Reasons Why You Should Consider a Neck Lift for a Better Looking Skin


Aging signs on your chin and neck can make you look old even if you have a beautiful face. Though aging is inevitable, you can never avoid the self-consciousness that accompanies many signs of aging. One way to shrug off the old look is to have a Scottsdale neck lift offered by Dustin Heringer, MD. The procedure focuses on the neck region with the skin around your chin and jawline a consideration. Once done, you will have tighter and younger-looking skin, which improves your self-esteem.

How do you get a neck lift?

Neck lifts refer to procedures done on the lower side of your face, especially the neck region. When aging, fat deposits and a reduction in the production of skin proteins make your lower face have bumps, lines, and other skin blemishes. However, a neck lift improves the contours and eliminates the excess skin that makes you more self-conscious. You can even choose to have a neck lift simultaneously with a facelift for matching results on the neck region and your entire face. You will note a firmer appearance, tighter skin, and one with less sagging.

What is the best time to have a neck lift?

While everyone can have the procedure without issue, older people benefit most from it, as their skins have had contact with the sun and other processes in the body that create lines, sagging, and skin creases for a long time. Additionally, people with a significant weight and those with obesity can have a lift to remove the excess skin that causes sagging. Regardless, if you have the following, you can benefit from a neck lift:

  • Turkey wattles
  • Excess skin
  • Double chin
  • Muscle banding
  • Wrinkles
  • Sun-damaged skin

For non-uniformity in the skin texture, where your face looks different from your neck, you can also have the procedure for correction.

What do you expect in a neck lift?

A neck lift begins with a consultation discussing your beauty goals. Dr. Heringer takes note with additional examinations, which will determine the best approaches to dealing with your neck issue.

After the examination, expect an individual-centered approach, which begins with liposuction. The procedure helps eliminate excess fats in your neck and even the chin area that covers the jaw. Next, your doctor will make incisions in the neck area and access your inner skin to redistribute and remove some tissues. Once completed, the doctor will cover the treatment site and allow you to rest.

Unfortunately, since the procedure involves some incisions, expect some discomforts, which will dissipate in the days to come. An entire neck lift takes about three hours, with some additional time for recovery before returning to your normal life. After a neck lift, you will notice some changes that will improve as you heal.

Neck lifts can help you reach your beauty goals with a redefinition that will ensure you look younger. Find Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery for the procedure and other recommendations for better skin. Make your appointment online or via a phone call to start your journey to better skin.

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