A Brief Guide to Ladies Going Out Tops


Who doesn’t look forward to a fun night out with the girls or a romantic date night with a special someone? Whatever the reason, every woman deserves a night to go out and have fun. She should also feel confident about the way she looks. Below is a brief guide for how ladies can dress up their outfit with the right top for their style preferences.

Cool and Sophisticated

It might be after-dinner drinks or a fun night out with the gals, but either way, it’s a time to look put together and sassy. A classy button-down blouse is an ideal top for a trip to the bar or that new swanky restaurant downtown. Animal print takes it up a notch, while something more colorful shows off a playful side. The good news is that a woman can choose whichever pattern or color palette that best suits her personality. After all, a crisp button down will never go out of style.

Silky and Sensual

After dinner drinks? A stop at the club? For the woman who wants to put a sexy-cool vibe out there, a silk or satin cami top is one way to go. The silky fabric does a wonderful job of reflecting the dancing lights, adding more allure to the overall look. In addition, a smooth cami or cheeky off-the-shoulder top adds just enough visual interest without it being overkill. Remember that the best ladies going out tops leave something to the imagination!

Lovely Lace

What could be more feminine than lace? Not many things. A little goes a long way with this sexy fabric, so it looks best when it is featured on the hem of a dress or along the neckline or sleeves of a shirt. Adding lace to an outfit is a way for a woman to play up her natural femininity while maintaining sophistication and maturity.

Say Yes to Sparkle

A bit of sequin sparkle and shine can make for a fun going out top that is girly and lots of fun. Again, a little goes a long way, and wearing a sparkly top to a dance, bar, or club makes a woman look like the star of the show. Even for those who don’t want to be the center of attention, a touch of glimmer or shine will reflect nicely and add some allure to the overall look.

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