From the Little Black Dress to the Red Lipstick: What You Need to Know About Fashion


Fashion is one of the things people care about because it makes us look good and feel good. Although clothes shouldn’t have an effect on our mental health, they affect the way we perceive ourselves and our confidence.

It’s true that not everyone can afford to buy the newest clothes we see on the professional dress forms in the boutiques. But, they don’t have to, because there are some trends that never go out of style. Even if you aren’t that much into fashion, there are some basic fashion style rules everyone can follow.

Dress According To Your Body Type

It’s a fact that not all clothes look good on us. It’s because of our body type, i.e. are you tall, short, slim, curvy, etc. Therefore, before you decide upon what to buy or wear, you need to know what looks good on you.

In order to do that, you can try different outfits, shirts with/without sleeves with V-line or U-line, halterneck or A-line dresses, high or low-waist jeans, and so on. For example, large bosomed women should avoid boatnecks and crew necks. Instead, they should go for a V-neck to give them a better body line. Once you find which neckline or style of T-shirts, skirts, jeans, and dresses suit you, you can plan what to buy and come up with your own style.

Develop Your Own Style

Having a personal style is more important than trends. It’s because, as Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” That’s why you should develop a style you will follow regardless of the current trends; a style that comprises the types of clothes that make you look and feel your best. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt it according to the trends.

Dress According To The Occasion

You can’t wear a T-shirt with jeans and sneakers at the opera house, can you? It’s because the occasion dictates the style. Although you have a personal style, you should always dress accordingly the event you attend. For example, if you prefer a casual style, you can combine your black jeans with a dressy shirt and heels when on a more formal event. If you are not sure what to wear or don’t have what you need, you can ask a stylish friend or go to a store that sells clothes for that occasion.

Dress According To Your Age

Although nowadays we can see teenage girls and 40-something women looking same, not every piece of clothing, every hairstyle or even makeup style is appropriate for all ages. Namely, 40-year-old women can’t wear overalls or pigtails. It not only doesn’t suit them, but they also look funny. Whereas young girls need not to overdo the makeup rather they should use teen makeup which is the safest for their skin.

Follow Evergreen Trends

Although fashion trends constantly change, there are some trends that are timeless. So, if you aren’t a trendsetter, you can always go for the timeless look. For example, you can wear clothes with simple elegant lines and perfect necklines, such as empire waist dresses, A-line dresses, and jeans. They might not be the latest trend, but they always look good on some body types.

There are plenty of combinations you can make according to the occasion. If, for example, you are going out or taking your kids to a sports event, you can combine jeans with a simple T-shirt or a tall tee, and sports sneakers. If you are going to work, you can wear a one-colour T-shirt with a knee-length skirt and flats, and a necklace.

Trust The Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. Regardless of the occasion, your age or style, you can always choose this piece without worrying whether it’s appropriate. Plus, you can make countless combinations with shoes, jackets, bags, and jewellery.

Namely, this dress allows you to wear it with elegant black shoes and silver jewellery. You can also wear it with beige shoes, leather jacket, and an everyday colourful necklace. It’s the thing you can wear for everything, just by adjusting the accessories.

It’s All In The Details

No matter where you are going, you should always pay attention to your accessories. Therefore, you should choose wisely what kind of handbag, jewellery, or hairstyle you will have and make sure they match your outfit. For example, scarves and purses are a great choice for a plain outfit, while belts are a great addition to plain dresses. So, spend a few minutes to think about which accessories go with your outfit before leaving your home.

Trends change, but little black dresses, red lipsticks and jeans that flatter your figure never go out of style. Hence, to be stylish doesn’t mean you have to follow the latest trends. All you need is a great combination of clothes and accessories.

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