Add an Oomph to Your Maxi Dress with These Accessories


Casual hangouts, late brunches, formal dinners, or parties, maxi dresses would be your savior at all times. It’s because they fit perfectly for every occasion. It’s true, every woman owns a maxi dress because they’re so common and look marvelous.

It’s impossible to rock a maxi dress without accessories. Here’s how you can add an oomph to your maxi dress:

Posh Handbags

Any look is incomplete without an amazing handbag. You have many options available, varying in style and types. Since you want to pair it up with a maxi dress, you can go for something cliché or casual, it’s up to you. Wearing a maxi dress to a beach or a lunch with friends, you can opt for any crossbody bag.

So many brands have come up with their exquisite range of cross body bags. If you don’t like to invest a lot, then just get standard colors – black, white, brown, which would go along with every dress.

But you have the option to carry a clutch. They look exclusive yet elegant, overall, they are the best choice when it comes to formal gatherings. Moreover, if you wish to look for something with current trends, take a look at buckets and straw bags.

Many celebs have been spotted carrying bucket bags with a maxi dress, making style statements. If we talk about straw bags, they serve a multi-purpose, you can carry them to formal events as well to casual ones.

Ritzy Watches

Who doesn’t like to make a fashion statement while stepping out? A maxi dress along with some glamorous accessories can surely make it possible. When it comes to accessories, watches are on top of the list.

These days, finding a good watch has become easy. Every brand has come up with its own range of watches. If you worry about the budget, then, believe it or not, there are watches available in various price ranges — it’s affordable for everyone.

Watches go along with every dress, they add style and make you look classy. Moreover, a good watch tells a lot about your personality too! Next time while you step out, don’t forget to pair up a sleeveless maxi dress with a stunning watch.

Charismatic Necklaces

Delicate necklaces make your collar bones more prominent, making you look phenomenal. Necklaces don’t necessarily have to be huge with stones on your neck, there are delicate designs available. Wearing a small pearl pendant can light up all maxi dresses for girls.

If you’re wondering about the type of necklace, then you should know everyone is after ‘chokers’ these days. Chokers are a trend of the 80s in which people of the 20th century have fallen in love. Whether it is a designer, influencer or celebrity, everyone has been spotted flaunting a choker. So, what’s stopping you from wearing a choker? It would look fabulous with a maxi dress.

Cheeky Pair of Shoes

We all can agree on the fact that a good pair of shoes can change the look of the whole dress. You must be wondering what would look the best with a maxi dress. If you’re wearing a maxi dress to a party or a formal dinner, then just grab a pair of heels. Surprisingly, formal gathering and heels go really well together.

However, if you think you won’t be able to carry heels with a dress, you can look for wedge heels. They’ll equally pomp up your whole look. Well, you can pair it to up anything you find comfortable, but celebrities prefer going with sneakers. Yes, they look super stylish and classy. This is for all those women who fear the idea of wearing heels.

Statement Earrings

For earrings, one could say ‘the bigger the better’. It’s right to say that 2019 has been all about statement earrings that light up the whole dress. So, why not pair your maxi dress with one of the statement earrings?

Fashion sense is important when it comes to matching the right pair of earrings. For instance – you can wear ‘big and bold’ earrings with a strapless neckline. On the same hand, big earrings would look off with a collar neck, you rather have to opt for smaller and elegant ones.

You need to judge your neckline to decide whether it would suit you or not. It’s imperative to know or else you’ll end up making a fashion disaster. But this doesn’t mean you don’t wear earrings at all. Earrings add style and oomph to your whole look, don’t miss out on them!


As they say, ‘fashion is like eating, so don’t stick to the same menu’. Hence, don’t back off from trying different styles and types of maxi dresses. You never know which suits you the most. However, a maxi dress alone is of no good, you have to make it stand out from the crowd by pairing it with some cool accessories.

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