Pull Your Little Black Boutique Dresses Out for Weddings


Black is that incredibly classic choice that everyone can wear and look chic. It’s timeless, almost perfect – except what are the rules that apply to wearing black to a wedding?

You probably have stunning black boutique dresses | The Mint Julep Boutique never fails with their selections. From cocktail dresses, sheaths, empire-waist, and everything in between, these are ideal for any formal or semi-formal occasion. Still, will you be the faux pas on an otherwise joyous occasion?

Matter-of-factly, the rules of fashion are gradually beginning to fade with the days of old. In the same way as “you can’t wear white after Labor Day,” women are starting to break with tradition. Some brides are choosing dark shades for their gowns.

While tradition states that black is the color of mourning or views the color as bringing bad vibes to the couple, nowadays the shade brings a statement of elegance and sophistication to most wedding settings – but not all so it’s important to pay attention to the specifics of the event.

What Rules Apply When Wearing Black to a Wedding

Tradition used to say that wearing black to a marriage ceremony was a major faux pas. The rules that were once applied are fading with the modern woman dressing for comfortability, feeling good in her skin, and really enjoying the pieces she buys.

Go to https://www.wikihow.life/Wear-the-Little-Black-Dress for guidance on how to wear this elegant dress.

This means that your favorite little cocktail dress that fits you just right thanks to the stylists at your go-to boutique will be the formal piece for most special occasions – even the occasional wedding.

Still, it’s important to be mindful of the particulars of the specific event. The bride will dictate the theme and dress code for guests in most instances.

When Should You Avoid Black Dresses at Wedding

As a rule, you want to pay close attention to the nuptial ceremony invitation because there will be a few occasions where a dark outfit will not be proper. The color could go against cultural appropriation for the couple, seen as disrespectful, particularly for a Chinese or Indian ceremony.

These cultures stipulate no dark colors including red should be worn when attending.

In other situations, a bride could stipulate a specific dress code for guests with distinct colors meant to complement the photos of the ceremony. These sorts of nuptials are becoming a favorite with many couples.

Plus, if the invitation is for casual attire like with a beach setting, this kind of outfit doesn’t necessarily fit that scene.

When Is Black a Good Fit for a Wedding

Some nuptial rites are ideal for pitch-dark dresses. In fact, this color would fit right in and will be appreciated for these ceremonies.

A black-tie event

A formal event is where black is encouraged, where many people will wear the shade. A long, black evening gown is the epitome of sophistication and doesn’t distract or draw attention away from the wedding party.

A semi-formal occasion

While this is not in the same category as the event above, you can still carry blackish attire into this setting, particularly a cocktail dress, maybe choose a print sheath or add some accessories to something simple.

A winter event or an evening wedding

Usually, if matrimony is held at the beach or on a spring or summer day, many people will wear lighter colors. In the cold of winter or a candlelit evening event, black is elegant as these lean toward a more formal tone.

When You’re Unsure Whether to Wear or Not to Wear Black

If the invitation is vague making it difficult to know whether dark hues will be appropriate or if you’re supposed to follow a specific dress code, check with others attending the wedding or go to the couple to confirm their preference.

If other people stick with more casual, light hues, you’ll know pitch-dark won’t work. You can break out that little black dress you love so much if the crowd is in brilliant metallics, dark hues, or if the tone of the marriage service is more formal.

If you’re unfamiliar with the guests attending the ceremony, speak with the couple or someone at the wedding party to see if a dark outfit is fine. If they give their okay, you’ll know you can be comfortable since the couple has no problem with it.

What Is the Bride Wearing

Bride Wearing

Do you know what the bride will be wearingat the wedding party? At some formal weddings, the bride wears a wedding gown of this shade or has the wedding party all in black. Gohere to learn about the evolution of black dresses.

If that’s the case, you want to avoid wearing the shade since doing so will disrespect the bride in the same sense that you wouldn’t wear white to a traditional wedding.

The event should focus entirely on the bride; she should stand out from everyone in the room. You can check the invitation to see if it notes what the wedding party and the bride will wear or look at the website to help you plan your attire.

In the same vein as the bride, you don’t want to dress in the same color as the wedding party. That brings a lot of confusion for everyone trying to determine who belongs in the ceremony and who is a guest.

Final Thought

When you pull out that super chic pitch-dark dress for your next wedding party attendance, if you get the okay, make sure it fits what is a joyous occasion. Add some subtle but vibrant accents. This will bring a celebratory vibe. You can opt for brilliant heels with hair up and vibrant earrings dangling while carrying a multi-tone clutch.

Consider an alternative approach by opting for a black print ensemble instead of the classic little black dress. Handpick a hue from the print and complement it with a luxurious velvet jacket in the same shade. Since you’ll need to look for a couple of new pieces, why not indulge in some retail therapy at your beloved boutique? After all, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore fresh style horizons.

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