Want to know how to get a perfect t-shirt?


T-shirts are a dressing staple for most people. They love to buy custom-made t-shirts online which they can wear at any events such as Bachelor Party, Family Reunion, etc. While purchasing a t-shirt, one should pay careful attention to the kind of style of the t-shirt as it plays an important role in their wardrobe

Underwritten are some of the factors which should be kept in mind while choosing the correct t-shirt.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Style
  • Colour

Choose the right material- Quality should never be judged by the weight of the cloth. When talking about a t-shirt, lighter the content, the larger the cost. 100% cotton is the most common choice, especially Egyptian & Pima cotton. They are synthesized by long-staple fibers that look thinner, feel lighter, and last longer.

When you check the label of the t-shirt, it gives you an idea about the composition of its material. The most common content is:

  • Pima- it has the longest fiber & is the highest grade cotton. The best thing about it is that it gets softer with each wash.
  • Rayon- it’s a human-made fiber made up of wood pulp. Feels smooth on touch but wrinkles easily!
  • Bamboo- t-shirts made up of bamboo are incredibly soft & breathable.
  • Combed cotton- a soft, smooth, and strong fabric, is brushed into straighten fibers and removes short strands.
  • Organic cotton- it is more expensive and derived from cotton grown with the least pesticides and fertilizers.

Size- Almost everyone agrees that t-shirts in men are the best apparel, which suits best as per trends, and men’s in the right fitted t-shirts look most attractive. No matter how their build is, a t-shirt can make them look more masculine. Some rules or perfect size t-shirts are:

  • Neck- It should not be excessively tight and hinders you from moving around. Also, when you raise your arms, it shouldn’t create a big gap around your neck.
  • Shoulders- Notice that seams of the t-shirt should fit correctly on your shoulder lines.
  • Sleeves– It should be correctly fitted around your arms and should not reach your elbow.
  • Length- It should be long enough to be tucked into your bottom or pants, but it should not be long enough to touch your waist.
  • Stomach- It should conform to the curve of your body. It should be not too loose that you cannot see the shape of your body nor too tight that makes your stomach visible.


  • Firstly pay attention to your collar. Your collar should match when layering. If you have to wear a jacket with a collar, your t-shirt should have the same shape.
  • Choose correctly in between a round or v-neck. Round necks are good for men who have a small chest and sloped shoulders. They make your shoulder look broader, whereas v- collars are suitable for short heightened men because they give an illusion of height and length.
  • Now about tucking your t-shirt. You should not tuck it except if it is in your uniform, then you can tuck it in your trousers. Also, short sleeve polo shirts look good when tucked in tailored trousers.
  • Pair a black t-shirt with ice-cold denim and boots. It makes the most effortless style in men.

Colour– Choose the color correctly. Follow a few basics mentioned below.

  • White color t-shirts compliment almost all skin tones, and they appear as the perfect pick for many. It should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. But keep in mind not to wash it with any other colored cloth.
  • Black is another versatile option; it pairs well with almost every outfit. But black color tends to fade out very quickly and is uneasy to wear during the day in summer.
  • Grey Colour t-shirt magnifies the shape of your body. Also, the sweat marks are least visible in grey color.
  • Navy is a more suitable choice over black if you have to wear it on a specific day and gives a good tonal look when paired with jeans.
  • T-shirts are the cheapest and easiest options to experiment with colors. Go for green, blue, red, etc. to create a cool pop look with your cardigan. But keep in mind that the color shouldn’t clash with your skin color.

Now with the help of the above written, we hope you can choose the correct t-shirt for you. Go to Bewakoof.com and get the t-shirt as per the trending fashion.

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