Keira Knightley 10 Unknown Interesting Facts


She is one of the English actress born in 1985 as on 26 March and she is Keira Knightley. She is known for working in few top English movies like ‘Bend It Like Beckham’, Pride & Prejudice and many others for which Keira won several awards. And this time we are going to share some really wired and interesting facts of Keira Knightley which might not knew earlier.

Sharing total 10 facts of Keira Knightley which will reveal several unknown facts about this beautiful actress, so stay tune and go ahead to check out these real facts about Knightley below.

    1. The exact meaning of her second name “Knightley” is darkness. Commonly, she was called as Boo in her childhood.
    2. She is a patient of Dyslexia and in the puberty stage had to wear glasses to read out everything properly.
    3. The age of 16 years served as the turning point in her career as she left her studies from Esher College and went ahead in the career by opting a role in the TV movies. She became a roller-coaster ride with the debut movie “Dr. Zhivago”
    4. At the age of 15, she got tople$s for the movie “The Hole” that was going to be released in the year 2001. But, she need to seek the permission of her mother as she belonged to a minor group and therefore she need to perform her role the closet where there was no interference of the prying eyes.
    5. She is the youngest female actress to get nominated in the series of Oscar award for the reputed title of “Best Actress Award” at an age of 20 years because of this small age she fall under the group of 3rd youngest actress.
    6. It was even in rumour that she and Natalia Portman looked alike and even her mother was not able to judge out that who is Keira as both of them.
    7. The role of decoy queen that she played in the movie “Star war” was kept hidden from the promotional aspect and was completely a surprise as during the promotion it was revealed that Portman played the role Decoy Queen in the movie.
    8. For the excellent performance in the movie “King Arthur” released in the year 2004, she was trained for the stunts for near about 3 month with all the defensive skills such as boxing, fighting and horse riding along with weight lifting for 2 hours every day.
    9. Her life served as the turning point with the movie “The Phantom of the Opera” in the embarrassing sense.
    10. She performed for Lux hair care commercial ad to in the Japanese TV.


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