Mike Jeffries Businessman Net Worth, Wife, Career in 2017


The American businessman Mike Jeffries also known as Michael Stanton Jeffries is from California. Controversial Entrepreneur Mike Jeffries is not retired even after his retirement age. At 70 he looks like to be in his 50s and is working with same enthusiasm and dedication. Mike Jeffries born as Michael Stanton was born in United States’ Oklahoma and brought up in Los Angeles.

Mike Jeffries Profile

Birthday Date :- July 15, 1944

Age in 2017 year :- 72

Mike Jeffries’ Net Worth : $300 million

Shoe Size :-

Real Height :- 5 feet 9 inch / 1.75 m

Real Weight :- 9

Parents :- Shirley Jeffries And Donald R. Jeffries

Mike Jeffries Wife name :- Susan Marie Isabel Hansen

Origin :- American


His father Donald Jeffries was also store owner and business tactics were in his blood. He went to Claremont McKenna College and studied Economics (BA).Later on he joined Columbia Business School to pursue MBA degree. He wanted to open his own business and for the same he attended training program.


Jeffries renovated the image of the bankrupted company and rebuilt it as high fashion brand for youths and college goers. Abercrombie 7 Fitch started to be liked by the youths and dozens of stores were opened and the minority share holder company left it for Mike to handle the same. Mike is outspoken and his comments received various negative feedbacks and many occasions. Some of the groups were offended by his bias comments. Mike opened Alcott and Andrews brand for working women which was successful initially but later on due to excessive expansion it got bankrupt.Jeffrie believed that people buy his products because they were worth it following which in the recession of 2008 he didn’t lower the prices and faced huge losses in many of his stores. There was a controversy created at that time of compensation received by Mike labelling him the highest paid worst performer. Mike s contract was renewed till 2014 with pay on company’s performance contract. He was also named as worst CEO of the year 2013 but all this negative responses never let Mike down. He worked with the same zeal and zest. Mike who was nice the best CEO was included in Wall of Shame and faced many critism.He resigned from the post of CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch resulting into gain in the share price of the company.

What’s the Wife name of Mike Jeffries?

Mike married Susan Marie Hansen who is daughter of music publishing house owner Charles Hansen in 1971.The got divorced and from their marriage they have 1 son named Andrew. Mike now lives in with Matthew Smith and has 3 dogs.

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