When you want to sleep, you want to be relaxed, free of every mess, and want to feel as light as feather. The majority of the world’s population has special night-suits, also known as, nighties that are light and comfortable so they can have a sound nap. So, yes, in a nutshell, comfortable clothing is important for a night of healthy sleep. And Malaysia lingerie online keeps this specification in mind as Vivian tops the charts with exclusive and impeccable nightwear lingerie Malaysia.

Lingerie Malaysia is unique and differs from any other in competition in their diversity and choice of fabric. Many types of nightwear lingerie are available at Vivian Lingerie such as:


It is underwear that has a small strip of fabric to cover enough part of your back. They are so comfortable that you don’t even sometimes feel them. They are an ideal choice to put on while sleeping. They can be paired with anything, a formal top, a bra, bralette, cami, or any other sort of Malaysia lingerie.


They are airy, smooth, and cute subsets of lingerie. It is a one-piece unit and combines the class of a cami and tap short. So, you can have the fun of both in one. The fabric used in their manufacturing is cotton which makes them all the more comfortable and playful. They cover your body like any other casual top keeping the sexual appeal intact.


Want to feel luxurious? Nothing is better than a robe. The height of the robe varies largely. At Malaysia lingerie online, you can get robes which are just above the knees, or which extend to the ankles. They are available at Vivian in almost every fabric – casual to luxurious and add to your visual appeal like nothing else. They are easy to carry and make you feel free and lively.


Like many types of bras, the underwear also comes in huge varieties, hipster being one of them. They cover extra length at hips and are made of high-quality fabric to make it health-friendly and comfy.

Garter belt

They are more common as suspender belts and have clips that help you to fit in. The clips reach a bit higher than the thigh, giving a blunt and rough touch to the overall appeal. They make you look tougher and sassier and can go with any top of your style. A perfect choice when talking about nightwear lingerie Malaysia.


These are the types of lingerie Malaysia that provide a slimmer, flatter look to the person, they are like the bodysuit but much complex. Their designs often include a belt and grommets to squeeze right in the mid-section of the garment. Attached garters are what makes them an ideal choice.


Laced with spaghetti straps, these are the most iconic of the Malaysia lingerie available at Vivian lingerie. When bought in a silky fabric, they provide the comfort of another level and you can feel the class of the fabric after putting it on. It focuses on your solace more than the sexy appeal.

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