Travis Fimmel


It was a talent guide who spotted Travis Fimmel during a workout in a gymnasium, that time he was financially in very deplorable condition. After he reached the office of the agency he was signed immediately for an assignment for which he had to travel overseas!

Then he topped the list of male model considering the remuneration and the campaign was for a renowned fragrance.Lateron it was 2002 that he was declared by the top magazine People as the most erotic bachelor in America.

Travis Fimmel Body Statistics

Birthday Date :- July 15, 1979

Travis Fimmel Age in 2015 year :- 35

Shoe Size :- 09

Travis Fimmel Real Height :- 6.1 feet

Real Weight :-

Girlfriend :- There are several gossip around the web about Travis Fimmel dating and his girlfriends name includes from Jessica Miller, Mei Melancon to Joy Bryant

Origin :- Australian


Born on July 15 1979 he was brought up ina town near Sydney, his parents were a farmer and a nurse respectively. He went to play football in Melbourne in his early years but unfortunately he broke his leg so he could not pursue a sports career.

Career (from Viking TV series to Warcraft movie)

Once he was regarded most popular model in the world who had a huge demand for endorsements. He was featured in the prominent magazines and also he was cast in leading TV shows in America including Kathie Lee, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Extra. Somehow he preferred to switch on to acting from modelling though he proved a super model in very short period. He took acting lessons from specialist from Hollywood and after two years he felt comfortable to face an audition. He bagged the title role in Warner Brother production Tarzan which lent a new dimension to entertainment. He had played different types of roles and he did not want to be tagged as stereotyped. He played a murder, a pianist and even a prison guard. Later he agreed to the leading role offered in the TV series Viking which later became hugely popular and many people know him as Ragnar Lothbrok. He is more focused on his career than having love life.


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