the hip. These jeans fit better on the tall and slender girls. Women of small stature is better to combine jeans wide lag with high heels. This model is not always suitable for  full girls who try to hide their bulky shape things. In contrast, wide lag visual style does thighs wider.
  • Bootcut – flared from the knee. jeans bootcut, which are the classic casual American style, are also considered universal. Americans wear them with sneakers, boots and rough boots Timberland . Girls with narrow shoulders and wide hips on this model should be abandoned, because this style will create the effect of a very heavy bottom and visually make hips wider.
  • Flared  – remain very strong flared from the knee. flared model will be nice to sit on the slender and a little bit fat girls of standard and high growth. This model should be chosen exclusively to fans hippie style. Low girl jeans are contraindicated.
  • Boyfriend  – free, as if for a couple of large sizes. Fashionable women’s jeans boyfriend fit for girls of middle and low growth. Especially beautiful these jeans look with a jacket and a sharp-nosed shoes on a high heel.
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