Benefits of Having an Early Orthodontic Treatment for Your Kid


Some parents think a trip to the orthodontist is unnecessary for young kids. It can be attributed to the fact that children’s permanent teeth start to come out only around the age of seven. However, there is growing evidence saying otherwise—it is never too early to bring a kid for an appointment. Orthodontists recommend the first evaluation be done when they are six to eight years old.

The best time for your child’s initial visit to the orthodontist is when the jaws and the face are still developing. Dental issues, such as overbite, underbite, and crowded teeth, are easier to treat. A prompt evaluation helps the orthodontist determine whether braces for kids are necessary to avoid costly problems down the road.

An orthodontist can determine if there are underlying alignment problems. Even if your child’s teeth may seem straight, there are potential problems that only a trained eye using the right equipment could see.

Here are five more reasons why an early orthodontic treatment for your kid is necessary.

1.Correct developmental problems on the jaws and face

As a child grows up, parts of the body start to develop. For most kids, permanent teeth replace milk teeth at around seven years. The movement of teeth brings about changes in facial appearance, making dental health even more important.

A visit to the orthodontist can verify whether your child has dental issues, such as misaligned teeth, overbite, or underbite. An orthodontist can help you decide and assess if early treatment, such as braces, can solve your child’s dental problems.

2.Create more room for crowded teeth to grow

Overcrowding of teeth is a common problem when permanent teeth replace milk teeth in children. Interceptive orthodontics answers this problem by expanding the jaw to make enough space for teeth to grow in the gums.

3.Adjust protruded teeth

Young children with protruding teeth run the risk of having their front teeth chipped off, especially when they are full of energy. Orthodontists recommend braces for kids to resolve this dental problem. Braces can help correct alignment issues by putting steady pressure on the teeth and guide them to a straighter position.

4.Correct speech problems

A variety of reasons can cause speech problems, one of which is a disparity in the sizes of the upper and lower jaw, causing a “bad bite.” Only an orthodontist has the expertise to diagnose the problem and recommend braces for kids if necessary. It can correct the jaw alignment problem, which will essentially solve the speech problem over time.

5.Correct kids’ bad habits

There are instances when jaw and teeth problems are not due to the child’s genetic history. Some children may have prolonged toddler habits, such as thumb sucking, which can cause teeth misalignment. Paying a visit to the orthodontist while your child is still young can correct your child’s teeth alignment and the thumb sucking habit.

Visiting your orthodontist while your child is still young does not automatically mean he or she would start wearing kids’ braces right away. It only means both you and your orthodontist get a head start knowing what dental issues your child might have. This is important in giving your child a healthy bite and a good smile that would be beneficial for many years.

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