Ten 2018 style resolutions


As we get further into the new year, your mood may take a downwards dive; however, your style does not have to go with it. Here are ten resolutions to stick to when you want to look fabulous.

Check your wardrobe

Go through what you have and replace any basics that need upgrading. You may even find a few treasures you had forgotten about.

Try something new

Sticking to tried and tested outfits is always a safe option; however, if you fancy a new look to go with the new year, why not go for a new fit, such as swapping your straight leg trousers for a wider leg?

A new watch

A watch often completes an outfit. There is plenty of choices when it comes to getting yourself a new watch – almost too much choice! Have a scout around and see what will work for your wardrobe.

A go-to jacket

You probably wear the same jacket over and over again during the winter months. This is the one item of clothing that needs to be versatile enough to go with everything you wear, so choose wisely.

Your hairstyle

Your hair is the best accessory you can add to your outfit. If you make any fashion resolution this year, let it be a visit to your barber for advice on the latest trending hairstyles for men.

The rest of the accessories

Unfortunately, men have become a little scared of experimenting with accessories; however, getting your accessories right can switch you from a Ryan Giggs to a Ryan Gosling instantly. Go for understated – one ring and one bracelet are enough.

A crisp shirt

Never underestimate the power of taking care of men’s designer shirts; look after your shirts and they will look after you. Stockists such as https://www.ejmenswear.com/ have some great options.

Manage your skin

When you want to look on point, you can’t ignore your skin. Building a proper skin care routine with natural skin care products is essential . Cleanse, tone and moisturize daily for a healthy glow.

Don’t ignore your gym wear

Being in the gym does not give you the excuse to dress like a slob. Throw out the faded T-shirt and make use of the gym wear sales.

Your shoes

They say the first thing a woman notices are a man’s shoes. Walk with pride of shoes that have been cleaned, shined and looked after.

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