How To Clean Beard Trimmer


I still remember the feeling I got when my first beard trimmer came in the mail. It’s such a fun gadget to play around with and to be honest, it makes shaving and trimming fun. Sure beats using scissors or razors. But a beard trimmer isn’t a toy. They are built to last for years of use and can be just as powerful as when it was new, provided you know how to maintain and look after your beard trimmer. Like any other gadget out there, you need to know what makes it tick and what makes it stop ticking.

After using beard trimmers for so many years, I’ve develop a general sense of what to do and what not to do. Some of the tips come along with each trimmer’s user manual but then there are stuff that they don’t tell you but you should know. Without further ado, here are some pointers on cleaning and maintaining your beard trimmer.

Some trimmers come with specially coated blades that are lubricated so cleaning of blades should always be done only with a soft substance, like a gentle cloth or my favorite, a soft brush or Q-tip. Most beard trimmer units come equipped with a brush attachment but you can use a small toothbrush or a q tip clean the blades. Do not ever use any liquid cleaners like detergents or corrosive chemicals on the blades, its not necessary at all and can hurt their performance.

There is not need to use soap on your trimmer. Most of the time, the only dirt that gets on the blades are the grease and grime from using your trimmer on an uncleaned face. If you only use your trimmer on a clean face after you shower, there is virtually no need to clean the blades much at all.

The trimmer should always be shut off when not in use, especially during cleaning. When cleaning, remove all trimmer guards and shake out any hairs that accumulate. Brush or blow out any hair from your trimmer’s teeth and use a cloth to wipe the attachments and blade.

If you are using a battery powered shavers, be sure to run down the trimmer completely once a month. Make sure that there’s no power left in the battery and then give it a full charge of 12 to 16 hours. This helps to prolong the battery life. If your trimmer does not move when you turn it in, it could be clogged with hair. Proceed to clean the trimmer before using it. Don’t knock it or shake it excessively to get it to work. Remove the attachments and see what’s the problem instead.

Do also place your beard trimmer in a safe place. Preferably where you won’t knock it over unto the floor. I made the mistake of placing my trimmer on a high shelf and knocked it over one day, it fell on the floor and broke. I did get a new trimmer because it was within the warranty period but it was a hassle. So place your beard trimmer in an appropriate location.

Avoid getting water on your beard trimmer and do not let children play with it without supervision. When traveling with a beard trimmer, buy a carry case with some padding and bring along a voltage converter if you are using it in a different continent, in order to prevent an electrical surge.

To sum up, take care of your beard trimmer and it will take care of you for a long time. An excellent and well-built beard trimmer like the Panasonic es8103s or the braun 790cc  can last you for years so they’re really a worthwhile investment if you know how to maintain them well.

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