5 Outstanding Tips to Help You Cope with Spinal Fusion


Spinal fusion is a treatment option that can help manage several issues within your spine. But it is mainly an option to manage scoliosis through reconstruction of your spine and relieving pain. Like many surgeries, the procedure is not suitable for everyone, and the preparations you make have a significant role in the success of the treatment. Fortunately, the Las Vegas spinal fusion specialists at McNulty Spine can help you understand if you are a good candidate and how you can prepare for the treatment. Additionally, here are some things to put in place to improve your experience.

Choose a Convenient Time for Your Surgery

Although surgery is not the first treatment priority, it may become the right choice depending on the nature of your condition. Going for the procedure may not be easy and can cause anxiety and some feelings of fear. But you can conveniently mitigate this by ensuring it is not done unless it is an emergency that does not happen often. Therefore, plan your surgery around the time you are free, like during the holidays or vacations. This will ensure you have ample recovery time and minimize your temptations to return to your activities before you are truly ready.

Do Not be in Hurry to Leave the Hospital

After your spinal fusion procedure, your provider will recommend several days of hospital stay depending on your overall well-being, age, and the nature of your procedure. Generally, you may spend about 4-7 days in the hospital under your doctor’s watch until you are cleared to go home. This time is critical for your recovery as your surgeon will ensure that you are recovering properly and help you minimize risks for complications by keeping your spine immobile as much as possible. A catheter can be inserted into your bladder to minimize your visits to the bathroom, and a physical therapist can help you move and get back to walking over the course of your stay. Therefore, it would be best if you maximize your hospital stay.

Take Your Pain Medications Carefully

Your doctor will probably prescribe some pain-relieving medicines as they send you home. While these medications can effectively relieve your pain, some, such as opiates, can be addictive if taken too much, which can be detrimental to your overall well-being. Therefore, you might have to switch to some over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen, which are as effective as opiates but less addictive. Ensure you contact your doctor before getting any medications from the local stores for approval.

Be Patient with Your Recovery

Surgery is a major procedure, and you might require some time to recover fully. The general guideline is that you should minimize your activity as much as possible for about two weeks when you get home from the hospital. Other than walking, please do not hurry to return to your physical activities as it can complicate your healing. That is why it is advisable to plan the treatment conveniently where you can have enough time for recovery.

Keep in Touch with Your Doctor

Your spinal fusion is probably your first one, and you may not be quite familiar with everything that is happening to you. Sometimes the physical trauma and pain can cause emotional stress, which can be way too much to bear altogether. Ensure you talk to your doctor anytime for counseling and support. Your provider may recommend alternative ways to help you cope with your situation to improve the quality of your life.

If you have yet to schedule your spinal fusion appointment, reach out to McNulty Spine today, and the experts will advise you accordingly. Do not hesitate to ask any relevant questions for clarity about the procedure, including how you can prepare for your recovery.

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