How to ask that special someone go to prom with you and select among prom dresses by Jovani?


Spirit Week is getting closer, and one of the things you should are thinking about is the Prom party. Where? When? What will you wear? What style of prom dresses suit you the best? These are some of the questions you must be asking yourself but, above all, the most important one: who are you going to go with?

Most likely, you already know who you would like to go with. If so, all you have to do is go and ask him, right? Well, then make the moment unforgettable. Just keep reading this article, and you can make a difference and receive the most important yes that will make you such a happy person.

Here are some excellent tips to ask that special person to be your prom partner and become the ultimate power couple through prom dresses and fashion.

With a message hidden in the bottom of a cup

If you usually go with that special someone to eat, have a coffee or go to any place to study, prepare a white cup and with a down to write on ceramics write in the background: Prom ?

Ask some friends for help

Do you have friends in common? Ask them to help you surprise him! Each one can carry a poster with a letter of the word “Prom ” And, when he least expects it, they can join to form the word and ask the big question!

Through a Snapchat

If you are technological and fanatical of this social network, take advantage of the spontaneity that characterizes it to make a funny video where you ask if you want to be your prom partner.

Picking Outfits.

Maybe that special someone is your friend and you hang out every once in a while, why don’t you invite him to go to a near Jovani retailer to choose among the prom dresses from the latest season and you go with him to pick or rent his suit? It can be an amazing date if you plan it well, and the greatest part is that without knowing it, your outfits will be matching during that night.

Through a custom puzzle

Buy a wooden puzzle, paint it in a single color and on top, with acrylics, write the message with the question. Send the pieces in a glass jar or a beautiful box to be assembled and discover what it is. If you do not like crafts, keep in mind that there are also photographic studios that capture the image in the puzzle, and the size you want!

With an Instagram post

Have you seen that several accounts upload several photos that end up forming a large image? Well, you can do the same by uploading small pictures that will create the question in the end. In the last one, tag it so you can see it and answer it right there!

As you see, there are many ways to get out of every day and make this an incredible occasion. Decide on one or several options and once you have received your yes, do not forget to enter Jovani to find the perfect prom dresses to be as gorgeous as ever for your date.

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