Rose Swisher: First Wife of Famous NBA Player


Rose Swisher is the wife of Bill Russell. She was a celebrity from the United States, and Russell is also known for being one of the basketball players in the game. In this article, you will explore about complete biography of Rose.

Rose Swisher Bio

Swisher came to the world on December 27, 1929. One of the very first African American supermodels of the 1950s and 1960s, Rose walked the runways and was featured on the cover of Ebony magazine. She earned fame as an ambassador for Maybelline Cosmetics.

Swisher was the first of Russell’s four wives, and Russell is regarded as one of the greatest basketball players in history. Rose, a Chicago native who studied at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, rose to prominence as an environmental activist in the 1960s. She participated in the anti-Vietnam War student demonstrations and campaigned for social justice.

Rose and Russel also met at the University of San Francisco, where Rose was a nursing student and Russell was a physical education student. When they were in college, they fell in love and got married. In 1973, they got a divorce.

Rose Swisher Family

She did not tell about their family. How many members are in the Rose birth family, including her parents and siblings, is unclear if she might have any siblings. 

Bill Russell and Rose exchanged vows on December 9, 1956. After then, they had three kids. Rose filed for divorce in 1973, citing her and Bill’s irreconcilable differences after they had separated. There is no way to describe the state Bill would be in if it weren’t for me, Rose once reportedly informed him. He would be gone by now. The friendship between Rose and NBA star Bill Russell is not widely known.

Marriage Life 

Bill Rusell’s first love and wife, Rose Swisher, passed away on September 11, 2014. The two ex-lovers first connected when they were in the same college. Bill Russell and Rose Russell wed on December 9, and they’ve been happy ever since. Damon is their lone son.

When he died, he was just 88 years old. He then remarried with a white woman named Dorothy in 1977, it was the time when Interracial Unions were a Hot Topic. Although they got separated after three years, this marriage continued for the next four years. In the 1960s interracial weddings were really something rare. Russell was 43 years old, and Dorothy was at the quite young age of 29 at the time when they both tied bonds.

The pair decided to split up after three years of cohabitation. Russell then wed Marilyn Nault, who would eventually become his third wife, in 1996. Even though she passed away in January 2009, their marriage lasted till her passing. Russell had recently married Jeannine Russell, she was his fourth wife, at the time of his death.

Bill Russell Children

Two sons and one daughter were born throughout Rose Swisher and Bill Russell’s 17-year marriage. On November 2, 1957, a year after the two were wed, the latter gave birth to their son, William Fenton Russell Jr. It is known that William Jr. died in 2016 at 59 after a battle with cancer.

He spent several years driving trucks for Cox Trucking until he passed away. On July 6, 1959, Rose gave birth to their second son, Jacob Russell Bill Russell Son. Despite keeping a quiet profile, Jacob lives with his wife, Sara Mackx Russell, and their two children in Washington State.

Karen Rusell, the sole daughter of the late couple, was born on January 20, 1962. The only one of her siblings who are in the spotlight is Karen. She blogs as well as works as a legal and political analyst. She had the benefit of enjoying the limelight thanks to her work. Working for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, Karen Rusell has a law degree from Harvard Law School.

Who is Bill Russell?

He was the son of sharecropper Prince Rupert Russell and Julia. Bill Russell was born and raised in West Monroe, Louisiana, and Bill lived in a generally underprivileged area. He picked cotton on his grandparents’ farm when the bill was small. 

Russell could only use two pairs of shirts and pants for the entire year, so he alternated between them once a week. In 1961–1962, the first season in which NBA players could negotiate their contracts, he made about $450,000, more than any other player in the league.

Bill Russell, NBA champions

In his 13-year career, Bill Russell, who played for the Boston Celtics, won 11 NBA championships. Russell worked with the Celtics for three years as an assistant manager during his playing career. It was an unforgettable experience because the Celtics were the first club in the NBA to have a black head coach.

Russell passed away in July 2022 at the age of 88. Thus, the former Boston Celtics will never longer get to see how his life went from rags to riches. The NBA will wear Jersey No. 6 in 2023 in honor of the 11-time champion, who is recognized as one of the greatest NBA players ever.

What was the Net Worth of Bill Russell?

Bill Russell’s net worth was around $10 million when he died. Because of his basketball profession, he gained success, and his $24,000 starting pay was among the highest. The NBA player made $100,000 in 1965. Russell had a collaboration agreement with Bristol Manufacturing Company, which produced the Bill Russell Professional Basketball Shoe, in addition to his involvement in basketball. He also made a good living coaching basketball and later worked as a TV pundit. 

Whom did Bill Russel marry after his divorce from Rose Swisher?

Bill Russell married Dorothy Anstett after the separation from Rose. She was a famous American model and beauty queen who was Miss USA in 1968 and finished fourth in the Miss Universe competition.

What happened to Bill Russell?

He frequently had to be taken to hospitals in his later years due to his ill health. Bill Russell family hide the cause of his death on July 31, 2022. The Boston Celtics, the entire NBA, and the entire nation were in sorrow at the time. It was an awful incident for his family.

He was one of the most accomplished and well-known athlete. Thus, the news channels constantly reported on his poor health. Since the NBA skilled won eleven championships in 13 seasons, a record that the league’s present up-and-coming talents are hoping to match, it makes sense why he remains a hero today.  

In addition, in 1956, he also won a gold medal at the Olympics. The famous Black head coach made his name in American sports before leaving the world, and he proved that the game could be won with a black man among 13 champions. 2 were earned under his leadership.

Inspirational Quotes from Bill Russell

  • “We learn to make a shell for ourselves when we are young and then spend the rest of our lives hoping for someone to reach inside and touch us. Just touch us anything more than that would be too much for us to bear.”
  • “Commitment separated those who live their dreams from those who live their lives regretting the opportunities they have squandered.”
  • “Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory.”


Bill Russell’s first wife was Rose Swisher. She had maintained a low profile despite her husband’s fame up until recently, when Netflix featured her tale in a documentary that debuted on February 8. The majority of you seem to be familiar with Bill Russell. Still, there isn’t much information on Russell’s personal life, particularly regarding Russell’s wife, who is only briefly addressed in the Netflix documentary. 

The first half of the Boston Greats’ victories, as well as their archives and interviews, have all been covered in the two-part documentary film. Russell’s life off the court, which many find fascinating, will reportedly be detailed in the Netflix special.


How old is Bill Russell Spouse?

Rose Swisher age was 78 years old when she left the world.

What is the reason behind the fame of Bill Russell?

When Russell played with Boston Celtics, he won 11 NBA titles in 13 seasons. He became the first African American coach of a modern major professional sports team, and in 1966 he was named the player-coach of the Celtics.

Is Rose Swisher still alive?

No, she was not alive after her divorce from Russell and had lived a relatively isolated life.

When did Rose Swisher die?

She died on September 2014.

Who was Russell’s last wife?

The final of Russell’s four marriages was to Jeanine Russel, and they were a pair for almost three years before his passing in 2022.

At the time of his passing, was Bill Russell wed?

Jeannine was his fourth wife; they were still together when he died. Russell had three children with his first wife.

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