Stars Start Decking the Halls


With Christmas only a short distance away, many stars who are also parents have already started throwing up their Christmas decorations. Online magazine Parents notes that there are significant benefits to decorating early in a home with a child present. While this period isn’t precisely early on in the season, it’s early enough to have many of us looking on enviously at their brand new decorations. These aren’t your typical neighborhood Christmas light displays, but a slice of life that shows us how the stars celebrate their Christmas season with their kids.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

Gigi and Zayn had their first child in September of this year. The stars have already put up a Christmas tree, rife with decorations and lights. Gigi mentioned that the new parents are tired and busy – something all parents would be familiar with. Yet they still made the time to come together and put up a brilliant tree early on in the season.

Christina Anstead

Having older kids means that you can get them to decorate the tree right alongside you. Christina Anstead had the willing help of her boys, Brayden and Hudson, both of them young enough to be still stunned by the wonder and awe of a well-decorated Christmas tree. To get more about the most significant Christmas tree ornament, visit this website:

Jillian Harris

The Canadian TV personality has been early in setting up her Christmas decor. Today mentions, decorating early can make you a happier person. Jillian has double the happiness thanks to the help of her little one in setting out the decorations weeks before everyone else has.

Beverley Mitchell

Beverley has already put up one of the most amazing combinations of tinsel and glitter we’ve seen in a while. Her three kids had a fun time helping her put up the tree and hang the stockings. Santa’s more than a month away, but that doesn’t stop them from celebrating the season.

Shawn Johnson East

Former artistic gymnast Shawn had a lot of practice growing up to stretch and reach, which means she’s not going to need any help with hanging lights. While her little one is too young to really help that much, Drew will no doubt enjoy a season surrounded by such unique decorations that make their interior space pop.

Adrienne Maloof

There are trees, and then there are gargantuan monuments to Christmas. Adrienne’s tree is one of the latter. This massive tree takes up the family’s entire foyer and is definitely something she’d have needed help putting up. Still, it’s one of the most impressive decorations we’ve seen to date.

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

The temperature has already dropped, and Halloween is over, which usually signals the right time to start putting up your decorations. Some of these stars have been decorating way before Christmas, but you don’t need to give in to peer pressure. The decorations and tree trimming are among the most amazing memories your family has. Make it count this season, and cherish every moment. Your kids grow up o fast that they’ll outgrow Christmas trees before you know it.

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