6 Salwar Suit Designs for Different Body Types


Salwar suit is a popular choice for women in India. It comes in many different styles and colours, so there’s something to suit every person and occasion. Some styles work better for certain body types than others. This post will help you find the best salwar suit design by exploring 6 different designs that we think work well with different shapes and sizes of bodies.

Let’s take a look at these designs.

1. Salwar Suits

We have practically grown up with this traditional style, which has been a wardrobe staple for Indian ladies for ages. It’s difficult to go wrong with this style because it works for almost all ladies. Women with a heavier shape, on the other hand, should choose for a comfortable fit, whilst slim females may show off their curves in body embracing variants. If you’re short, keep clear from salwars that are excessively baggy.

2. Patiala Suits

This one is a solid option for every body type, and everyone adores it. This style is a winning combination if you have an hourglass figure and are of average height. If you are healthy and short, choose one with a short kurti and a patiala salwar that has less volume.

3. Anarkali Suits

Anarkalis, the most popular style, flatters virtually every body type. You truly don’t have anything to worry about if you have a slim and athletic body. Petite ladies should choose the appropriate length. Floor-length anarkalis should be avoided because they will make you appear even shorter. If you have a full figure, avoid heavily embellished bodices and stiff fabric.

4. Palazzo Suits

Palazzo suits, also known as sharara suits, are a welcome relief for those who are tired of the traditional salwar suit design. Although it’s difficult to resist the appeal of this elegant style, it’s best for short ladies to avoid it. The straight Kurti and straight-line trousers look stunning on tall ladies with wide shoulders since it tones out your figure.

5. Straight Suits

This suit, often known as a Pakistani-style suit, has a sharp and rebellious vibe. All body shapes look well in the long straight kurta and churidar. While it emphasizes a tall lady’s features, the sharp cuts also make a short woman appear taller. Wouldn’t you absolutely adore a win-win situation?

6. Front Slit Suits

This salwar suit design adds a touch of allure to your outfit. It is, however, not a style for ladies who are on the heavier end of the scale. Women with an hourglass form or athletic body type, on the other hand, will have a field day with this one. If you are thin, use rigid materials, but if you are bottom-heavy, choose fabrics like chiffon and georgette.

Short females should not be discouraged. Simply slip on a pair of high heels and strut your stuff in the front-slit suit like a diva!

The Bottom Line

We hope by the end of this post you have a better understanding of what type of salwar suit would work best for your body shape. Whether you’re looking to go casual or dressy, we’ve got something for everyone!

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