5 Clothing Gifts to Get Your Man


Selecting gifts for others is never simple, especially for your better half, but you can’t go wrong with clothes. They’re practical and easy to personalize according to your hubby’s unique style. The good thing about menswear is it’s not complicated at all.

You’ve got your basic style categories like casual and smart casual, but you don’t have to get stuck in a rigid set of lists or styles. We’ve got some great ideas for you to look into. Hitting the mark shouldn’t prove too difficult. Here are a few clothing gifts you can get your man to bring out the best in him.

For the Laid Back Man

Is your hubby the more laid-back, casual type? It is the easiest range to shop for. Remember, you want to go for something fashionable yet comfortable and, above all, relaxed. Casual attire is much more forgiving because it’s almost impossible to get wrong. Go for the UpWest.com line of t-shirts and sweaters. They’re simple, cozy and stylish too. The crew neck tees come in XS, S, M, L, and XL, so there’s something for everyone regarding fitting options.

If your man likes matching outfits, or you just want to look cute together, check out the unisex jogger fit made with mindful materials. This outfit is ideal for lounging around the house on those lazy days.

The Smart Casual Fit

Smart casual fits favor more mature men and those who want to add a bit of formality to their attire. The goal here is adaptability. A smart casual outfit for a lunch date differs from a smart casual outfit for an evening office party. Athletic slim cord pants look and feel good. They’ll pair well with your man’s favorite flannel shirts. Combine them with a sherpa zip-up jacket to round off the look.

There’s even a bungee hood option to keep the head warm on those chilly days. If your hubby isn’t a fan of jackets, you can always opt for sweaters. The color block pullover sweater oozes effortless style, pairing well with denim and chinos.

For Those Who Love to Move

When shopping for men’s clothing gifts, many neglect men’s activewear, yet a huge line of apparel gets tailored for beaches, bike trails, and camping trips. If you and your man plan on visiting someplace that’s warm and sunny, you can’t miss out on some quality swim shorts.

They’re great for lying on the beach, taking a dip in the ocean, doing a few laps in the pool, or putting one’s feet up in the jacuzzi. Their comfort and durability will leave your better half more than satisfied with his gift.

Is he passionate about his physical fitness? Workout gear makes for a great gift too. The material comprises moisture-wicking fabric with added stretch, so he won’t have to worry about any tears during strenuous workouts.

If he loves the outdoors, he’ll appreciate the long-sleeved adventure tee. It’s also got moisture-wicking qualities, and its long sleeves will come in handy, offering protection against insect bites, foliage, and the hot sun.

The packable backpack suits lightweight travel and fast access in variable situations. It’s ultralight, can fold to fit in the palm of the hand, and is suitable for all weather conditions—the perfect gift for the rugged outdoorsman.

Clothes to Keep Him Warm

Cold-weather clothes don’t always have to come from grandma. Show your man some love by getting something nice to keep him warm on those chilly days and nights. Beanies are functional and fashionable.

This winter staple is so versatile and stylish that men of all ages and walks of life can wear them with just about any outfit. There’s nothing quite like a chunky knit around the head on a snow day.

You’ve got to get a scarf for the more stylish and bold man. It’s the best accessory to complete an outfit and helps fight off the cold. Match it with a beanie for that tasteful, monochrome look.

And of course, you can’t forget about the socks! The thicker, the better. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Socks can be stylish, too, so pick out something with his favorite colors, team, or logo. That personal touch says a lot!

Get Him Some Accessories

Accessories are the final piece of the puzzle—the bow on top of your man’s clothing gifts. Accessories are the most personalized aspect of any outfit, regardless of whether your man likes to dress casually, formally, or an eclectic mix of various influences.

Sunglasses are always a nice place to start. Grab him a good pair of shades that are stylish and practical. UpWest.com shades offer unparalleled sun protection with polarized lenses that reduce eye strain and glare from water, snow, and sand. They work well for fishing trips, beach days, and hikes or runs.

Hats are a great accessory too. The simple baseball hat is a timeless addition to a man’s wardrobe and another item you get to put a personal spin on. You can go for a plain cord baseball hat for a more practical look or something with a special design for your man.

Shopping for Your Man

Surprise your hubby this Christmas with a range of clothing gifts. It’s a chance to update his wardrobe and style while showing him you care. He’s sure to appreciate your extra effort with this kind gesture.

It can be a fun learning opportunity for you and a chance to prove you know something about what he likes. It’s also a chance for you to get rid of those ratty old clothes he insists on holding onto. Who knows? You might even become his go-to fashion consultant!

The most important thing is to pick something that encompasses his personality and values, so go for something that reflects his character, not just the most expensive item on the list. And remember to have fun while at it. Just because it’s men’s fashion doesn’t mean everything has to be dull and serious.

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