Explore the Benefits of Donor Eggs as an Ideal Treatment Plan for Fertility Concerns


Donated eggs are an excellent option for single parents, couples, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community who want to conceive. An egg donor is frequently a younger woman who would produce healthier eggs and a higher probability of a viable pregnancy. Nidhee Sachdev, MD, and Sharon Moayeri, MD of OC Fertility® in Newport Beach, CA, help you establish a considerate and effective plan for utilizing a donor egg. Call the office or use the online scheduling service to set up a consultation today with a Newport Beach donor egg expert to explore your care alternatives.

What Exactly is A Donor Egg?

A donor egg is an egg provided by a woman to the planned parents trying to conceive or utilize a gestational carrier. A spouse’s or donor sperm fertilizes the donated egg. You could employ surrogates to carry a donor egg for a couple or another person.

Your doctor fertilizes the donor eggs, then develops them into embryos. After that, the embryo is moved to the uterus, where it attaches and grows into a child. This process necessitates the use of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

When Does Egg Donation Come Into Play?

For a variety of reasons, egg donation may be the recommended treatment for most couples. These include:

  •       Infertility for unrecognized causes
  •       Female older age
  •       Several miscarriages
  •       Mitigation of an undesired genetic disorder in the bearing mother
  •       Fertility loss due to chemotherapy or health problems
  •       Lesbian couples interested in using a donor egg for the other parent’s uterus
  •       Single men or LGBTQIA+ couples interested in surrogacy

You could even work with your doctor to create an egg donation strategy, which better matches your needs and wants for a healthy pregnancy. Before beginning the procedure, your doctors thoroughly scrutinize all egg donors.

What is the Procedure for Donating Eggs?

Women donating eggs are often in their twenties; they undertake ovarian stimulation for IVF and have their eggs extracted. The donor infuses themselves with ovulation stimulants to produce many viable eggs within single menstruation.

The eggs are subsequently ‘harvested’ by your OC Fertility® specialist via a minimally invasive process. Preimplantation genetic testing diagnosis (PGTD) is also a possibility for donor eggs, wherein an embryo is examined for certain genetic disorders prior to IVF.

Following the creation of the embryos, the uterus of the gestational carrier or prospective parent is prepped for implantation over several weeks. She will continue to take hormonal medicine throughout the initial trimester, at what time your OC Fertility® specialist will closely watch the pregnancy.

There are advantages to obtaining donor eggs- they could be a terrific alternative for couples seeking to grow their family whenever biological solutions are unavailable, and they are considering options for adoption.

Donor egg programs are typically effective, and your OC Fertility® specialist will collaborate with you to establish the ideal donor and pregnancy strategy. If you want to learn more about donor eggs as a care option, contact OC Fertility® immediately through mobile or arrange an appointment online today.

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