Celebrities Embrace Sequin Hoodies for a Sophisticated and Chic Casual Vibe


Even for the fashionista that tries to think that she is an individual and somewhat resistant to trends, there is one style that can’t be resisted. It’s the hoodie. Embracing a style that offers comfort and an emotional sense of protection, it’s the one item that we keep reaching for even when it’s warm outside.

If you’re the type of person that is scrolling through Instagram and saying, “that’s tired” or “been there” and “done that” then what we are about to share with you might be a bit surprising. It’s the sequin hoodie. When done just right, such as with Donna Leah Designs, you’ll be intrigued and want to know more.

The sequin hoodie trend might have appeared on your feed, but not enough to be considered overboard. Just the thought of wearing something that is cozy and sophisticated is enough to start planning an outfit.

You may have even noted that a number of celebrities have also started to embrace the trend. Most notably, there is a photo of Martha Stewart that is still being used where she’s sporting a silver sequin hoodie. It’s practically becoming iconic!

While some might consider this a sweatshirt, it’s really an evening gown done at a more casual chic level. The collection offered by Donna Leah Designs comes in one easy to select size and is available online in a stunning range of colors. You’ll fall in love with the names of the pieces which include Nomad, Venus, Marigold, and Royal. There are seven stunning colors to choose from, and perhaps the most popular is Hollywood which features a silver sequin fabric that shines just like the star you were meant to be.

Styling is up to your imagination. We’ve seen celebrities pair this type of hoodie with fabulous Wolford tights. On warmer days some are wearing it as a dress paired with a favorite pair of heels. And when you just want to be you, there’s no reason why you can’t wear this look with a pair of leggings and metallic sneakers. You do you!

“In many ways, this is a completely new way to be inspired by evening wear. Gowns are my passion, and this is a way to embrace all there is to love about a long dress in a more approachable way,” says the founder and designer of Donna Leah Designs, Donna Leah. “This look is very much about the way we live today and how we want to go out. On one hand it’s comfortable and on the other its elevated and a standout piece. I also love how it embraces a Miami vibe, where my design studio is located.”

Particularly now, with the holidays upon us, it’s the perfect time to start exploring new looks and try something that feels fresh. Hoodies that play with light add that element of “ready for a party” with family and friends. We’re betting that this is a trend that will be here to stay for a while, even impressing those that try and resist fashion trends. In this particular instance, they won’t be able to!

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